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OOC: One more thing you could be clearer about is that Arvana is still inside. For the zombies, I don't care. For a group member? Much more. This was what remained in my memory, but I just re-read that part in whole: "Arvana remains behind with the rest of the group - she leaves last" - and yes, she remains inside.

Hagadark risks giving away their position by shouting. It is even better if they look for them instead of looking in the cabin. Oozes aren't something Dram needs right now.
"Arvana, mists are all around, go! We'll find you!"

"Marius, get the girls!"[/sblock]

He keeps moving away, but keeps in his hands mutagen and fire flask, ready to blast or fight as needed.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Marius slips back into the house and opens the door. "We need to move now! Go to your right and move as fast as you can. When you get out of the mist you may encounter additional enemies. But they are focused on the rest of the group right now. Move!" he commands in harsh whisper. "I will be right behind you for until we leave the mists then I'm going forward. Don't worry if you don't see me. Just keep going." He pushes Ariana out and beckons the oozes forward "Come, come. You will be fed soon, try not to kill your hosts."

As is usual for him, he essentially disappears into the mists as soon as he steps out of the door.

OOC: bodyguard on whoever steps out of the door and then on the last one of the group.
OA anything that comes within 10' if he notices it

Move: enter the house
Free: open the door
Free: Speech
Move: hide in the mists and follow the group
Stealth: 1D20+10 = [19]+10 = 29 - if they move faster than 40' (likely if they take double move) than the result is 24 (-5 stealth for movement > 1/2 my move)

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@MetaVoid, yup, Arvana remained within. Given that you were detected, she couldn't leave in time. You still have her, the girls and the zombies inside.]


As both the dwarf and the half-orc move away from the battlefield, they turn over their shoulders. Screams fill the mist area as combat unfolds against the creatures. No one followed suit, though. They can hide around and wait for the others or they can move on, at their leisure.

[Ok, you can go as far as 120' to the east, if you so choose. If you want to hide and wait for the others, please, roll stealth. Either way, roll perception - DC10. For the time being, I'll consider you just don't see Shay. When Shayuri returns, he can patch up from where he left.]


Back at the cottage, Marius manages to bring the others outside, one by one, as he protects them. Arvana's the first to leave, quickly pacing beyond and exhorting the others to do the same. She's closely followed by the girls and three of the four ooze zombies. The group manage to escape between the barrels and the crates, running towards east as they go, but right after that a trio of orcs - the same greens that shot Hagadark and Morgrym moments ago - arrive at the street, immediately engaging one of the spiders!

[Going east demands passing through an occupied tile or moving over the crates - a mandatory acrobatics roll either way.]

To make matters worse, fortune does not smile upon the last zombie and the captured rogue, since the alchemist on the roof falls down, crashing over an old chest, fighting madly against one of the spiders! Now the path outside is blocked!

From inside, Marius overhears the sound of ruffling, hurried steps! Soon after, he overhears the sound of planks being broken and tore apart, as if someone decided to claw his way outside through the front of the house!

[Ok, Arvana, the girls and three zombies left. Arvana's hidden down the alley, poking at the battle. The others fled. The zombies are quite slow, running at half speed. Still, this is enough for them to remain beyond reach. Inside, there's still one zombie and the rogue prisoner apprehended during the gang fight. Odds are he's trying to go through the barred windows or through the front door, now. Shay's currently nowhere to be seen, as I mentioned above. :)]



@Neurotic @KahlessNestor @Shayuri @MetaVoid


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Marius makes as if he will go after Alana and the girls...but hesitates. Pivoting quickly on his back leg, powerful kick swishes next to the alchemist and kicks the spider up in the air. Leg comes down as the former supporting leg snaps forward, hitting spiders center of mass. The sad, squiling sound comes from the dying creature as its legs curl inward.

"Remember that I could have left you to its clutches, enforcer. Help your people and let us pass or none of you will live to tell Dram about this."

Marius pulls the zombie out and pushes it eastward, protecting it with his own body, confident in his ability to turn arrows away and to avoid blows. From inside, the spirits stir as their charge defends the defenseless again

Attack vs Spider; damage; Attack vs Spider; damage: 1D20+8+4 = [19]+8+4 = 31
1D6+8 = [6]+8 = 14
1D20+8+4 = [18]+8+4 = 30
1D6+6 = [3]+6 = 9
- Total 22 damage
OOC: attack bonuses assume both combatants are prone, but with 19 and 18 I hit regardless.

Move: with zombie moving only 20', I think it can get to the square just left of the spider with Marius one square down on the line between the archer and the zombie. So, this round: move out of the house (difficult terrain over the spider corpse and one square east.

Next round: move east toward the spider, attack if needed, but expecting the command to let us pass in which case we go double move eastward.


Nerath Wall/Long Return
Round 3

“Bluidy ‘ell. Where are they?” Morgrym grumbled. “Why ain’t they followin’?” The dwarven druid ducked behind some crates to wait for the rest of the party. He’d done what he could to mask their escape. They just needed to get out of there!

Stealth: 1D20-1 = [9]-1 = 8

[sblock=Actions and Rolls]
Action: Hide

HP: 59/59 NL: 0
AC: 17 FF: 11 T: 16 (+4 vs Giants)
CMD: 16 (+2 vs bull rush, trip)
Fort: 8 Ref: 2 Will: 8 (+2 vs poisons, spells, SLA; +4 v fey and plant effects)
Armed: MW Cold Iron Battleaxe
Ammunition: 9/10 bullets
Storm Burst 7/7/day
Wild Shape 1/1/day


Spells Prepared
0: Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Stabilize
1: Obscuring Mist (Domain), Cure Light Wounds, Goodberry, Produce Flame [Summon Nature’s Ally 1 (Spontaneous)]
2: Fog Cloud (Domain), Communal Endure Elements, Ironskin, [Summon Nature’s Ally II (Spontaneous)]
3: Call Lightning (Domain), Cure Moderate Wounds, Protection from Energy, [Summon Nature’s Ally III (Spontaneous)][/sblock]

Archon Basileus

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The alchemist looks up to Marius, with a confused and thankful glance. Around him, screams fill the air as the monk leaves with the zombie within grasp.

"WAIT!" - the alchemist screams. "Dram won't let you go. He' shut the cave gates, and he's closed the Valley! He wants you dead - especially the shaman! Seek Belara at the mushroom fields! She'll help you!" - with that, he rises, preparing a bomb to help his fellow enforcers! "Good luck" - he cries out, still dazzled by Marius' action, and returns to the fight.

[Ok, roll perception DC-15 to find a way east without a fight. If Marius fails, roll an attack!]

Meanwhile, both druid and shaman wait, expecting for any sign of their allies. The mists hide them consistently, and nothing comes out for a few agonizing seconds.

[Ok, I need that perception roll for both Morgrym and Hagadark - DC-10. Also, I need Hagadark's stealth roll.]

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Barely passed. I was hoping for 'let them pass ' order, but this is better.
We pass and have some info.

Now the rest of you, start mythicking or we will have trouble fighting... We're without heavy fighter :)
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[OOC: everyone for their hyde, now! No orders, no stepping aside. :p]

Marius pulls the zombie forward. A few feet beyond, Arvana commands the others towards Morgrym and Hagadark's assumed position.

The group almost passes by the druid and the shaman, but the duo's capable of finding them at the edge of the mists. Reunited, the fugitives look a lot like a small mob: four shamblers, four refugees and the five heroes. This will surely make it a lot harder to pass unnoticed....

"Where to?" - Arvana's only question is followed by a concerned glancing around.

The heroes notice that the mists and the spiders have warned more pursuers. They're moving fast towards the abandoned house! One or two can even be seen tumbling down a nearby street to meet their companions! For now, this should be more than enough for them to slide away, but soon enough the size of the group will become a hindrance, to say the least.

"We can find the other refugees in the back caves..." - one of the dwaven maidens say, as an alternative to the mushroom fields, mentioned by the apprentice to Marius.

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