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Archon Basileus

First Post
[Artistic genius can't be rushed! Actually I couldn't post everything in a single day, hehehe]

The Wyvern roars out loud as the ray crosses his chest! The creature flaps it's wings and advances even higher, attempting to flee. feeling Morgrym's attack, the beast closes its clutches around the dwarf even more, crushing him within his leathers! the dagger falls down just as the druid feels his skin and bones under crushing pressure! [Morgrym takes 8 points of damage] The creature makes half of its way upwards, but suddenly Hagadark's bag explodes on it's back, catching on fire almost immediately. The creature spins sinuously upwards and, before it can reach it's maximum height, falls down, bashing against the sands in a cloud of dust and agitation! At least the beast's clutch loosens, allowing Morgrym to try and soften the fall [ok, @KahlessNestor, acrobatics or similar tests are in place! If you succeed, you take 4 points of damage only; if not, 8;].

Meanwhile, the saurian warriors struggle to rid themselves of their captors. After shambling from Marius' kick, his adversary returns the favor, attacking twice with its curved blades, but Marius' reflexes are enough to have him dodging both charges.

The second one throws himself against the floor, trying desperately to reach the dagger, now lost under the mass of sand and scales. but ends up intercepted by Ho-og's mighty blow, being cut in half and falling down as he tries to leap away!

Near the Wyvern's mass of limbs, the two confused warriors settle their differences as the taller one takes the head of the smaller one with a precise strike. As soon as he wins, he begins to mumble and walk in circles, as if taken by shock!


@KahlessNestor @Neurotic @MetaVoid @Shayuri


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
For the moment Marius is not concerned about Mourgrym. He may have survived. The orcs will deal with securing the area and the wyvern if it has some fight left to it. But the dagger...Marius makes like he will kick the snake captain in front of him and as the sword slashes down, he slams both hands into the ear holes of the tricked warrior. Heavy blows, but not enough to drop the experienced warrior.

"Finish it!" he tells the orcs as he retreats from this particular melee already surveying the area for the fallen artifact.

Full attack: Flurry att 1; Flurry att 2; damage; damage: 1D20+5 = [18]+5 = 23
1D20+5 = [18]+5 = 23
1D6+6 = [2]+6 = 8
1D6+4 = [6]+4 = 10
- 18 damage total

Move: 5' step to AD16
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Near Maran
Round 3

Morgrym grunted as he hit the ground hard with the falling wyvern. He attempted to wrestle free of the grapple. If he got himself free, he would try and retrieve the dagger.

[sblock=Actions and Rolls]
Acrobatics: 1D20-1 = [9]-1 = 8
Forgot the -4 to Dex for being grappled. That makes it a 4.
What’s the DC? I’m going to guess that’s probably a fail. Is he still grappled?
Move: Attempt to Escape grapple: 1D20+4 = [19]+4 = 23
Action: Try and retrieve the dagger.

HP: 22/39 NL: 0
AC: 17 FF: 11 T: 16 (+4 vs Giants)
CMD: 15 (+2 vs bull rush, trip)
Fort: 7 Ref: 2 Will: 7 (+2 vs poisons, spells, SLA)
Armed: MW Cold Iron Battleaxe
Ammunition: 9/10 bullets
Storm Burst 6/7/day

Conditions: Barkskin: +2 AC (289/300r); Entangle (22/30r)

Spells Prepared
0: Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Stabilize
1. Obscuring Mist (Domain), Cure Light Wounds, Produce Flame, Entangle*, [Summon Nature’s Ally 1 (Spontaneous)]
2: Fog Cloud (Domain), Barkskin*, Flaming Sphere*, [Summon Nature’s Ally II (Spontaneous)]

Hagadark moves toward the beast immediately trying to finish it off if it shows signs of life. If he sees the dagger on the way, he will step on it and remain there (should have reach enough if it's around there somewhere)
Big falchion comes down, imprecise through dust, but it is a big target. New blood spurts from the beast.
"Surrender immediately and you may yet live!!" he calls out in draconic, just in case this didn't finish it.

Move: AG8-AH9
Standard: Falchion attack; damage: 1D20+8 = [5]+8 = 13
2D4+5 = [2, 4]+5 = 11
- HITS due prone and entangled for total of -6 to AC
And yet another mistake. I have +to STR, but penalty to hit due to size - total to hit 12 would be a miss :(
Large Falchion damage: 2D6+5 = [1, 6]+5 = 12 - rolled "normal sized" dice, but only 1 extra damage
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Klutha and Ho-og exchange the looks and race over toward the mage left standing. Experienced warriors both, they approach from both sides and thrust at the same time. Their swords cross within the body and the mage slumps down, dead.
[MENTION=24380]Neurotic[/MENTION], you hit the same creature last turn and Klutha nearly finished it. Your 18 damage is ...way overkill and you should have free move, not just 5' step

Ho-og move: AC 10
Ho-og vs AD 11; damage: 1D20+6 = [10]+6 = 16
1D10+4 = [4]+4 = 8
- only 10 hp remaining.

Klutha move: AE 12
Klutha vs AD 11; damage: 1D20+6 = [18]+6 = 24
1D10+4 = [7]+4 = 11
-1 (dead)

Frysis and Ragah approach, their weapons cocked to throw, ready to defend their shaman from the fallen dragon or from any new threats the snakes might throw at them.
OOC: ready action to throw if something threatens the hunting party or the wyvern attacks.
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Archon Basileus

First Post
As the orcs and the monk converge to the shock point, the sands come down slowly. The noise of the gutted warrior left at Klutha and Ho-og's mercy reassures the others' safety. As Hagadark's blade descends, the body throbs under the impact, and blood runs through the sands. A choked scream comes from behind a distant rock as Arvana shambles out, clearly concerned for Morgrym's life. Alas, the battle is over. The wyvern is no more.

From the entangled limbs of the creature, a now-released Morgrym rises, seeking the dagger with concern. He finds it, retrieving it with little effort from under the belly of the beast. His shoulders and chest aching, the triumphant druid sees the massive image of Hagadark and two of his allies approaching, as well as his friend, Marius.

At this side of the battlefield, silence ensues. Distant cries rage across the night as the horns resound! Victory! The dwarves sing the old war hymn of Cebrantes, immediately recognizable by all - and not fondly remembered by the greenskins!

[Ok, you lived, and you have the dagger! Brace yourselves, for the first batch of experience points is about to come!]
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