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5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Dispensables)

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Prickly Pear

Advancing guards, cultists, Beast Boys and other lunatics falls to the ground as guarding angels do everything to protect Sesto and his friends. But alas, he yells out in pain as a lucky guard managed to slip past Sesto's shield and cut deep into his arm. Despite the pain, Sesto holds his ground firmly and sends a radiant flame towards one of the advancing cultists that he can see coming through the southern door.

OOC: Con save to maintain Concentration (Advantage): 2D20.HIGH(1)+2 = [4, 16]+2 = 18 Pass
Move: no
Action: Sacred flame towards approaching cultist in southern door way; Sacred Flame damage (Radiant, Dex save DC15 for no damage): 2D8 = [6, 1] = 7
AC 18
HP 13/38
Spell slot used: 1st 3/4, 2nd 2/3, 3rd 1/2
Channel Divinity used: 1/1


If the door is shut, Lorenn rushes to help Sesto.
"Hey Terrus, stop keeping all the fun for yourself. I'll join the other party, call if you need some help over there."

Lorenn engages a mercenary and cuts his belt off. Then he taunts the guy to make the mercenary engage him and stop hitting Sesto (but stay in the Angels zone if possible).
"Is it true the Cult requires castration for newmembers?"

Movement: L9
Action: Booming Blade on Merc (M8). (or N8 if M8 is down).
To hit:Rapier: 1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19

Rapier+Booming Blade: 2D8+3 = [3, 8]+3 = 14
Sneak: 1D6 = [1] = 1
BB Movement: 2D8 = [2, 6] = 8
Total: 15 (+8)

Bonus action: Disengage
Movement: J8

Reaction: if hit (15-18), cast shield

HP: 28
Potions: 3/4
Spell slots:
1st: 3/4
2nd: 1/2
Bladesong: 1/2
Arcane Recovery: 1/1

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First Post

"Straight out of the darkness into the chaos," the dark haired human thought.

Crouching low and tucking his shield up under his chin he made for a smaller target (and most if it shield besides), and drew one of his hand axes. Then he started to maneuver towards the corner of the room to both give him time to gain his bearings and protect his back.

OOC: Actions: Dodge and move to M12

AC: 23 (dodging)
HP: 44/44
Speed: 30'
Saves: STR +5, DEX +2, CON +4, INT -1, WIS +0, CHA +1
Features: Second Wind (10+4)-unused, Action Surge-unused
-longsword +5 1d8+3, crit 19-20
-handaxe(m) +5 1d6+3, crit 19-20
-handaxe(r) +4 1d6+2, crit 19-20, rng 20/60
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Location: Inner Temple (Various Rooms)

Encounter: Bardaby & Beast Boys & Cultists

Round Two

Pyrus sapped all the heat from the store-room, freezing nearly all of it's occupants to death, and ruining a cask of wine. Terrus knocked one of the few cultists to escape a frosty death back into the room (down a flight of stairs and into his wooden wall, killing the man instantly) and shut the door. It frosted over behind him.

fired a few arrows, killing a Beast Boy and wounding a guard, and then ran to meet with Zander, out of sight of any of the mercenaries or cultists. Drako not knowing he was a potential ally, fired his blasts at Zander, but thankfully scorched along the wall behind him as Zander ducked
and weaved and ran to the corner of the room.

"Imani sent us! We have three of the four idols!" Torbin whispered to Zander, as quietly as he could while still being heard over the sound of the battle.

rushed through the darkness, trading blows with Bardaby "the Beast". The short-but-burly bearded mercenary captain was a strong opponent, and he welcomed bringing the fight directly to the enemy. He held a large, fiendish looking blade in both hands, and he swung it furiously at Bob, in
spite of the fact that neither of them could see one-another through Pyrus' darkness. A cult acolyte also turned on Bob in the dark, but he couldn't find the big barbarian.

jumped in and killed Sesto's opponent, and the Angels flew around looking for enemies to smite, but all were dead around them.

GM: You have a bit of a breather, in a way: Everyone is Dead except for a few escapees in the south room and Bob is throwing down with Bardaby and an acolyte through Pyrus' darkness. (I chose to make Drako attack Zander because he missed anyway and the door south was closed by his turn.)
Pyrus 25 (to H10) Frozen Rain (20'ra from H15) dc14 Con (21(10) cold & speed0)
Guard4 25 (G17) Dead
Terrus 25 (to H12) Sword Crit & Knockback dc13 Str vs C2 (Crit for 12 & 8(0))
Torbin 22 (G9 then M11) Bow 15 & 16 vs BB1 & G1 (Hit for 8 & 4)
Drako 21 (G8) Eldritch Blast 8 & 10 vs Zander (Miss & Miss)
Cultist1 14 (O9) Dead
Cultist2 14 (H13 to H17) Dead
Cultist3 14 (G14) Frozen
Cultist4 14 (H15) Frozen
Bobranthus 14 (to) Reckless Hammer Crit & Axe 25 vs Beast (Crit for 16 & Hit for 12)
Sesto 13 (H7) SG Angels & Sacred Flame dc15 Dex vs G1 (7(0) radiant, Saved)
Lorenn 12 (to M9 then K8) Booming Rapier 19 vs G1 (Hit for 15)
Beast Boy1 11 (M8) Dead
Beast Boy2 11 (M9) Dead
Beast Boy3,4,5 11 (Frozen)
Beast Boy6 11 (to off map)
Acolyte1 10 (Q9) Inflict Wounds 13 vs Bob (Miss)
Acolyte2 10 (O8) Dead
Guard1 9 (N8) Longsword Crit vs Bob (Crit for 8(4)); Dead
Guard2 9 (O9) Dead
Guard3 9 (to A16) Dodge
Zander 9 (to N9) Dodge
The Beast 3 (R9) Sword 18 & 23 vs Bob (Hit for 13(6) & 9(4))
Angels dc15 Wis vs Enemies who start or enter within 15' of Sesto (None)
Attack: 1D20+4 = [11]+4 = 15
1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8
1D20+4 = [12]+4 = 16
1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Angels NA

Attack: 2D20.LOW(1)+5 = [8, 14]+5 = 13
3D10 = [4, 3, 1] = 8
(Can't see)

The Beast
Attack: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18
2D6+3 = [5, 5]+3 = 13
1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
2D6+3 = [3, 3]+3 = 9

Beast Boys
Save: 1D20+1 = [9]+1 = 10
1D20+1 = [12]+1 = 13
1D20+1 = [12]+1 = 13
1D20+1 = [14]+1 = 15
(BB3 to BB6 Con Save vs Freezing Rain. BB6 Pass)

Save: 1D20 = [11] = 11
1D20 = [6] = 6
(C3 & C4 Con Save vs Freezing Rain, Fail)

Save: 1D20 = [19] = 19
(vs Sesto's Sacred Flame)
Attack: 1D20+3 = [20]+3 = 23
1D8+1 = [3]+1 = 4
(G1 Opp Attack vs Bob)
Crit: 1D8 = [4] = 4
Save: 1D20+1 = [19]+1 = 20
(G3 vs Ice, Save)
Damage Taken
PCs Bob 21+8(4)+13(6)+9(4)=35, Drako 21, Lorenn 7, Pyrus 17,
Sesto 25, Terrus 29, Torbin 8, Zander 0
BGs (Altar) Acolyte1 0, A2 Dead, Beast 0+16+12=28, BBoy1 9+8=Dead, BB2 Dead,
Cultist1 Dead, Lunatic1 Dead, L2 Dead, Guard1 8+4+15=Dead, G2 Dead
BGs (Storeroom) Bboy3,4 &5 0+21=Frozen, BB6 0+21(10)=10, Cultist2 0+12+8=Dead,
C3 & C4 0+21=Frozen, Guard3 0+21(10)=10, G4 Dead

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Prickly Pear

Sesto treads carefully over the fallen bodies into the darkness towards the sound of fighting and the mad laughter of Bob. Sesto stops when he can feel the hinges of the open door. I can't see the enemy but maybe my angels will, he thinks to himself.

OOC: Move to P8
Action: Dodge

AC 18
HP 13/38
Spell slot used: 1st 3/4, 2nd 2/3, 3rd 1/2
Channel Divinity used: 1/1


OOC: If y'all can, leave the beast alive. Pyrus can use an ability to ransack his mind for information. [:/ooc]

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GM: ... I really hate to do this to you, @Prickly Pear, but that door is still warded. Reaching out for it in the chaos seems entirely plausable, though. Sesto is going to take [roll0] necrotic damage. (dc13 Con Save for half). The trigger is "anyone who is not a cultist" which is why the Merc melted himself but the Acolyte was fine.


First Post
Zander gives a hint of a smile as the scout whispered about the groups success in finding the keys.

"One more and this long nightmare may finally be over," Zander thought as a chilling scream came out of the darkness.

"Let's go! This isn't over just yet. We still need to get some information from The Beast!" He says to Torbin as he rushes into the darkness.

OOC: Move to help Bob subdue The Beast. It will probably count as a double move do to corpses acting as difficult terrain lol

Prickly Pear

In the heat of the moment, Sesto realised only too late that feeling for the door was a stupid thing to do. With a scream, as the unholy necrotic pain surges through his fingers, he collapsed amongst the other fallen bodies.
Sesto's guardian angels disappear quietly without leaving a trace.

OOC: Con save vs warded door: 1D20+2 = [3]+2 = 5
Argh...the dies are not my friends!
[MENTION=59816]FitzTheRuke[/MENTION], don't feel bad. This is a game after all and if I am not paying attention then these things happens. I am having lots of fun!


Pyrus and Terrus end concentration on their spells. Terrus goes down to check the men in the room to the south. Upon seeing the one man left, he pulls out one of his hand axes and uses Animate Weapon to send it at the living merc.

OOC: Animate Weapon, makes a weapon fly to an enemy and attack. [roll0] Damage [roll1] plus [roll2] from 5psi points spent. The weapon flies back to his hand when done.

Pyrus dismisses the darkness and sends a beam of fire at the acolyte. DC 14 dex Save or take [roll3]

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OOC: Terrus is on his own at the moment, so I'm going to resolve it seperately, or the map is going to get really, really small.

Location: Store-Room and Prison

Encounter: Terrus vs Beast Boys & Cultists

Round "Three"

Terrus descended the still-frozen stairs into the store-room. He spotted a cowering guard and sent a flying hand-axe at him. The guard ducked, and the axe hit the wall, but then lifted up to fly over his head while he loaded his crossbow furiously and fired it at Terrus.

From between the frost-and-frozen-corpse covered wagon and the pile of crates, Terrus could just make out more opponents as they came through the now-open portcullis, shouting "There they are! Get them!" as a hail of sling-stones and a quarrel clattered the wall above his head.

Then flashes of bright light burst around him as two cult acolytes sent spells over his cover.

GM: We have a split party! I've been keeping track of the movements of all of the people in the Temple (it's taken a bit of work). Terrus wouldn't have been able to see these guys until after coming down the stairs. I'm 80% sure that the guard hit Terrus. Feel free to correct me.
Terrus 25 (to F17) Animate Weapon 3 vs G3 (Miss)
Cultist5 14 (G30 to G24) Sling 16 vs Terrus (Miss)
Cultist6 14 (F29 to E24) Sling 16 vs Terrus (Miss)
Beast Boy6 11 (F24 to D26) Crossbow 13 vs Terrus (Miss)
Acolyte3 10 (G26 to F21) Sacred Flame dc12 Dex vs Terrus (5(0) radiant)
Acolyte4 10 (E28 to E22) Sacred Flame dc12 Dex vs Terrus (6(0) radiant)
Guard3 9 (B16) Crossbow 17 vs Terrus (Hit for 9)
Attack: 1D20+4 = [11]+4 = 15
1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8
1D20+4 = [12]+4 = 16
1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Spell: 1D8 = [5] = 5
1D8 = [6] = 6
(dc12 Dex Save for 0)

Beast Boys
Attack: 1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13
1D8+2 = [8]+2 = 10

Attack: 1D20+3 = [13]+3 = 16
1D4+1 = [2]+1 = 3
1D20+3 = [13]+3 = 16
1D4+1 = [4]+1 = 5

Attack: 1D20+3 = [14]+3 = 17
1D8+1 = [8]+1 = 9

Damage Taken
PCs Terrus 29+5(0?)+6(0?)+9=??
BGs Bboy6 10, Guard3 10, Added: Cultist5 0, C6 0, Acolyte3 0, A4 0
BGs (Dead) Bboy3, BB4 & BB5 Frozen, Cultist2 Dead, C3 & C4 Frozen, Guard4 Dead

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OOC: Oh, I don't have @Fradak and [MENTION=6808932]eayres33[/MENTION] yet. Don't go to the store-room and you won't make what I just posted wrong. I'll wait for you and resolve the round.

OOC: Sorry to be impatient with you, [MENTION=6808932]eayres33[/MENTION]. It's not really that I'm impatient, so much as I've got time to get this round done now and I won't have time later. So I'm going to post it now. You can take two actions next round, if you like.

Location: Inner Temple (Various Rooms)

Encounter: Bardaby & Beast Boys & Cultists

Round Three

Pyrus' darkness disappeared and everyone could again see down the hallway to the altar-room - a pile of bodies littered the floor. The fiery genasi sent fire down the hall, which burst against the door as the acolyte kicked it partially closed to give him cover. Just beyond the door, Bob and Bardaby were engaged in a death-match, and Bob was slowly getting the better of the Beast.

While Torbin fired his bow, hitting the acolyte in his arm, Terrus disappeared down the stairs to the store-room. From across the altar-room, Bob could now see that there were many more opponents pouring through the southern door. A large man with a metal-brace holding his once-broken jaw in place, held two wolves on chains. The man gurgled instructions to the beasts and let them go; they leaped over the pew-barrier and rushed toward Bob, growling. Then the man threw two javelins at Bob - one of which grazed him - while he chuckled.

Sesto tried to come forward to allow his Angels to help Bob, but the door was in the way.
In his haste, he touched the doorway and it's necrotic ward flared up. Sesto screamed and fell to the ground, smoking and writhing. The angels disappeared. Lorenn and Zander ran up the hall to help. Zander said, "I am on your side, I work for Imani!" as Lorenn slashed the acolyte behind the door and then jumped back over the pile of bodies. The acolyte fell to the ground, clutching at his wound.

Behind the metal-jawed man, more opponents took cover behind the barricade and sent a barrage of missile-fire and spells at the laughing barbarian. Bardaby sneered at him and said, "I'll let the wolves have your bones!" Then, ducking the incoming missile-fire, and swinging his large sword to hold Bob off while he escaped, the "Beast" moved back toward the barricade.

"Get in here, the rest of you! We have them now!" Bardaby yelled out the south door.

GM: Bob's still up! This is going to get dangerous. Securing the doors takes an action, but leaving it mostly closed for cover is free, which the acolyte did last round in the dark.
Pyrus 25 (to J9) Energy Bolt dc14 Dex vs A1 (9(0) fire)
Terrus 25 (to Storeroom)
Torbin 22 (M11) Bow 16 & 13 vs A1 w/ cover (Hit for 6 & Miss)
Drako 21 (G8) ...
Cultists Not on map
Bobranthus 14 (to) Reckless Hammer 20 & Axe 19 vs Beast (Hit for 13 & 9)
LockJaw 14 (to Y11) Javelin 21 & 13 vs Bob w/ cover (Hit for 5(2) & Miss)
Wolf1 14 (to U8) Dash
Wolf2 14 (to T10) Dash
Sesto 13 (to P8) Dying
Lorenn 12 (to P8 then O8) Booming Rapier 21 vs A1 (Hit for 18)
Beast Boy7 11 (to X13) Crossbow Crit vs Bob w/ cover (Crit for 10(5))
Beast Boy8 11 (to Z13) Crossbow 22 vs Bob w/ cover (Hit for 8(4))
Acolyte1 10 (Q9) Dead
Acolyte5 10 (to AA15) Sacred Flame dc12 Dex vs Bob (5(2) or 0)
Guard5 9 (to Y13) Crossbow 12 vs Bob (Miss)
Zander 9 (to O9) Dash
The Beast 3 (to X9) Disengage
Attack: 1D20+4 = [12]+4 = 16
1D8+2 = [4]+2 = 6
1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13
1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Save: 1D20 = [18] = 18
(A1 vs Pyrus, Saved)
Spell: 1D8 = [5] = 5
(vs Bob (dc12 Dex Save for 0)

The Beast

Beast Boys
Attack: 1D20+4 = [20]+4 = 24
1D8+2 = [1]+2 = 3
1D20+4 = [14]+4 = 18
1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8

Crit: 1D8 = [7] = 7
1D8 = [7] = 7

Advantage: 1D20 = [4] = 4
1D20 = [18] = 18
(Oh yeah. Reckless Attack Advantage, so BB8's attack is 22 vs Bob)

Cultists None

Attack: 1D20+3 = [2]+3 = 5
1D8+1 = [5]+1 = 6

Advantage: 1D20 = [9] = 9
(Oh yeah, Advantage. Miss anyway.)

LockJaw & Wolves
Init: 1D20+2 = [12]+2 = 14
Attack: 1D20+5 = [16]+5 = 21
1D6+3 = [2]+3 = 5
1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
1D6+3 = [4]+3 = 7

Advantage: 1D20 = [12] = 12
1D20 = [7] = 7
(Oh yeah, Advantage. No change.)

Damage Taken
PCs Bob 35+5(2)+10(5)+8(4)+5(2 or 0?)=48 (or 46), Drako 21,
Lorenn 7, Pyrus 17, Sesto 25, Terrus 29, Torbin 8, Zander 0
BGs Acolyte1 0+9(0)=18=Dead, A5 0 Beast 28+13+9=50,
BeastBoy7 0, BB8 0, Guard5 0, LockJaw 0, Wolf1 0, W2 0
BGs (Dead) A2 Dead, BBoy1 & BB2 Dead,
Cultist1 Dead, Lunatic1 & L2 Dead, Guard1 & G2 Dead

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Drako moves quickly towards the door and throws his hand forward as a loud ringing noise emanates from between the two wolves, before he sprints to the back of the group.


Drako moves and casts Shatter centered on U9, both wolves they must succeed on DC 14 Con saving throw or take 12 damage on a fail and 6 on a success.
Drako should be at N9
Shatter Damage: 4D8 = [2, 2, 7, 1] = 12

AC 16
HP 17/38
Spell Slots 1 of 2 used


Bobranthus watches Bardaby flee to hide behind the wolves. "Hah! A big name for a little man! Your cowardice will be remembered far and wide!" Bob refused to let up and instead dashed up between the wolves and began laying about them with hammer and axe. "Go friends! My fate is here, but you must live!"

OOC: To be honest, he's lasted much longer than I expected.

[Sblock]Reflex save:: 1D20+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Warhammer + Battleaxe attacks:: 1D20+7 = [16]+7 = 23
1D8+6 = [8]+6 = 14
1D20+7 = [3]+7 = 10
1D8+6 = [8]+6 = 14

_: 1D4 = [3] = 3
1D4 = [1] = 1
(only if Bob finds he doesn't need to use the disengage to get past the mutts.)

Squirrels are evil!
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