D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford

"Why are we running inside into the complete unknown?" Escella says to Vairar. "What happens if we need to run out and these worgs are hanging around the door?"

OOC: She's holding an attack on whichever worg gets around either corner first.

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Vairar frowns
"Because the door is a defensible choke point. And nothing is attacking from the inside. Besides, if we didn't want to enter, why did we force the door. Now that the noise happened, we need to establish a secure room before something breaks in from the other side."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Lunn returns with his hand axe at the ready.
"Calm, elf, we'll live through this if we work together. Which isn't something this group does really, but if it did..."
Raising his voice a bit
"Tommi, Grottur! Get back here! You're out of easy support range!"

Move: AG41
Action: ready axe throw +5/1d6+3

"Or we secure our backs before going into the unknown," Escella says. "Right now, we can retreat entirely from this location. Once we go inside, if there is no escape route, we are trapped and must fight. Going inside while the exit is compromised is foolish. We stay here and defeat the worgs. If we can't defeat a couple big silly dogs. What are we doing going into the unknown? I'm certain whatever is in there is more dangerous than what's out here. And if we need to retreat from it, injured and exhausted, these silly dogs will be able to tear us apart. Secure your back before moving forward. The worgs will be at our backs once we go inside."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Both of you right. But if dogs are silly they are not threat. And no threat for the group. But we're constantly splitting. And the tribe split is tribe defeated."

Lunn waits for Tommi to rejoin them
"By waiting outside we're giving those inside time to set or activate traps and prepare ambushes."

"They are silly now while we are fresh," Escella says. "They won't be silly if we are desperate to escape. And no one is stopping you from going inside. Maybe whatever's inside can be provoked into coming outside to an ambush."

OOC: Just imagining the worgs are sitting on their haunches listening thoughtfully as we debate this. What actions are we waiting on?


As the others argued, Tommi, Grottur, and Oh-Six retreated, with the young man flinging a rock at the remaining visible hyena-creature. The beast took cover behind a tree, and began to taunt the Daggerfordians.

"Ya made a mistake comin' here" it said in a snarl marked by the occasional high-pitched yips, "Ya may think yer tough, killin' me pack-mates, but that ain't nothin'. Shabraga will bring 'em back. And ye'll be just as dead. Ya can't even find yer way through the door. Yer no match for this pack. No match at all."

OOC: Tommi did 15 to Worg3 who's now dodging behind cover.


GM: Encounter: Phylund Lodge Yard

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Trees, Rotten Palisade Visibility: Dim (shrouded); Cover: Trees, Walls
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Escella AC14 HP 33/33 HD 3/6 PP18 SSdc13 4/4 1/3 2/2 SP 5/5
Helgrim AC19 HP 35/58 HD 3/6 PP11* SDdc15 3/5d8
Lionel AC16 HP 51/51 HD 6/6 PP14
Lunn AC18* HP 71/71 HD 3/6 PP14* RGdc15 1/3 MA 3/3 BM 3/3
Tommi AC14 HP 33/39 HD 6/6 PP17
Vairar AC18*(20*) HP 45/45 HD 4/6 PP13* SSdc14 4/4 3/3 2/3
Oh-Six AC13(18) HP 22/22 HD 4/4 PP15(20)* SSdc13 2/3 fly60'
Grottur AC13 HP 19/19 PP13*
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Hyena Worgs AC13 HP27ea PP12*
HW1 27/27; HW2 dead; HW3 12/27; HW4 dead;
GM: End Round Two ; Begin Round Three

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
His colleagues weren't retreating, and Escella's blasts were going wild. Tommi had been prepared to take a stand, blocking the way so his colleagues could enter the building, but they did not seem interested in doing so.

The young man, Gutter in hand, strode towards the laughing creature, and with a quick slice cut it across its throat. Tommi saw Oh-Six whizzing by, offering distraction as he did so, but perhaps the others did not.

In any case, the spurt of blood gushed from the collapsing worg, its heat still pumping in rhythmical spurts.

Gutter hesitated to be withdrawn, but soon the rusty blade was back in Tommi's hand. He wiped it down, but somehow that only smeared the gore further, making it worse. He does not yet sheathe the weapon.

"Thanks, Oh-Six." he said. Then aloud: "There may be more about. Shall we go inside now?"

OOC: Move 25' east.
Attack 1d20+6=14 (with adv), for 4d6+3=21

"If the outside is secure, then going inside is safe," Escella says. "If the outside isn't secure, going inside means we are surrounded the entire time we are inside, lacking a safe way to retreat."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Caution if fine. But losing advantage of speed or surprise sometimes can be more costly than leaving minor enemies behind. Don't let your intelligence blind you to the feeling, sensing of the turning tides of blood and battle. There is magic inside, it is calling."

Lunn looks into the room, checking the first step carefully since they encountered a trap already. Once he is satisfied that nothing will collapse, he commits his weight to the front foot and enters the building.

Action: Investigation -1 or Perception +4
neurotic: D20#lunntrapcheck → 14 (14)#Lunn trap check
Move: AD44


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Bwah, less talkin', more doin'," Helgrim grumbles as he moves to guard young Tommi should the need arise.

He nods approvingly as the lad kills of the remaining gnoll, then motions for them to rejoin the others.

"Gotta burn th' bodies," he says to everyone, hoping that prevents any necromantically inclined spellcaster from raising them again like the last enemy predicted.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Burning bodies will send a trail of smoke into the sky, alerting all that we are here," says Tommi. "And it will take time. I suggest we leave the go inside. I'll lead the way," he says, resignedly.

Tommi heads for the door, and enters.

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