[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"It's a cloud ray!" Blaze exclaims as the name comes back to him. "They're usually massive, flying high in the air and controlling the weather. I wonder how this one got caught down here; must be a young one."

The barbarian looks around and up, looking for a way to get the poor creature out.

"Do you think it can fit in the tunnel we arrived through?"

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Its body can, but not with wings extended.
It seems to levitate independently of its wings, but it used them to generate wind. It also seems to use them to move laterally. If it can fly turned sideways, then it won't have any problem.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
”If we can get it out, we may have made an ally,” Blaze says happily, avoiding the word ‘friend’. He gestures at the tunnel, hoping the ray understands his intention. If that fails, the genasi - now without apparent flames around him - will try to approach it cautiously as if trying to befriend a wild animal.


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Plool huffs and strains against the mask, then curses in his native tongue.

"Could I get a bit of help here?" he asks with winded breath. "This thing is harder to move than a Mekillot!"


Chick clicked and purred at the creature, and let out some nice relaxing pheromones. He waved an arm absently at Plool, suggesting he should wait until the creature was free.

OOC: Giving Kel advantage on the Animal Handling check with the Help action.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Blaze sighs. He can't seem to make any progress with the ray despite the help of the others. At least, so far.

"Freeing it from the cage seems the only option to gain its confidence," he says, and the genasi starts pounding on the stone bars with his club.

OOC: Is that a plain Str check? If not, please add the relevant modifier.
Blaze strength check: 1D20+2 = [5]+2 = 7

Edit: We're not going anywhere with all these poor rolls...

Varsk walks over to the mask to give Plool a hand. He lends some of his weight to the spear hoping to assist in prying the mask free. After grunting and straining Varsk gives up.

"I don't have the leverage to pry it free and I couldn't see any other way to free the thing."

OOC: Strength check to free the mask: 1d20-1 2.

Just about what I figured when I have a 8 Strength. Not sure if I can use my Theives' Tools proficiency to free the thing or open the stone cage. From what you described there is no lock or mechanism holding either closed.

I already tried investigation on the mask to see anything but failed miserably. Not sure if I could try again. I can always try investigation on the cage but not sure it would do anything.


The cloud ray is startled by all the close attention, screeching angrily at Plool in particular. When Blaze hits the bars, it reacts aggressively stabbing at him with its tail. But the attack is deflected by the bars, it flaps its wings and a light breeze begins to swirl around it. It seems too mad or scared to be calmed down anytime soon.

With Varsks help, you manage to gouge a chunk out of the soft gold mask, the coin-sized piece rings loudly against the floor.

Yes, you can use thieves tools to gently pry away the mask and the stone, but that roll doesn’t help exactly.
Not that the dice are being any kinder to me.
cloudray: 1D20+6 = [4]+6 = 10 (-2 for cover =8)

everyone has time for one round of action as the wind begins to pick up.

only the trikreen is untroubled by the winds
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Woah," Blaze exclaims as the cloud ray is obviously not amused by his attempt at opening the cage, and the genasi takes a few steps back with his arms raised defensively.

"I must've made it angry; let's just leave him for now!"

With that, Blaze moves away from the cage as far as he can.


The creature was getting angry, and would probably be dangerous to free. Chtckh felt sorry for it, but not so sorry that he thought that it was worth risking injury over.

He was not terribly interested in the mask, but his greedy companions seemed determined to take it. Chtckh realised that it might be good as a bribe, or for trade, when the group made their final attempts at freedom, so he clicked his mandibles in a clear sign that the others should leave it to him, and he took the prying spear from them and shoved it deep behind the mask, working to get it out.


Steve Gorak

Kel shakes his head and thelepatuically says to the ray: I am sorry that I am not powerful enough for you to understand me. He then steps away from the wind, and tries to find a spot that is more sheltered. He then focuses on the mask, keeping an eye out for any broken fragment that may have chipped away.

Varsk begins to pull out his thieves tools to try to loosen the mask when Chtckh moved over and indicated he would get the mask. Putting away his tools Varsk steps back to find cover from the increasing wind and the possibility of the mask being trapped. As he moves back he glances over at the clearly agitated cloudray.

"I agree we will need to leave the creature for now. Did anyone see any other paths or tunnels out of this cave system?"

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