D&D 5E [IC] Against the Slavelords


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The group moves forward into the tunnel... the sounds (and smells) of orc increase dramatically when Tirion and Brak can make out the soft glow of a few small campfires that the creatures have going. As the large cave comes into view the pair can see the orcs spread throughout, haphazardly throwing down sleeping blankets and building camp fires where ever it might have suited them. They seem to be totally obvious to the group's movement and those awake continue to laugh, cruse or gamble while the heroes move closer...

GM: With their terrible roll, the front ranks (Tirion and Brak) can get to within 12 feet of the first sleeping orcs. The room is 40ft across so there are awake and sleeping orcs out to 52 feet away from where the group is presently gathered at the cave mouth. But the orcs are shattered all throughout the room.

The 1st cave exist is 30ft to the right, the other is 25ft to the left and the last one is more or less on the other side of the room 55ft away.

All attack rolls against any of the orcs are at Advantage this turn. You can't really "talk" strategies as they are orcs fairly close to you but you could maybe make hand-signals etc. The party will act first and the militia will move in an act next round.

If you are attacking, please state the Actions you are take and make any rolls (attack, damage, etc.) that you are required to make for these actions

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"I'll try to keep them from getting away for help." With that Kelvyn slips into the room making for the far side crossbow in hand.


First Post
Kelvyn makes it to the far exist without giving himself away. Those orcs awake are simply not paying much attention to their surroundings, instead simply absorbed in their own petty games and insults to each other...


Tirion Cayde, Cleric Level 5 (Life)

Tirion Cayde, Cleric Level 5 (Life)
Orc caves
Day 2/Afternoon (4:30 PM)

As Kelvin slipped away to head to the far side of the room, Tirion motioned Brak and half the militia to go to the right exit from the cavern. He motioned the other half of the militia to follow him to the left exit. To Levanna and the archers, he indicated they should aid Kelvin from range in keeping the orcs from fleeing to the far passage.

Moving quickly, hopefully followed by his half of the militia, Tirion moved to the left tunnel exit, pulling out his amulet as he did so, the light it gave off quite bright in the dark cavern. He planted himself fifteen feet in front of the exit and settled his shield, whispering a prayer.

A ghostly wind began to swirl around the cleric and his mithril plate armor started to glow softly. Wisps of energy could be seen forming around him, eventually shaping into angelic figures shining with the brightness of Pelor. The spiritual guardians swirled around the cleric, attacking hapless orcs that happened to be unlucky enough to be within fifteen feet of the glowing holy figure.

Once established guarding the exit, Tirion searched out the largest orc in the cabin. He extended his mace toward the orc and whispered another prayer. White fire erupted in the air, slamming down at the orc to engulf the creature.

[sblock=Tirion’s Actions]
Round 1:
Move: 25 feet to stand 15 feet in front of the left exit
Free object interaction: Pull out amulet of continual flame, illuminating 20’ bright/20’ dim
Action: Cast Spiritual Guardians: All orcs need to make a Wisdom save whenever they enter or start their turn within 15’ of Tirion
Effect: Within 15’ of Tirion is difficult terrain for the orcs
Damage: All orcs take [roll=Spiritual Guardians]3d8[/roll] radiant damage, half on a save
Round 2: Tirion picks out the largest orc in the cavern (60’, so the whole room) and casts Sacred Flame. Orc needs to make a Dex save.
Damage: [roll=Sacred Flame]2d8[/roll]

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Conditions: None
Concentration: Spirit Guardians

Inspiration: 1

Initiative: +0
Perception: +4 (Passive: 14)
Speed: 30
AC: 20 (plate and shield)
HP: 33/33 HD: 5/5d8
Main Hand: Mace
Off Hand: Shield

Prepared Spells:
Cantrips: Guidance, Thaumaturgy, Mending, Sacred Flame
1st: (Bless, Cure Wounds), Healing Word, Guiding Bolt, Command
2nd: (Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon), Prayer of Healing, Hold Person, Blindness/Deafness
3rd: (Beacon of Hope, Revivify), Spirit Guardians, Dispel Magic, Mass Healing Word

Spell Slots Remaining/Total
1st: 4/4
2nd: 3/3
3rd: 1/2



Levanna, with her group of the militia, followed Kelvin into the cave.

When she sighted the orcs, a well of fear and adrenaline rushed up within her. But she surpressed her urge to release her more powerful spells. If they truly faced an orc spellcaster in the main camp, she would need to save her magical strength to deal with it, or else the group could be in even greater danger.

"Uvelucal oposs!" the wizard chanted as her hand rose into the air. A small globe of acid appeared over one of the orcs and immediately rained down upon it.

She took advantage of the orcs' surprise and conjured another globe right after the first.[/section]

[sblock=Actions]Levanna will move within range and target two orcs standing within 5 ft of each other with an Acid Splash cantrip. If there are no such groups, she'll just target the nearest orc. Then she'll do it all again on the next round.

Dexterity save DC is 15.
Round one: [roll0]
Round two: [roll1]

[sblock='Mini Stat Block']
Levanna (Wizard 5) 5th level
Initiative: +1 Perception: +2
Passive Perception: 12
Passive Investigation: 17
Speed: 30'

AC: 14
HP 32/32

In Hand:Quarterstaff
Off Hand: None

Spell Save DC: 14

Prepared Spells:
1st: Mage Armor, Shield, Feather Fall, Magic Missile,
2nd: Misty Step, Suggestion, Invisibility, Flaming Sphere
3rd: Counterspell

Spell slots remaining/Spell slots total:
1st: 3/4
2nd: 3/3
3rd: 2/2

Active Spells (c) denotes concentration
Mage Armor

Character Sheet


First Post
Scourge of the Slavelords
A1 – PART II “Slave Pits of the Undercity - Port Fury”

Sunup, Moonday (the 3rd day of the month) of Coldeven (3rd month of the year)
Just north of Port Fury (the ruined city of Highport on the coast of the Pomarj)

After a grueling and nerve wracking trek through the orc infested frontier lands of the Wild Coast a small band of heroes finally lay eyes on their goal… the ruined city of Highport (now called Port Fury), a stronghold for the dreaded Slavelords, whom the heroes have vowed to destroy. They had just made their way up to a small hillside outside the north side of town and got their first look at a once “jewel” of the Wild Coast, now overrun with orcs and other evil humanoids.

It has been almost two weeks since the heroes meet at homestead of the strange rancher Hakan. He lived alone on the frontier borderlands with wandering orcs, giants and other monsters and yet seem unmolested by these creatures. It was at Hakan’s ranch that the heroes had decided to split up to achieve their goals – one group would head back to Elreed with the female werebear. There they would attempt to free her mate from the minor Slavelords that controlled that city. The remaining heroes, joined now by the elven beastmaster, Quellathe Meliamne, would continue on to Port Fury and try and discover the stronghold of Slavelords there and destroy them if possible.

Hakan had provided horses and a stoat pack mule to the heroes so they could make better time to the city through the rugged lands. These animals were tired up just down the hill from where the heroes had trekked up to gain a better look at their goal.

A thick cold mist clung to the ground as the morning sun did little to warm the land after fresh snow had fallen last eve. Unlike most human cities, where with the coming dawn the inhabitances would be awaking to start their daily routine. Here, in a city overrun by night-friendly monsters, many of the inhabitances are settling down for sleep. There were a few humans and other demihumans in city though, wandering about or opening a few shops here and there to cater to those who are more comfortable in the light of the day.

Much of the city remained in ruin years after the ‘Night of the Bloody Spear’ when the humanoid invades broke through the walls of the city, killing or enslaving the inhabitances and shacking the city. Burnt out husks of once grand buildings were dominate and there were still large breaches in the walls where the present city rules have never bothered to repair. Once at least a hundred building in the city, now only a few dozen look fully functional while another two score look half-heartily rebuilt enough to serve some function or another. It also appeared that two large warehouses had been repaired down on the waterfront port. At least a dozen ships where moored there, and while none bore the Yellow Sails of the Slavelords, most look like ill maintained pirate ships or raiders. Most of the human and demihuman activity in the city appeared to be concentrated in this area.

The heroes now had a few decision to make… how they wanted to approach the city and where to seek out the Slavelords stronghold in the city (while the waterfront seemed to be the most logical choice, Hakan had said that he believed that was a rouse by the Slavelords to trick unwary, would-be rescuers of those whom might be seeking lost love ones, etc. He did not share where he came by this information nor did he indicate where he believed they might be located).

GM: OK the heroes are just outside Port Fury. You have to decide how you want to approach and enter the city. Do you want to try and sneak in (there are lots of holes in the city walls and during the day there are not as many humanoids about, just humans and demihumans (dwarves, elves, halflings half-orcs and gnomes, many of them look like they are slaves but others are merchant types. Just rougher looking merchants than you are use to).
Does anyone want to be in disguise or hide anything (races, holy symbols, magic items, animals, familiars, etc.)?
Where and/or How do you wish to seek out or find the Slavelords? Do you want to ask questions? Do you want to sneak or wander around looking for anyone suspicious, etc. There do appear to be a few taverns down by the waterfront but it appears they cater to raiders and pirates. There are a few stalls selling various wares (most of which you can’t really tell what from your vantage point).
Are you going to bring your horses into town? There appears to be a coral of some type on the west side of town (opposite the port), with a few horses and other beasts of burden are keep with a number of “guards” wandering around it.
Do you want to try and find lodging? There might be a few buildings that serve that purpose here but it also appears that a number of tents and such have been set up in a few of the older burnt out buildings, many of the flying various dark brooding like flags.
The weather is cold and the sky is overcast today. There is fresh snow on the ground but it is not heavy, maybe an inch at most. It will probably turn to mush by midday.

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