(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Realizing his invisibility will not keep him safe if he keeps tripping over things, Duvrael decides to go on the offensive. Moving past Kahru and the two scared orcs, the wizard grins as he sees the giant fall down.

What a great line of sight to the next chamber!

Intoning eldritch phrases and moving his hands around, Duvrael suddenly appears between the orcs and the prone chef. Before anyone can react, he slams his staff down and a tiny mote of fire arches lazily over the dire wolves and over the Colonel, into the chamber beyond.

Where, with a loud crash, a fiery inferno erupts amid the large orcs.

OOC: Move to P-33, avoiding the reach of the orcs. Then cast fireball at Z-24; see mini-map.

Duvrael casts fireball.png
This means Orc 2 and Orogs 1, 2 and 3 must make a DC17 Dexterity saving throw. Failure means
8D6=26 fire damage, success means half that.

Duvrael AC15* HP 56/56 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP15* SSdc17 3/4 1/3 2/3 3/3 1/1 P 4,17
Reaction readied: Cast Shield spell when hit by an attack, increasing AC to 20 and potentially turning a hit into a miss.

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A suffusion of yellow
Kill the giant!” Kahru barked at the wolves as he saw the giants cleaver struck down at the squire, left exposed by the Colonel.

The rash attacks of the Leaper and others had only succeeded in attracting more trouble and they could only hope that no more giants came rushing in attracted by the commotion. Fortunately though the Leaper redeemed himself, acting with speed of thought to knock the giant on its ass and give the boy a chance.

Now it was Kahrus’ turn and seeing the giant land at his feet, the druid zealot channeled the power of the Storm Bear, his body enlarging and transforming

and with a roar Kahru the bear came slamming down on top of the prone giant, a flurry of claws and teeth

OOC: Bonus Action to Wildshape - Cave Polar Bear (Large)

Action:Multiattack (2) Total damage = 18
Claws: 1D20+7 = [19]+7 = 26 for Damage 2d6+5 = [1, 5]+5 = 11
Bite 1D20+7 = [20]+7 = 27 for Damage 1D8+5 = [2]+5 = 7

Dire wolf commanded to attack giant too

Oh and turning into a large bear in front of them should keep those orcs cowered :p

Kahru StormBear AC15 HP 83/83 HD 9/9 PP16 SSdc14 4/4 3/3 2/3 WS 1/2 Rage 3/3 Staff 5/7
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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Doc can feel the righteous justice burning within him. He knows that while he was reborn with this human shell, the longer he channeled that vengeful anger, the less hold he had on his appearance as his true visage would shine through. No reason, no conscience, just a hunger for justice. Doc's appearance, yet another gift from the Nameless Sheriff, appeared rippling and translucent, almost revealing the hints of a skeleton beneath shrouded in flames and writhing wisps of others' souls.

Doc focused this anger on the Hill Giant Chief sitting prone and closed in, firing the Peacemaker. As the bullets launched forth, Doc focused all of his intense hatred on the sitting target and loosed another wrathful soul to find its victim.

Doc moves to N36 (closes to prone Chief so as to attack with advantage).

Action- Shoots twice with advantage (prone); sneak attack on first (ally).
Attack w/ advantage; pistol damage; sneak attack; hex: 1D20+9 = [4]+9 = 13
1D20+9 = [6]+9 = 15
1D10+5 = [2]+5 = 7
2D6 = [6, 2] = 8
1D6 = [4] = 4

Reroll damage (piercer)
Piercer reroll: 1D10+5 = [1]+5 = 6

Note- HA! That's twice in row the reroll has been lower.

Second shot (no sneak): 1D20+9 = [13]+9 = 22
1D20+9 = [8]+9 = 17
1D10+5 = [2]+5 = 7
1D6 = [2] = 2
Reroll damage
[url=http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=260964]Piercer reroll: 1D10+5 = [4]+5 = 9

Bonus Action-
Maddening Hex - Chief Takes 4 psychic damage.

Wails- Orc9
Wails necrotic: 1D6 = [6] = 6

Assuming hits, then 33 damage to Chief, and 6 damage to Orc9.

Doc AC14 HP 84/84 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP20 SSdc16 1/2 Wls 2/4 Crs 1/1 PL 4/4 Wsp 1/1

ETA- damage is 33 with the 4 psychic damage

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The Colonel is frustrated that he didn't reach the door in time to pull it shut. And now some giant is throwing rock at at him. Isn't it always the way. He can't get out of the way past the wolves, so he stays by the door.

Deal with immediate problems first.

Lighting flies from his fingers as he reaches out at the orc in front of him. As it connects, the there is a horrid scream as the lighting blows the poor orc away.

He summons a spectral trident that stabs at the other orc by the door.

"Donnell! Watch out," the Colonel shouts.

OOC: Attack Orc 1. Shocking Grasp 1d20+10=26. Damage = 2d8=7 lighting, 1d8=6 radiant. KILLS HIM (additionally he is pushed away, but it wont' matter.)
Bonus action: Spiritual Weapon at S30. Attack vs. Orc 9 1d20+10=15, damage = 1d8+6=13 force damage. KILLS HIM.

Reaction ready for opportunity attack.

HP: 42/66. Spells left: 4, 1, 3, 3, 1.
Spiritual Weapon round 1/10.


Doc marched up to the giant, who was sitting on the floor holding his cleaver in one hand and his head with the other. Point-blank, the gunslinger fired his weapon, and the strange magical bullets careened off the giant's thick skull, leaving bloody gashes on its head.

Kahru turned into a big white bear and leaped on the giant from behind, who struggled to gain his feet, still reeling from Gimlak's psychic attack and the magic bullet to its skull. Kahru clung to its back with his claws and chomped into the giant's neck-fat.

The summoned wolves were toying with their respective orcs, who were kicking and punching at them when Kahru sicced them on the giant chef. They leaped into action, quite literally, as they left their toys behind and jumped over the central table and barrels. They harried the giant's legs as it stumbled around, trying to get the bear off its back.

Near the northern doors, the spirit that had entered one of the orcs from Doc's gun did its work, and that orc fell dead, staring up at the sky, eyes sunken and wide in terror.

OOC: Doc did 33 to CHEF and killed Orc9; Kahru did 23 (not 18 - he critted. I rolled the extra d8) to Chef, plus his wolves did 8. The giant stood up, which is all he gets to do because of Gimlak. I'll be back to resolve Duvrael and the Colonel.



While all of that was occurring, Duvrael had slipped invisibly by until he could see into the north room - the servant's mess hall. He spied some big orcs (so big, they must have been the half-ogres known as orogs) who were grabbing pikes off of a wall-rack. He appeared and sent a lick of flame that exploded in the room, setting much of the area on fire - furs that hung from the walls, straw cushions on the chairs, all burned. An orc that was hiding under the table caught a daft of flames that billowed under, right in the face, and he died as his lungs burned.

The orogs had done their best to duck-and-cover, and while they were badly singed, they rushed forward in spite of it. Duvrael was shocked to see how aggressive they were - they ran straight at him, thrusting their pikes in a smouldering fury. They ran past the Colonel in the doorway, ignoring him entirely, but luckily for Duvrael, the third one was blocked by Kaligan, and it thrust its pike at him instead.

The wizard swung his staff, creating a magic shield, but the pike-blows still drove him on his heels. Kaligan parried both thrusts, while the Colonel summoned a floating trident that thrust down at one of them.

The Chef's wife threw another rock at the Colonel, and then two very dumb-looking hill giants came at him from the northern room. They fought for a moment over a single chair before finally grabbing their own, and they stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the doorway, taking turns swinging enormous chairs through the door, trying to crush the Colonel under them.

OOC: Duvrael killed Orc2 and did 26 Orog1 & 13 to Orog2 & 3; Colonel killed Orc1 and did 13 to Orog3 (I put the spirtual weapon there). Plus he can make an opp attack vs any of the three orogs, all of whom ran past him. (Probably the first one, then?); The orogs did 25 to poor Duvrael (who I assume cast Shield, or it would be more); Finally, three Schlubs did 26 to the Colonel if he doesn't have his shield on. (Otherwise they all missed).



GM: Encounter: Steading Kitchen & Servant's Mess Hall

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Barrels & Tables; Visibility: Dim (Braziers); Cover: Tables
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells (Etc) * (Notes)
Colonel AC19* HP 16 or 42/66 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP19* SSdc18 4/4 1/3 3/3 3/3 1/1 CD 2/2
Doc AC14 HP 84/84 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP20 SSdc16 1/2 Wls 2/4 Crs 1/1 PL 4/4 Wsp 1/1
Duvrael AC12(15) HP 44/56 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP15* SSdc17 2/4 1/3 2/3 3/3 1/1
Gimlak AC17 HP 68/68 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP12* SSdc17 4/4 3/3 3/3 3/3 1/1 SP 8/12
Kahru AC15 HP 83/83 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP16 SSdc14 4/4 3/3 2/3 WS 1/2 Rg 3/3 Stf 5/7
Kaligan AC18* HP 76/76 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP14 PD 8/8 DT 1/1 TK 1/1 AS 1/1 2W 1/1 ID 1/1
Donnell AC19* HP29/29 THP 0/13 HD 4/4 AS 1/1 2W 0/1
Hiss AC13 HP 2/2 PP10* ts10'
DireWolf1 HP 29/37
DireWolf2 HP 33/37
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
(BGs - Kitchen)
HG Chef AC13 HP 25/125 PP12
HGS1 (Wife) AC11 HP 59/59 PP8
Orogs AC12 HP42ea PP10*
-Orog1 16/42; Orog2 29/42; Orog3 16/42
Orcs AC11 HP15ea PP10*
-O1 0/15 (dead); O2 0/15 (dead); O3 0/15 (dead); O4 0/15 (dead);
-O5 8/15; O6 0/15 (dead); O7 15/15 (surrendered); O8 15/15 (surrendered);
-O9 0/15 (dead); O10 (dead); O11 (dead); O12 (dead);
(BGs - Servant's Mess)
Hill Giant Schlub AC11 HP59ea PP8
-HGS2 59/59; HGS3 59/59
GM: End Round Three; Begin Round Four


A suffusion of yellow
Chaos, flesh and blood! the giant stood up as Kahru the bear chomped down on its neck fat. Kahru tried to get another pound of flesh, but failed…

OOC: Claws:1D20+7 = [4]+7 = 11 Bite:1D20+7 = [2]+7 = 9

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
As the Orog passed by the Colonel reached to grab it. Lightning coursed from his fingertips, driving the creature back.

the colonel slammed the door and held it [EDIT: caused a wave of thunder to ripple out form him, knocking some of his enemies off his feet. Mean]while elsewhere in the room the trident struck fast.

OOC: The Colonel does have his shield; just no weapons.
Opportunity attack: 1d20+10=17 HIT. Damage = 13 lightning, 5 radiant. Push the Orog (whichever one) 10' back (and so perhaps still in the main hall?)

Round 4: Action to close and hold the door. (if possible).
EDIT: CAST DESTRUCTIVE WAVE. From where he is, Three Schlubs and three Orogs are all within 30' of him.
DC 18 save for each: On a fail, they take 19 thunder and 15 radiant damage (under average) and are knocked prone.
On a save they take 9 thunder and 7 radiant.

Bonus: Spiritual weapon against Orog 3 (EDIT: or move 20' and most wounded OROG). 1d20+10=21, damage = 1d8+6=7 force.

Reaction ready as before.

HP: 42/66. Spells left: 4, 1, 3, 3, 0.
Spiritual Weapon round 2/10.
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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Doc cannot believe this black hat has survived the onslaught of bullets and the wellspring of hatred unleashed upon him. The delay in my vengeance just ensures a heavier blow.

Doc's fires at the Hill Giant Chef, reflecting that his justice may not be merciful, but it will at last be certain.

Action- Shoots at Chef. Has Sneak Attack (ally).
First shot, sneak attack (target engaged), hex: 1D20+9 = [11]+9 = 20
1D10+5 = [4]+5 = 9
2D6 = [2, 2] = 4
1D6 = [2] = 2

Oof. I'll take a chance on a piercer reroll.
Piercer reroll: 1D10+5 = [5]+5 = 10

Second Shot.
Second shot (no sneak): 1D20+9 = [14]+9 = 23
1D10+5 = [7]+5 = 12
1D6 = [1] = 1

Total damage to Chef- 29.

Doc AC14 HP 84/84 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP20 SSdc16 1/2 Wls 2/4 Crs 1/1 PL 4/4 Wsp 1/1


The Hill Giant Chef struggled with Kahru in bear-form, and managed to get the upper-hand, throwing the bear off. He raised his cleaver, lunging in to gut the bear, but Doc put two ghostly bullets into his exposed under-arm. The giant spun around, wheezed, and fell over dead on the kitchen floor.

::Aaiiee!!:: shrieked the giantess from the little room, ::Yoo smalls kilded him!::

She flung a rock at Doc, that nearly bowled him over.

OOC: Kahru missed. Doc killed the Chef; His wife did 14 to Doc.



A suffusion of yellow
Kahru the bear bellowed as the giant chef threw him off, before it then spun and fell down dead. The bear looked at Doc and let out a chuff which Doc might take as thanks, then rocked its weight back to the two surrendered orcs as he scanned the chaos of battle.

The floor around the north door was getting crowded, more giants and a swarm of half-ogres! Could the large white bear get through or would he need to go over the table? The bear growled at the wolves willing them to turn on the orogs…

OOC: just maintaining concentration as I wait for the next turn, can a bear give commands to dire wolves?


just maintaining concentration as I wait for the next turn, can a bear give commands to dire wolves?
OOC: Well, the spell doesn't say anything about your 'verbal commands' having to be in a language the animal understands, (which frankly, they'd probably understand a bear's roar better than they would a man's language, anyway). So sure. Though ATM there's not really room for them up there.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Duvrael grimaces as he is injured by the orogs' pikes, although luckily his magical shield and mage armor help prevent some of the damage.

Tauntingly he smiles at both enemies, then hurls another mote of fire at the half-ogre to his left. Unlike the first spell, this mote does not explode into a ball, but rather it burns into the creature's armor like a blazing ember straight out of the Nine Hells.

OOC: Cast firebolt cantrip at orog1: 1D20+9 = [9]+9 = 18
2D10 = [3, 6] = 9 fire damage

Since shield only last a round, I will cast it again as a Reaction if there is another attack against me.

Duvrael AC15*(+5) HP 44/56 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP15* SSdc17 2/4 1/3 2/3 3/3 1/1 P 4,17


Morkus from Orkus
Kaligan seeing his companion Duvrael being harried by the Orogs with pikes, moves in a bit to the left so that he is standing in-between Duvrael and the two Orogs causing him the most difficulty. With great speed and accuracy, Kaligan cuts down the Orog that was just hit by the mote of fire and slices the other Orog deeply.

OOC: Two swings: 1D20+8 = [9]+8 = 17 1D20+8 = [15]+8 = 23 Orog#1 is killed by an additional 11 points of damage. Orog#2 takes 8 damage. 1D8+4 = [7]+4 = 11 1D8+4 = [4]+4 = 8 If Orog#3 hits me with his AOO, I strike back at him with a telekinetic blast(Gift of the Gem Dragon) Roll vs passive strength: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22 for 2D8 = [5, 2] = 7 and it pushes it back away from me 10 feet, but not prone.

Level Up!

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