(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

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A suffusion of yellow
Kahru surveyed the great mounds of dead giant, in particular the felled bulk of the giant king and his wife. He wanted to take the kings head but the laughing boy was now up on his feet. Kahru turn about and ran in roaring at the boy intimidatingly

OOC: sorry, I ended up away from home for the weekend and missed post time. Anyway will drop rage, no attacks this round(while I catch up) edit: Kahru is going attempt to intimidate the laughing boy
Intimidation: 1D20+2 = [14]+2 = 16
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Kahru rushed the only young hill giant who had not fled to the south nor was wrapped in Gimlak's black tentacles. With his parents dead, his body burnt, his confusion over having spent so much of the battle laughing, the charging northman, and the warning of the dwarf - it was all too much for the young giant. He threw up his hands and said, ::Spare me, boss! I won't cause no trouble!::

OOC: I think we can drop out of rounds for the moment. (Though here's a map in case you want to know where everyone is ATM.)
GM: End of Encounter


A suffusion of yellow
”lie, face down” Kahru ordered the surrendered young giant as he grabbed up some of the bed covers “I’m going to tie your hands, dont struggle!”

As he did so he signalled to the others to help secure the prisoner and as he did the druid zealot saw the Colonel was out and gurgling.

“Donnel guard the prisoner” he called to the squire “I can help the Colonel”

OOC: Once the surrendered giant is secured, will go and cast Healing Word (level 2) on the Colonel
Healing Word: 2D4+2 = [1, 3]+2 = 6


Morkus from Orkus
Kaligan walks over to the young hill giant and pauses in front of him. After a moment he looks into the giant's eyes and says, "Tell me where your sky giant allies are!" Telepathically he says to Kahru, "I will stay with this giant as well. He will not escape."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The colonel floats in a blackness he has visited before. This time he see swirls, grey tendrils reaching for him. It's cool, no, cold. But there is no light. No Lightning.

Claws in his collarbones grab him, and pull, towards an unknown destination. He's suddenly terrified as he is jerked suddenly and torn headlong...

...back to the giant's steading. Light again, as the Colonel opens his eyes, as feels his smashed collarbones knittingthemselves together, thanks to Kahru's magic.

He does not sit up immediately, but listens. It's quieter than it was a few seconds ago.

"Did we lose anyone?" is the first question asked when his eyes can focus once again. This is followed quickly by "Thank you."


Donnell put away his bow and drew his sword, then came to stand beside the young giant prisoner. Another giant youth struggled with Gimlak's tentacles, as yet unable to free himself.

Kaligan began to question the prisoner, starting by asking about the sky-giants. The giant lad indicated the curtain to the room at the south-east corner, saying, "He wuz there, but he didunt help us. Bad ally!"

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Doc feels the mad rush of energy slowly dissipate from him as the combat winds down. He sees the Black Hat all caught up in the tentacles, and marches toward him. As Doc approaches the hapless rustler, he allows the wails of the damned to faintly echo around him.

Staring at him, Doc takes a slug of the hard stuff and raises the Peacemaker, pointing it square and aiming between the eyes of the terrified and trapped giant.
So, varmint. I know what you're thinkin'. Can you rush me before I take ya down? Well, none of your friends here got lucky, did they? And I don't think you look like you're gonna be the lucky one today.

Stand down or I'll put you in the ground and add your soul to my collection.

Doc goes to YHG 8.
Doc uses prestidigitation to make a harmless sensory effect (souls wailing).

Intimidation: 1D20+9 = [19]+9 = 28



Morkus from Orkus
Inside Kaligan is elated. Here is the proof that the lord wanted. Outwardly Kaligan shows no signs of that elation. Leaning towards the young giant, making sure it can see his mouth not moving Kaligan telepathically says, "What did the sky giants promise your chief? Tell me and I will not crush what mind you have out of existence."

OOC: Kaligan has no ability to crush minds and it is a total bluff. If you need a roll for it... Intimidation check: 1D20 = [20] = 20 - Holy heck! Another 20! I used intimidation, but all my social skills are at 0 if you want to use another one.

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