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[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun


There is some trash that has been thrown over the walls, and a few green weeds- if your willing to tear up plants. for more substantial materials you will either have to go back out into the alleys or climb over to the slave quarters/stables and dismantle parts of them.

GM: a social skill roll to get past the veterans or Athletics to go over/across the walls is needed. Without more materials, trapbuilding will be at a penalty.

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Chick gave a silent "On it!" salute, and was quickly up and over the wall. He rummaged through some abandoned debris, disturbing some scrawny rat-like creatures, which he avoided with quick movements. He gathered up things that he supposed would be useful and he wrapped them in a patch of molted lizard-skin, that had been left on the street by the creature that had lost it.

When all was gathered together, he returned to below the wall. Spinning in circles, he slung the large sack over the wall and scooted up after it, arriving astonishingly quickly from the time he'd left.



Plool builds an excellent trap with the wood and twine that Chtckh gathered from outside.

The watering trough on the far side of the house makes an ideal holding area, once a hole has been knocked in the side, and a cover fastened on. Dukkoti builds some barriers for channeling the swatm, and everyone prepares a weapon in case things go wrong.

Lighting a crude smokey torches Blaze, Chtckh and Cal yell and stomp all approaching from the original side, while Plool and Dukkoti, wait on the far side ready to guide the swarm and close the trap. Varsk, ignoring his assigned role in the plan takes a position in the shadows.

The venomous little Prairie Dogs swarm aggressively when you approach but they are confused by the smoke. Two turn to attack Blaze instead of being herded, but Cal could tell what the animals were about to do and intercepted them with yelling and vigorous torch waving. Another one tried to leap the straight at Dukkoti on the far side but Varsk hurtles a spike of darkness, only semi-solid and trailing dark vapors. It pins a deadly fuzzy critter to the earth, then vanishes.

GM: It looks like a bunch of rolls, and im just going to fill in the results rather than waiting for everyone.
Survival for Dukkoti& Plool, Intimidation (with advantage) for Blaze, cal using animal handling to support Blaze. Readied action for Varsk.
Plool builds a trap ; : 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20
Dukkoti survival : 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
Blazes intimidation : 1D20+2 = [12]+2 = 14; 1D20+2 = [13]+2 = 15
varsk: 1D20+5 = [11]+5 = 16
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How are you disposing of the trapped creatures?
And are you moving first to the Melkillot stable or slave quarters?
the main house has been quiet for a while...
GM: I will take the first answers to these questions


Chick indicated with his mandibles that the creatures would make for good eating, and mimed with his hands that the little bones were easier to get out if they weren't crushed. To that end, he proposed that the group continued to choke the creatures with smoke from the fires until they were dead or docile, and then wring their necks. It was a slow process, but it left for the most edible remains.

Later, he suggested by wiggling his antennae and pointing, that they should head to the slave quarters.


Disposing of the little fuzzballs takes a while.

But eventually, you head over to the slave quarters. It is solidly built, bunkhouse, with a stone door, which takes a lot of muscle to open, and can be barred from the outside. Inside is are rows of wooden beds built into the walls, with high clearance so you can easily see under them. There is some smashed and broken furniture in the middle of the room, and you can see the whole place with a glace from the door. There are no windows of course, and room to pack in about 20 slaves.

The thing you all immediately notice is the hole in the floor.

Although it was once concealed some of the paving stones have fallen in, revealing a crawl tunnel that clearly leads under the outer wall of the compound.

You should probably agree on what you are going to do about the hole, either just report it or..
Several of you are good with tools, you could conceal it again with a half-hour's work, and leave it for the future slaves.

You could explore it (all crawling single file or a few scouts), with intent to return.

You could use it as a chance to leave the employ of the merchant house, either looking for a place in the city of Raam or heading out into the wilderness. (you saw the east gate of the city near the compound)


Possibly a Idiot.
"So, what do you think? Should we go in?" Plool motions to the hole while taking a bite out of a smoked Jankx.

"There might be more of these down there." He says while chewing, then swallows. "Or maybe something better tasting, eh?"


Chick shook his head at the idea of going down. He waved his arms suggesting that they cover it up so that it can be used in the future as an escape-route.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Blaze inspects the hole from a foot away, then turns to his companions.

"Freedom is on the other side," he says with a hint of fire in his eyes. "Do we seize it? Or stay on as servants to a House?"

Without waiting for a response, the genasi jumps in to the hole to inspect the bottom, waiting to see if anyone follows.

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