D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


Dellrak was soaked to the beard, and he wasn't enjoying it. The rain coat gave some protection, but he was still unused to wearing it and it leaked in all the wrong places as he moved. His feet were still dry (for now), so he didn't start complaining... yet.

After the lesson on the local fauna and flora from the tall human know-it-all, he thought he would be able to find food for most of the group. He had to admit the leaf trick was a grand ideal.

Having a bow he knew he should be one of those to keep watch when necessary, and although he hated the ideal he also should help get the canoe up the hill.

Perception: [roll0]
Athletics: [roll1]

Also have the background ability to "find food and water for myself and up to five other people", but not sure if you could do that in a couple hours. Will hold off on using it.

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Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo, after stumbling again with the canoe a fourth time, gladly accepted Dellrak's offer to switch. The legendary endurance of the dwarves indeed... and all that armor Chrysagon was wearing clearly had hardened him. Rodrigo frowned... he knew he was tough, but too much time spent intriguing in Waterdeep, not enough exercise... what would his father say?

He shook his head - he hoped that the jungle would toughen him up - it was that, or else.


OOC: Glad your not wasting your 19 and 20 rolls on skill checks. Going to need them if we get into a fight. Where Dellrak will start rolling 3's and 4's lol.

Canoe in hand the dwarf was glad for the manual labor to keep his mind and body occupied and off the impossible rain. How did one defeat an enemy so numerous and so relentless in its assault as the rain. Dellrak mutter a curse to Talos to stop pissing on him, because it was pissing the dwarf off.


As the Sticks portaged their canoe up the steep path around the waterfall, the rain began to slow to a relatively light drizzle. Chrysagon carried his end of the canoe without any troubles, while Harb began to tire, struggling to keep his end from dipping lower and lower. During that time, Qawasha was talking his ear off, pointing at and naming every leaf, plant, vine, sprout and flower.

"Be on the watch for the Ryath plant, with a white flower shaped like a clenched fist. Its root produces an invigorating effect when chewed - a clarity of mind and spirit and a tolerance to pain."

Weed bounced up the trail, happily leading the way, and Miss Imogen joined the little creature moving in-between the carriers and the guide, so as to keep both in sight. Weed did not always delay when the boat was slowed by getting over a rock, or snagged on a low-hanging branch.

At the same moment, Dellrak and Rodrigo noticed a rope hanging from a tree just off of the trail. It looked very similar to the vines that were also hanging down, swaying lazily, but to their eyes it was definitely a rope.

"Most likely a cache," Qawasha confirmed their suspicion.

After taking necessary precautions, Rodrigo pulled the rope and a weathered sack fell from the tree. It contained a vial of serpents venom, three antitoxins, and a potion of healing.

OOC: That covers your first hour and first set of rolls. I will return to do the second set soon.
Dell: Perc 23, Ath 25
Chrys: Ath 15, 15
Harb: Ath 6, per 20
Rod: Per 23, Ath 2
M'im: SuR 22, 5
Q&W Sur 18, 7[/sblock]

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen picks up the bottles that have fallen out of the cache, and lets her companions take what they wish. She places a dose of antitoxin in an outer pocket of her bag, offers the other items for others to take. Anything not taken, she will carry.


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo reluctantly took a potion of healing. This could save his life - or another's - one day, but to whom did these belong?

"Qawasha, do we know who put this Cache in place?"


Seeing Rodrigo eyeing the vials, Qawasha gestured to take a look at them. "This one is the venom of a giant snake. The other is an herbal remedy that works against it."

OOC: Serpent Venom (Injury): A creature subjected to this poison must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw, taking 10 (3d6) poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Injury poison can be applied to weapons, ammunition, trap components, and other objects that deal piercing or slashing damage and remains potent until delivered through a wound or washed off. A creature that takes piercing or slashing damage from an object coated with the poison is exposed to its effects.

Antitoxin: A creature that drinks this vial of liquid gains advantage on saving throws against poison for 1 hour. It confers no benefit to undead or constructs.

As the Sticks moved on, Rodrigo took over for Harb at the front of the canoe while Chrysagon continued to carry the other end without complaint. It was soon apparent that Rodrigo had not yet found the knack for this awkward job. He struggled to keep the boat from tipping from side-to-side, and the work of stopping it from falling over was swiftly wearing him down, so Dellrak stopped looking about and came to his assistance.

Miss Imogen thought she had spotted the Ryath plant that Qawasha had mentioned and she pointed it out to Harb. Harb had only taken a single step toward it when Weed began thumping on his chest and shaking his head. Qawasha explained, "No, that is the spitting D'wolii. It spits an irritant when disturbed. The Ryath flowers are smaller and more pinched, and its leaves are slim and long."

The vegepigmy led the group for another hour, and finally the land began to slope back downward as the group made its way back toward the river, having cleared the waterfall. The trail came to a wide, relatively cleared spot ideal for getting the canoe back in the river.

Unfortunately, it was also the home of an enormous crocodile. Harb spotted it first. It was well camouflaged and sat very still at the water's edge.


Harb held up a hand as a warning the moment he noticed the 'log' in the water before him wobble slightly. He crouched for a better view and gripped his quarterstaff with both hands before him a bit like a spear, as if he could hold the beast back with his weapon. But did not move more as he glanced at Qawasha for any guidance.


"Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the s...

When Harb raised hi hand, Chrysagon freezed. Then, synchronized with Dellrack, he put the canoe down in slow motion and get ready for anything.


With still four hours to go before nightfall, the humid heat of the jungle made it feel difficult to breathe as the Sticks slowly slid their canoe into the water a little ways upstream and through some newly-hacked tall grasses. Mosquitoes were terrible here, and their bites made terribly itchy welts. Eventually, everyone was in the canoe and free of the grasses. Keeping an eye on the crocodile, which watched them intently but made no moves, they slowly paddled away up the slowly-moving, but large volume of water flowing down the river Soshenstar.

OOC: Yeah that fight was easily avoided. I don't believe that every large predator has a taste for adventurers. Okay, so I forgot before: I'd like Harb and Rodrigo to roll a dc10 Con Save or have a single level of Exhaustion (Disadv. on ability checks). It was hard work getting the canoe up the falls, and they didn't do a great job of it, but they're tough. They'll be okay. I'd like another round of checks to narrate. It only takes two to paddle against the current (Athletics checks) though you can take shifts. You won't have to navigate this stretch (further upriver the tributaries and the main river can get confusing, but here it's obvious enough that no checks are necessary.) So, I guess that's a lot of people available to keep an eye out (Perception). If you can think of something else to do, throw it in. One check each.


Dellrak was glad he didn't swap out the elven armor for something heavier. In this wet heat he may have had a rough going of it. Still heavier armor could keep the bugs at bay.

OOC: Can we use the Help rule to give one or two of us, advantage on our Perception checks? If so Dellrak will do that as he paddles and keeps an eye out.
Athletics [roll0]

EDIT: So that is two 19s, and two 20s I have rolled in non-combat situations. I am never going to swing my axe again. LOL

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen is astounded at how quickly some of the men in the party avoid doing real work. Having bypassed the crocodile, she positions herself near the front of the canoe and picks up a paddle.

After about ten minutes, she can feel the wood of the paddle tearing at her palms. "May we pause for a minute?" she asks, and when she feels Dellrak slow, she binds her hands with long strips of bandage, so that she is will be able to hold her bow later.

When she's ready, she continues, and is grateful for Dellrak's strong, insistent stroke guiding the canoe.

OOC: Athletics [roll0].


Dellrak and Miss Imogen quietly dipped their covered oars in the sluggish, wide water of the river while Harb occasionally quietly made an adjustment stroke here or there, to keep the canoe under the long shadows of the largest of the jungle's leaves. Rodrigo and Chrysagon kept a keen eye out for trouble. Some large, leather-winged lizard-birds flew high overhead, but they did not seem to take any notice of the canoe.

The group had found their rhythm quickly and the hours dropped by as the afternoon wore on.

If it wasn't for the occasional downpour, and the always-oppressive heat (and the terrible biting insects), the serene paddling might have almost been pleasant. As they came toward a blind bend in the river, Qawasha said quietly (the first sound anyone had made for over an hour), "There are two options I know for camp tonight. One is just around this bend, on the south-western bank, defended by a series of rocks. Another possibility would be a small island that is about an hour further on. It has the joy of being not on either side of the river, both of which have their perils."

Weed clicked his forearms together and pointed forward, but Qawasha ignored him and did not translate.

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