D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford


Escella fired lightning into the big, four-armed gnoll as Lunn stepped into the doorway, holding it off while Lionel ducked inside and was healed by Vairar, who had just felled the remaining gnoll guard.

Helgrim and Grottur took turns stepping out and striking the gnoll with their axes, while it tore into Lunn, who gritted and bore it. A swipe of a claw caught Helgrim as he retreated inside, and he found himself near Oh-Six, who stitched up his wound with a needle on a long metal appendage that popped out of its spherical form.

Tommi hauled one of the two great doors closed. While it was true that the iron latch that normally secured the door was broken, it was possible that they could hold the door to buy some time.

OOC: Escella did 19 to BigGnoll; Vairar killed Gn2 & healed Lionel for 6; Lunn & Lionel missed; Helgrim did 22 to BigGnoll; Tommi shut a door. BigGnoll did 24 to Lunn & 9 to Helgrim; GnollArcher2 did 12 to Lunn; Grottur did 7 to BigGnoll. Oh-Six healed Helgrim for 8.
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GM: Encounter: Phylund Lodge Defended

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Trees, Rotten Palisade Visibility: Dim (shrouded); Cover: Trees, Walls
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Escella AC14 HP 24/33 HD 3/6 PP18 SSdc13 3/4 1/3 2/2 SP 5/5 C:ER
Helgrim AC19 HP 28/58 HD 3/6 PP11* SDdc15 3/5d8 2W 1/1 AS 1/1
Lionel AC16 HP 26/51 HD 6/6 PP14
Lunn AC18* HP 35/71 HD 3/6 PP14* RGdc15 1/3 MA 3/3 BM 3/3
Tommi AC14 HP 33/39 HD 6/6 PP17
Vairar AC18*(20*) HP 45/45 HD 4/6 PP13* SSdc14 4/4 3/3 2/3
Oh-Six AC13(18) HP 22/22 HD 4/4 PP15(20)* SSdc13 1/3 fly60'
Grottur AC13 HP 16/19 PP13*
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Hyena Worg AC13 HP 5/27 PP12*
Gnoll Archers AC13 HP 22ea PP13*
-GA1 3/22; GA2 22/22; GA3 2/22; GA4 17/22
Big Gnoll AC15 HP 7/55 PP13*
Gnoll Guards AC13 HP 27ea PP12*
-GG1 dead; GG2 dead
GM: End Round Four; Begin Round Five


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Lunn swings at the arm that caught Helgrim chopping lightly into the thick muscle and pulling. The beast staggered for a moment as it overbalanced straight into Lunn's backswing.

With a sharp crack the axe and the skull connected and the steel proved stronger as the bone split and the monster collapsed.

Lunn bared his fangs at the gnolls outside.
"Come whenever you like! There is a splitting headache waiting for each of you!"

But he retreats back into the room, letting Grottur close the door.



Lunn hacked the big ferocious gnoll, splitting its skull. The two gnoll archers scattered as one was struck by Escell's bolt. As Lunn pulled back into the hall, Grottur and Helgrim slammed the second door and leaned their backs into it. They were safely inside and out of sight of any archers. But what next?

GM: Fight's over... for now.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tommi looks at the door to see if there's a bar on it, or another way to secure it. If not, then he suggests that he hammers some pitons into the floor to keep the door closed. "That'd hold it for a little while."

"Let's wait here for a minute to recover some. Give me a moment to pray." Vairar sags a bit
OOC: I would cast aura of vitality, but I need to check spells used and stuff, please wait until next morning (real-time) in about 15 hours when I can check. Thanks. (we're down about 100 HP :( )


There was nothing that would work well to bar the door, so Tommi took out his pitons and a hammer and began to spike the ground, cracking through once expensive floor-tiles.

Creaks came from the floor above and furniture shuffled in the room to the east. They were in a tight spot, and the building was clearly occupied (and alerted to their presence.)

Vairar moved next to the door, behind the wall, just in case and started praying. Fresh breeze swirled inside the small room, smell of blood and sweat replaced by clear mountain air.

The vitality that came with it revitalized the group's most wounded.

"I'm sorry, I thought I could do better, but you three were badly wounded. More care next time please."

Helgrim 6+9+7 = 22 hp
Lionel 8 +8 +7 = 23hp
Lunn 8 +8 +4+4 = 25hp

url=CoyoteCode Dice Roller of vitality: 2D6 = [4, 2] = 6
2D6 = [5, 4] = 9
2D6 = [3, 4] = 7
2D6 = [4, 4] = 8
2D6 = [3, 5] = 8
2D6 = [5, 2] = 7
2D6 = [4, 4] = 8
2D6 = [4, 4] = 8
2D6 = [3, 1] = 4
2D6 = [3, 2] = 5

Prickly Pear

The fresh breeze swirled around him for a moment and Lionel felt much better. Thank you, Vairar! he said and stood up.
He walked over to the south window and carefully peered out, crossbow at a ready. Did something move out there? Could it be a gnoll?

Move: to V38
Bonus Action: to spot hidden creatures; Perception Check: 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12
Action: if creature spotted, then Crossbow attack, plus damage: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22
1D8+4 = [8]+4 = 12

OOC: Sorry for the absence. I'm back now.

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