D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


*yawn* Dellrak stretches long in the humid air of the jungle morning. And then he starts scratching. He has bites galore on his arms, legs, and back.

"Eh-? Looks like me beard kept 'em from me chest," he notes picking out a crawling bug from his beard and squishing it between thick fingers. "I'll need to let me beard grow big enough to cover me whole body at night," he laughs still scratching.

During breakfast they all discuss the second canoe. "Better to have it close if'n we need it. I do think we will be better off fir it and not to be putting it aside."

OOC: Thinking of a way to use the two 10' poles to help carry at least one canoe, up the falls. Maybe both. Handles might be useful.

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The group decamped from the small island as it began to rain once more. They were careful to take all their things and paddled away with little discussion. The second canoe trailed behind with only a few supplies inside, under a tarp tied tight to keep the rain out.

After an hour of paddling in the driving rain, the group came upon a magnificent waterfall, not as tall as the first but tiered. Qawasha said, "There are paths up either side of this falls. The north side takes us within a stone's throw of a place where the Batri hunt and gather, and they may object to us. The south side has been plagued by undead for many years. I should like to destroy them all, but one-at-a-time may be fruitless and dangerous. The south is also open to the vast interior and will have a higher population of the great beasts."

"It is, of course, up to you which way we go."



"Think we should scout our path before we go tramping up their a carrying two kay-news?" Dellrak asks looking closely at both sides of the falls.

"Either side be fine by me," he says in case the group was wondering which way he preferred to travel.

AC: 15 (scale, dex)
HP: 28/28 HD: 3/3 (1d10+2)
Speed: 25'
Saves: STR +5, DEX +3, CON +2, INT +0, WIS +2, CHA -1
Features: spellcasting
Special Defenses: advantage save vs poison, resistance to poison damage

battleaxe +5, 1d8+3, versitle (1d10)
(2)handaxe(melee) +5, 1d6+3, light
(2)handaxe(thrown) +5, 1d6+3, light, thrown, (range 20/60)
longbow +5, 1d8+1, ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, two-handed
Spell Slots: 1st: 3/3
Spells known: jump, goodberry, protection from evil and good, longstrider

goodberry 10/10
arrows 18/20
pitons 08/10
torches 10/10
rations 09/10[/sblock]
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Qawasha shrugged at Dellrak's question. "It is a long trip to the top and back. You may find trouble along the way, or you may not. Then you may-or-may-not find trouble on the second trip, after you've returned for everyone. Of course, it is up to you, but I don't see what good covering the same ground twice will do."


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo looked at the waterfall - it was quite the sight.

"You say the word Batri.... I'm not familiar with it... who are they - or perhaps, what are they?"


Qawasha thought for a moment and answered Rodrigo, "I think they are what you would call Goblins where you are from."

Weed squeaked and thumped his chest in a particular pattern and then made a clicking noise.

Qawasha added, "Though they may only superficially resemble the Goblins you know."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"My instinct is to take the Batri side, but I am conscious that we have pledged to help Qawasha fight undead as part of his guidance. He may not see this as a necessary obligation, but I feel we ought to adhere to our agreement when we can." Miss Imogen says.


"Long trip, eh?" the dwarf says thinking a moment. "Still be good to have a scout to warn us. Hate to be ambushed carrying the damn boat."

He rubs a finger under his chin and looks to the druid. "You say you been here, then you will know when we make it about half way up. That be when we will have someone scout. Probably the oh so Silent One." he says looking at Harb.

After Miss Imogen speaks the dwarf looks to the "Barti Path" and gives a crooked grin, "Bashing some gobos would make for a fine day, Misses. But I think not putting a few dead to rest may distract our guide. And we nay want that."

OOC: Way out of character. I think Harb has 40 movement and can take a Dash action and then spend a ki point to Dash as a bonus action. That is 80' in 6 seconds lol. Dellrak could also cast longstrider on him to up his movement to 50' (25' when hiding) and he should have little trouble warning anyone of danger.


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo narrowed his eyes.

"Undead *are* more offensive to me than goblins, jungle or otherwise... but what type are we speaking about? A few zombies we can easily crush, but there are dread things that may be beyond us... But yes, if our guide believes this is a good opportunity to get rid of a local menace..."


Chrysagon weighted the pros and cons of both sides. He didn't want to put his companions' lives into the balance of his own oath dilemmas.

"I agree.
Although I vowed to fight Undeath, I think we'll make a bigger difference by destroying the Soulmonger than by crushing some random zombies. Our agreement with Qawasha is to destroy any Undead we encounter not go hunting them down. Let's take the safest path, if there is one."
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