(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2


Kaligan looks around for things the others might not have looked for. Writings or other indications of what the Sky Giants might have been up to, maps, etc. He needs proof that Sky Giants were here.
OOC: There is a chest - a footlocker. Otherwise nothing on display. If there is, indeed, a sky-giant around, it doesn't seem like (s)he leaves stuff out for the hill giants to get into. Perhaps implying a lack of trust.

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Morkus from Orkus
Kaligan when the group is somewhat together, Kaligan says, "I really want to see what is inside the chest in the Sky Giant's room. Do any of you have a gentle way to open the thing? I'd rather not have to break it and risk damage to what is inside."


"Umm." answered Donnell, embarrassed to reveal it, "I'm familiar with locks and have a set of picks, if you need me to."

The sword and scabbard in Doc's hands had grown noticeably shorter while he stood inspecting it. It was now only nine feet long, and lighter, and was still shrinking.

OOC: Donnell will work on the lock while we wait to see what @JustinCase Duvrael & @Steve Gorak Gimlak want to do. We are running low on time.


Donnell had chosen a pick that was not quite strong enough for the oversized lock's tumblers. When Doc came to help, he had bent the pick and was struggling to get it back out. He gratefully stepped aside, and Doc made quick work of the lock.

Inside, Kaligan was disappointed to find only inconclusive evidence to the sky-giant's involvement. There were two sacks, filled with sliced blue agate discs. These were often used as coins by cloud giants, or so he'd heard, but that might not be commonly understood. They were quite beautiful, and quite valuable, at least. The only other object in the chest was a folded cloak. It was giant-sized and made of fine fabric of yellow-and-gold. Certainly not of a style belonging to hill-giants, but circumstantial at best. These things might do to convince authorities of cloud giant involvement, but then again, they might not.

OOC: The two sacks of Sky-coins are probably worth about 2,000 gp.



A suffusion of yellow
Kahru kept look out as the others searched to south room, checking that no further enemies would sneak in as the company found first an ensorcelled great sword, then a chest full of blue gems and a giants cloak.

May I?” The Barbarian gazed at the twelve-foot greatsword the gun slinger had snagged from its perch, it was certainly of fine quality and its protection must indicate some further magics were involved, was it safe to test it now or leave it until they were not so pressed for time…


When Kahru picked up the greatsword, it was only about seven feet long and felt to be a perfect weight in his hands. To his surprise, It spoke to him, saying "I am Waythe. It would be my pleasure to slay your enemies."

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