5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford


"Oops! Missed again!"

Dandin winked at Andrik as he taunted the big buffoon once again.

Then he glanced over at Averiel fighting alone. She seemed to be doing well, but he sent some encouraging words her way as well, to help her stay confident.

OOC: More mockery for [roll0] and DA on a failed Wis 13 save.

Healing word on Averiel for [roll1]. [2/4 slots used]

Cutting Words [1/3] used (so far).


Titus pivots and swings his sword like a golfer's club at the hobgoblin.

Attack Hoboblin with help from Morwyn: [roll0] or [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]


Enseth's defenses activated, rising a force barrier in front of him.

"Poor decision.", he said before crushing the Bugbear's head.

OOC: Action: Battlefist: 2d20k1+5 25 1d8+5 12 + Crit: 1d8 5
Movement: N12
Reaction: Shield (20-24)

Kobold Stew

Tommi feels the tension in his chest release, as if a rib has snapped back into place. Breathing is easier, and he looks to Dandin, but is unable to make eye contact.

Loading another stone into the sling, he heads towards the door, letting it fly towards the bugbear as he passes.

But the stone tumbles our of the sling and it rolls at Tommi's feet.

Carried by momentum, he heads out the door.

OOC: Move to N12
Attack bugbear at R10: with magic stone. [roll0]. If a hit, damage (with Sneak attack)= [roll1].
Then Bonus Dash -- Move (to Q14?).
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Angis & Dandin vs Bugbear2

Dandin teased the bugbear, and as it turned in fury to try to crush the halfling, Angis burried an axe deep into its back. The brutish creature sighed and fell on its face while Dandin scampered out the way. The halfling turned to see how Averiel was faring, and he called some encouraging words to her as Andrik ran past him to help her.

Andrik & Averiel vs Bugbear3

Andrik lunged at Averiel's opponent. It was not a well-executed attack, and the bugbear easily knocked it aside, but it was the distraction Averiel needed - she thrust her sword deep into the brute's abdomen. Then the elf spun around, pulling the blade free and she nodded to Dandin in appreciation of his remarks.

GM: Two down.
Damage Taken:
(BGs) BB2 4 (Dandin's Mockery) & 7 (Angis' Axe) (Dead); BB3 16 (Averiel's Sword Crit) (Dead)
(PCs) None;
(NPCs) Averiel 5 Healing (Dandin's Word);
BB2 Wis Save vs Dandin's mockery
1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
Andrik Sword vs BB3
1d20+3: 9 [1d20=6]
1d8+1: 2 [1d8=1]
Averiel Swords vs BB3
2#1d20+4: 2 # 24 [1d20=20] 11 [1d20=7]
2#1d6+2: 2 # 4 [1d6=2] 7 [1d6=5]
& Sneak Attack 2d6: 11 [2d6=6, 5]
Crit 3d6: 12 [3d6=5, 3, 4]


Enseth vs BB1

As the bugbear pulled at his plating, Enseth's defenses activated, giving the Brute a slight shock. The bugbear quickly let go and its face contorted into a snarl as it lunged at the Shield Guardian. Enseth quickly executed the perfect timing to put his Battlefist in the Bugbear's face at the height of the brute's momentum. Metal fist met flesh face with a meaty impact that killed the bugbear instantly.

Tommi & Titus vs Goblins outside

Tommi ran out the door, scattering a stone under his feet as he flubbed loading his sling. He climbed over the low wall of the stairwell and into the little ditch that ran along the tavern's outer wall. He could see Titus now, fighting goblins in the shadows in front of a broken stained-glass window. To the west, (behind Tommi) the workhouse where they had rescued the townsfolk was ablaze and the occasional burning piece of ash landed softly in the quiet gravel road that ran in front of the tavern.

The sling stone that had struck Titus had throw him off balance. He thrust his sword at the hobgoblin while Morwin scratched at the back of its head, but the hobgoblin stayed focused, knocking his blade aside. The militant goblin followed that up with a lunge that cut deep into the nobleman's thigh.

The goblin on the other side of him tried to cut him with its fiendish blade, but Titus was able to twist sideways and the blade glanced off of his armour. Then two sling-stones struck him accurately in the side of the head in quick succession, blurring his vision.

Damage Taken:
(BGs) BB1 17 (Enseth's Fist Crit);
(PCs) Titus 11 (Hobgoblin Sword) & 4 & 5 (G2 & G4 sling stones)
(NPCs) None
Hobgoblin Sword vs Titus
1d20+3: 22 [1d20=19]
1d8+1: 7 [1d8=6]
Martial Advantage 2d6: 4 [2d6=3, 1]
G3 sword vs Titus
1d20+4: 13 [1d20=9]
1d6+2: 4 [1d6=2]
G2 & G4 Slings vs Titus
2#1d20+4: 2 # 20 [1d20=16] 21 [1d20=17]
2#1d4+2: 2 # 4 [1d4=2] 5 [1d4=3]


Location: Jester's Pride Tavern; Encounter: Bugbears & Goblins

End Round Four; Begin Round Five

[sblock=Party (PCs)]
Name * (Space) * Perc * AC * HP * Hit Dice * Notes
Angis (Q5) PP14* AC14 HP 31/31 HD 3/3
Dandin (Q7) PP14 AC14 HP 18/18 HD 3/3
Enseth (G6) PP14 AC20* HP 22/22 HD 1/3
Titus (AA14) PP11 AC18* HP 1/27 THP 1/5 HD 2/3
Tommi (Q14) PP14 AC14 HP 8/21 HD 3/3
[sblock=Allies (NPCs)]
Andrik (R9) PP12 AC16 HP 11/11 HD 2/2
Averiel (Q10) PP15* AC14 HP 26/27 HD 2/3
Morwin (Y14) PP15* AC12 HP 5/5
ORB4 (G6) PP13* AC11 HP 1/1
[Sblock=Enemies (BGs)]
Spogg (Goblin) (X5)
Bugbear1 (F6) HP less 42 (Dead)
Bugbear2 (Q6) HP less 30 (Dead)
Bugbear3 (R10) HP less 37 (Dead)
Hobgoblin (Z15) HP less 10
Goblin1 (Z14) HP less 14 (Dead)
Goblin2 (AH14) HP less 6
Goblin3 (AB14)
Goblin4 (AH15)



Titus saw Tommi exit the building

"Need some help!" he called out before swinging his sword at the Goblin's Neck, drawing on his inner reserves to keep himself going.

Attack the bugbear, again: [roll0] or [roll1]
Bonus Action: Second Wind: [roll2]

Edit: Sorry, said bugbear. Meant goblin.


OOC: And damage: [roll0]

Not sure if I can hit the Hobgoblin with Green Flame Blade's fire, but I'll use that if I can. Green Flame Blade is just a normal attack otherwise.


"Need some help!"

Dandin looked about sharply from his gloating over their fallen foes. then he remembered the sound of shattering glass and heard the sounds of a struggle outside the window. He couldn't see clearly, but he'd noticed Tommi step outside and he ran closer to the windows, looking to see what he could do. Alas, his height forbade a clear sight and so he went with something more akin to a desperation move.

Dropping his rapier, he laid a hand on the shawm at his belt and whistled a lullaby.

OOC: Sleep, 2nd level slot [roll0] HP worth of targets put to sleep. Centered 'loosely' on the hobgoblin, assuming that Dandin can at least see it's silhouette. And just outside the broken window if he can't see even that.
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Angis Honack
Julkoun/Goblin barracks
10:02 PM
Round 5

“Comin’, lads! ‘old on!” Angis called to Tommi and Titus. He went barrelling out of the inn and into the lane outside, coming up behind Tommi, using his ranger magic to mark the hobgoblin attacking Titus.

[sblock=Angis’ Actions]
Free Object Interaction:
Action: Dash to P14
Bonus Action: Move Hunter’s Mark to the hobgoblin
Horde Breaker:
Reaction: Absorb Elements or Opportunity Attack
Concentration: Hunter’s Mark (Hobgoblin)

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 14
HP: 31/31 HD: 3/3d10+2

Bolts: 14
Bolts used: 1

1) 2/3 Absorb Elements, Cure Wounds, Hunter’s Mark
4/4 Boon of the Elk. Can cast Knock four times (without the loud sound) as an Action. Until he uses the last one, non-good aligned Fey count among his Favoured Enemies.

[sblock=Party Loot]

Stop at Julkoun and ask about Estor the priest for Hadesha, the priestess of Chauntea in Daggerford. DEAD
Find out the fate of the storyteller Findledan (Jester’s Pride tavern) for the dryad Oyfanen outside Julkoun.

Tommi - human rogue urban bounty hunter
Dandin - halfling bard guild merchant
Enseth - warforged war cleric shield guardian
Angis Honack - dwarven ranger outlander merchant
Drui Holderhock - dwarven cleric of Tempus soldier
Titus - human Waterdhavian noble fighter

Kobold Stew

Tommi hears that his last stone fumbled, and he shouts that he's sorry. He continues to rush to help Titus, loading his sling and firing at any foe still standing (starting with the Hobgoblin).

OOC: Move: to W14 (30' east)
Attack with magic stone. [roll0]. If a hit, damage (with Sneak attack)= [roll1].
Then Bonus Dash -- Move adjacent to Titus, leaping into any ongoming Goblin knives if needed.
(If everyone is asleep, he'll wake Titus, or slit throats; it's not clear to me how this is all going to interact! Tommi wants to be helpful.)


OOC: In my last post, Enseth moved to N12. Is it ok?

Enseth gets out and throws a javelin to the first hostile creature he can target.

OOC: Movement: outside 40ft.
Action: Javelin [roll0] [roll]1d6+3[/roll] range 30ft



Titus breathed deep, renewing his focus. He was in a tight spot, but his friends were on their way. Angis and Enseth burst through the door. The dwarf climbed into the window-ditch while the Shield Guardian came up the stairs. Tommi was running toward him in the ditch. He cut down the goblin at his back and prepared to defend himself from the Hobgoblin. Then he could hear Dandin playing a soft melody from inside the tavern. It was soothing. Relaxing. He saw Morwin flutter to the ground and curl up, and the hobgoblin yawned and slumped to the ground. He found himself lying down in the ditch. A strange place to sleep but it seemed so comfortable.

When Titus dropped asleep, Tommi came running up to him. There were still some goblins in the trees ahead, so he slung a stone at one and was satisfied to see the stone strike the goblin's head. Enseth's javelin fired past him, striking the other one dead. He started to put his sling away and get out Gutter, thinking to slit some throats.

Averiel was at the broken window and she said, "Maybe we could ask him some questions first."

OOC: Combat over.


Despite feeling warm and comfortable, Titus' dreams revolved around ice and death. In them, he used the ice to ward off the death. Death licked at his heals, but he bat it away. It surged towards him, but a shield of ice rebuffed it. It was a strange dream, one from which the sleeper gets little rest.

But Titus was too comfortable to wake up on his own.


Spell complete, dandin rushed to the window to see what he had wrought. The bugbear was down, which relieved him. But so was Titus. He started to cry out in terror, then cut it off as he realized that, somehow, the nobleman was curled up in a sleeping position. With a sigh of relief, the halfling turned back to their captive, rapier in hand.

"Lucky you. I hope you have something useful to tell us!"


Their new prisoner hobgoblin was bound and brought in to the Jester's Pride common room for interrogation. Their old prisoner, the goblin Spogg, was discovered hiding under one of the tables. Everyone had quite forgotten him during the fight, which he was used to, being just a lowly goblin, and not a particularly smart or important one at that.

According to Spogg, the hobgoblin was named Krugg and he spat defiantly in the face of the first person to lean in to question him.

OOC: Whoever it is should roll Cha (Intimidate) or Persuasion (if you have any leverage in mind).


Dandin climbed up onto the table nearest to the Hobgoblin. He frowned sternly at the brute.

"So, you're in a bit of a bind, aren't you? There's good news and there's bad news.That's bad news for you. But, we need information, that's good news for you. Help us out and we'll let you go. Refuse, and we'll give you over to the Julkounians. They aren't particularly happy with your kind right now..."

OOC: Persuasion: [roll0]