[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun

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Possibly a Idiot.
Kel flavours the rodent as a nice honey infused pastry, his favourite.
Plool stops mid-bite with a look of stoic shock on his face. Then speaks with a calm, yet unnerving voice.

"Meat shouldn't taste like that, Kel. The best meat should taste of lifeblood; warmth, metal, fats, and salt. It should provide a bit of fight as your teeth sink into flesh." He stops eating and hands the rodent back to Kel. "That was the taste of mead, without the burn of alcohol."

Plool then continues traveling in the tunnel, uncharacteristically silent for a bit.


Kel couldn't get the clicks quite right, and he entirely missed the subtleties of pheromone releases, but Chtckh was very pleased at his superb (for a dra) knowledge of the Kreen language. They chatted on various subjects like old clutch-mates.


The tunnel downward is no more than 5’ wide and about 70’ long. It drops steeply from the Large chamber. The tunnel that Kel used to enter is very close to it, leading upward.

The walls of the passage are earth and dirt, it turns to avoid boulders or solid rock. Except in the middle where one rock is carved out to a sharp corner.

Finally, it opens out into a stone chamber. Thin stone bars stop you from entering. The room is immaculately clean, smooth stone walls, ceiling, and floor, with no loose rocks or even dirt.

On the far side is a cage 5’ high 10’ across, with thick stone sides and top, with a shaped lattice of stone bars in front. It has no hinges or other obvious way of opening.

Inside the cage is a large blue-white creature – it looks like a manta ray (not that your characters have ever seen one) but it floats bobbing back and forth inside the cage.
It occasionally flaps its wings, but mostly just levitates there. It’s wingspan is 7’ across, but the main body no larger than plool.

The other thing that catches your eye is a large gold mask. It is held to the wall by stone protrusions, where it cannot be seen from the cage.

Nature or insight checks may tell you more about the creature.
Kel notices that the mask is battered and bent, and his keen eyes pick up scratches and imperfections in the otherwise clean stone chamber. It looks like the mask was flung around the chamber, battering at the walls and bars before being securely mounted.

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Steve Gorak

As they are walking, Kel promises to Plool that next time, he will make the meat taste as the best meat Plool has ever tasted. Plool can see that Kel is quite nervous about the fact his mind trick disappointed the halfling.

In the room, Kel inspects the creature. He bows to it since it is using psionics, and telepathically says, rather innocently: “Hello, I am Kel. Why are you a prisoner here? Do you know I we can get you out? If we do so, do you promise not to hurt us?

He then verbally repeats anything the creature may have said, and also offers what he has noticed to his companions “The mask was bashed around the room. If you give me some time, I can determine if it has anything special to it

OOC: Insight check 24

Use the message cantrips to communicate with the creature (I am assuming that it is psionically relayed).

Note that I can’t see the attachments (error message)

Edit: I forgot to mention, if no one else goes for it, Kel took the bird symbol from the undead - could be handy to trade for some water or food.
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Possibly a Idiot.
Turning to Kel, Plool says "Yeah, have a look at the mask. I'm going to take a look at this cage."

Plool looks at the strange creature with a bit of apprehension.
"If that's in a cage, someone must have put it there" He reasons. "Maybe it's a working beast?"

Plool pauses to take in the room, but can't put together what such an odd place would be used for. "Either way, it seems especially mean spirited to trap a creature of the air under the dark ground."

Plool climbs up on top of the cage to get a better look. Maybe it opens on the top?

OOC: Also having troubles with the attachments

Nature check: 1D20+3 = [7]+3 = 10

Checking out the cage.
Investigation: 1D20+1 = [12]+1 = 13

Varsk follows the others. The half elf was not sure that running was a better choice than staying as a guard but it gave them more freedom. That was enough for him. He still kept to the back unsure of the others. As a smuggler and then a slave he had learned to only trust himself, and old habits die hard. Varsk is distracted with his own thoughts as they move through the tunnels.

Varsk stops short when they enter the larger chamber with the caged creature.

"Anyone know what that thing is?" He watches Plool get closer. "I'd be careful, whoever caged it might have done so because it is dangerous."


Your all still in the passage outside the room - there are stone bars across the doorway, but they don't look very thick.
Kels mental contact just resulted in a burst of static and a splitting headache. You don't think it uses a language but its mind has a natural psionic barrier. From its body language, you can tell it is afraid of you and, for some reason the left wall of the large chamber.

GM: Sorry the maps got removed from the original post by my error.
Plools nature check just confirmed his second assumptions{/GM]
Its psionic barrier gives it resistance to psionic powers, but it would not effect purely physical powers like flame wave or force attacks.

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Steve Gorak

Wait before going in, I’ll check if it’s safe”. He then sits down in front of the door and starts concentrating.

OOC: ritually cast detect magic

note that during the short rest, Kel used arcane recovery to recover a second level spell slot, forgot to mention it earlier...


I'm going to assume the party is patient. (more or less)

The walls, ceiling, floor, and bars were shaped by magic, by someone or something with immense power and control over stone.

Nothing in the room, including the gold mask, is magical.
Since there is no obvious way of opening the cage or bars perhaps the owner just shapes them out of the way.
Closer observation also reveals a food/water trough in the stone cage. With a small amount of water in it.

The manta ray gradually becomes accustomed to your presence and resumes floating listlessly.

When Plool slips between the bars blocking the room, The creature startles, and with a flap of its wings brings a gust of fierce wind singing through the room. It presses Plool briefly against the wall, but when it is obvious that Plool is not charging the cage, the wind dies away again.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Blaze looks from behind the bars into the room. What creature or person could’ve made this? Must be powerful magics, and that gives the genasi a bad feeling.

And he’s not sure, but the former gladiator gets the feeling that he knows that strange winged creature... if only he remembered!



Chick began to test the "bars" for a weak point to break through, tapping and twisting at them to see if there was any give. Eventually, if it seemed appropriate and there were no objections, he made an attempt to break one of them.

OOC: Strength Check: 1D20+2 = [17]+2 = 19
(+2 if Athletics skill applies)


Possibly a Idiot.
Plool takes a look around the room to see anything that isn't obvious from the door. Taking note of what type of food the creature is being fed.

"Well, as long as I am here, anyone want a mask?" He says as he approaches the object, keeping an eye on the creature.


Cloud Ray!
that what those things are called, Blaze remembers.
They are supposed to be enormous beasts that live far above the earth and never land. They are able to control the winds. Blaze saw one once, riding the winds at sunset. it was pretty high up, so hard to know the size. Someone else told him the name.

When Chthck breaks the bars, the cloud ray startles again, this time not at the party but at the wall on the left side of the room. Once the bars were broken in one place, it was easy enough to use the leverage to snap the other side completely off and leave the pieces scattered around on the floor. You are now free to move about the chamber.

The mask is embedded in the stone at the top and the bottom. The stone wall looks like a tree that has just started to grow around a fence post. The mask is indeed gold, and even battered looks valuable.
GM: athletics didn't help, its just strength,
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Varsk slips in through the now open prison. He glances around the room for any dangers before moving over towards the mask. He inspects the mask and how it's secured to the wall looking for any possible traps. He scans it over but has no clue what is going on. He shakes his head, he was a smuggler more used to using his charm to slip past guards.

"That looks to be worth a few ceramic. Not even sure how it's attached."

He scans the room for any exits then turns to the others.

"So what's the plan now? Don't see any other way out of this room."

OOC: Investigation on mask: 1d20 2

Steve Gorak

Kel shares everything he sensed with his new companions. He also walks on the room looks at the mask closely.

That mask is worth a fortune. It’ll be hard to sell, but if we’re successful, We’d all be rich”

he then looks at the creature “we should free it, being held in a small room in the ground is worse than slavery

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