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D&D 5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Dispensables)

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Terrus went back into the room, creating another Wall of Wood behind him to block the men fo m the south room. He made it next to the door (and if possible, overlapping it on itself, or wrapping it around in such a way that it made at least two walls they have to get through. Not sure if that's possible.)

"We've got more company'" he said, the strain of his power becoming real.

Pyrus looked through the east door felt a shiver down his spine. Then he closed his eyes, and synced himself to,all his teammates.

He infused them with confidence, granting them clarity in the fight.

"Let's get the men to the east, then regroup."

Pyrus wipes his nose, and his hand comes back with blood on it. This was bad.
Terrus, wall of wood.

Edit. Forgot that Pyrus was going to use Strategic Mind this round. Everyone can now, as a bonus action, take the Dash or Disengage actions, or add a D4 to their attacks.

Psi Points left
Pyrus 5
Terrus 8

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Lorenn grabs Sesto by the feet and drags him back. Then, pulling his jaw down, empties a health potion in his mouth. "Watch it closely Eko, that's how you must do if I'm down. Ok?
What? Yes... you can have a banana... you dull creature. Celestial, my arse!"
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Prickly Pear

The healing potion dribbles down Sesto's throat. Disoriented, he opens his eyes and looks up at Loreen and says Thank you and Lathander's bless.

OOC: Looks like Loreen acts after Sesto in Initiative order. So one more death saving throw.
Death saving throw (2): 1D20 = [6] = 6 1:1
Action/movement will need to happen next round (unless Sesto gets special privileges from the DM!)
AC 18
HP 11/38
Spell slot used: 1st 3/4, 2nd 2/3, 3rd 1/2
Channel Divinity used: 1/1


Location: Inner Temple (Various Rooms)

Encounter: Bardaby & Beast Boys & Cultists

Round Four

A loud ringing noise echoed through the Altar room as Drako cast his spell. One of the wolves fell to the ground, twitching and writhing, but the other kept coming. Torbin could feel his mind clear of the fog of war and a calm came over him. Pyrus was there, in his mind - no, in all the Dispensables' minds - helping them to think clearly and react quickly. Torbin nocked an arrow, and sent it into the oncoming wolf, allowing Bob to safely run past it as it fell to the ground.

Several more cultists ran into the room, most taking cover behind the barricade of pews, while Terrus returned from the store-room, sealing the door with a double-layer of warped wood. Torbin fired another arrow at the Beast, but Bardaby ducked to the side as Bob came charging at him. The Beast parried Bob's Axe, but the barbarian's hammer slammed him on the head, knocking his helmet to the floor. The veteran mercenary had a large welt to go with his old scars, and he could barely see straight, but he held his ground.

Then the wolves' handler leaped over the barricade, not at all sentimental at the loss of his pets, and swung a battle-axe at Bob, slashing him across the shoulder. Far past the limits of ordinary men, Bob remained standing, laughing in the face of near-certain death, as more mercenaries joined his opponents, beating him down with wound-after-wound.

Bardaby sneered, "Die already!" and hacked away with his sword, even after Bob had finally fallen to the ground.

While this was happening, Lorenn and Zander dragged Sesto away from the battle and revived him with a healing potion. Having cast his spell, Drako ran back from the altar-room, quarrels and spells chasing him as he ran.

GM: I'm pretty sure that BB7 dropped Bob, and if that's the case, then Bardaby deals two failed death saves to Bob. He's not a nice guy.
Drako 26 (to N9) Shatter dc14 Con Save vs Wolves (12(6) thunder)
Pyrus 25 (J9) Strategic Mind
(PCs can use a Bonus Action to Dash or Disengage OR get a +1d4 to attack rolls)
Terrus 25 (to I6) Wall of Wood
Torbin 22 (M11) Bow 15 & 17 vs Wolf1 & Beast w/cover (Hit for 7 & Miss)
Cultists 16 (to Y14, Z15 & Y16) Dash
Bobranthus 14 (to W9) Reckless Hammer 26 & Axe 11 vs Beast (Hit for 14 & Miss); Dying (2 Fails?)
LockJaw 14 (to W10) Axe 24 & 15 vs Bob (Hit for 11(5) & Miss)
Wolf1 14 (U8) Dead
Wolf2 14 (T10) Dead
Sesto 13 (Dragged to M7) Dying, then healed
Lorenn 12 (to L7) Drag Sesto, Administer Potion (+11 HP)
Beast Boy7 11 (to X8) Mace 22 vs Bob (Hit for 4(2))
Beast Boy8 11 (to Z8) Crossbow 17 vs Drako w/ cover (Hit for 8)
Beast Boy9 11 (to Z11) Dash
Beast Boy10 11 (to AA14) Dash
Acolyte5 10 (to X12) Sacred Flame dc12 Dex vs Drako (5(0?) radiant)
Acolyte6 10 (to Y11) Dash
Guard5 9 (to S7) Dash
Zander 9 (to L6) Help Drag & Check Sesto
The Beast 3 (X9) Sword 13 & 22 vs Bob (Miss & Hit for 13(6) or 2 Failed Death Saves)
Attack: 1D20+4 = [7]+4 = 11
1D8+2 = [5]+2 = 7
1D20+4 = [10]+4 = 14
1D8+2 = [3]+2 = 5

Spell: 1D4 = [4] = 4
1D4 = [3] = 3

Spell: 1D8 = [5] = 5

The Beast
Attack: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [2, 8]+5 = 13
2D6+3 = [6, 2]+3 = 11
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [17, 15]+5 = 22
2D6+3 = [5, 5]+3 = 13

Beast Boys
Attack: 2D20.HIGH(1)+4 = [18, 6]+4 = 22
1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Attack: 1D20+4 = [13]+4 = 17
1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8

Cultists Dash

Guards Dash

LockJaw & Wolves
Save: 1D20+1 = [15]+1 = 16
1D20+1 = [12]+1 = 13
(Wolves Con Save vs Shatter)
Attack: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [10, 19]+5 = 24
1D8+3 = [8]+3 = 11
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [5, 10]+5 = 15
1D8+3 = [5]+3 = 8

Damage Taken
PCs Bob 48+11(5)+4(2)+13(6)=Dying, Drako 21+8+5(0?)=34(29?),
Lorenn 7, Pyrus 17, Sesto 25, Terrus 29, Torbin 8, Zander 0
BGs Acolyte1 Dead, A5 0 Beast 50+14=64, BeastBoy7 0, BB8 0,
Guard5 0, LockJaw 0, Wolf1 0+12(6)+7=Dead, W2 0+12=Dead
BGs (Added) Cultist7 0, C8 0, C9 0, BeastBoy9 0, BB10, Acolyte6
BGs (Dead Already) A2 Dead, BBoy1 & BB2 Dead, Cultist1 Dead,
Lunatic1 & L2 Dead, Guard1 & G2 Dead
BGs (Store-Room) Bboy6 10, Guard3 10, Cultist5 0, C6 0, Acolyte3 0, A4 0

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Lorenn helps Sesto to stand up and whispers to his hear. "It's nothing, but I hope you'll remember that later today." After a wink, he rushes to the North gate yelling to the others: "Hold the door!"
Then he starts his inspection and tries to bypass those damn glyphs.

Init 12, Lorenn is the last to play but I suppose his actions doesn't depend of combat resolution.
Arcana: 1D20+5 = [11]+5 = 16

If he succeeds, he listens to the door to catch any signs of a presence on the other side.
Perception: 1D20+4 = [16]+4 = 20

HP: 28
Healing Potions: 2
Spell slots:
1st: 3/4
2nd: 1/2
Bladesong: 1/2
Arcane Recovery: 1/1

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Terrus goes north to help inspect the door, but Pyrus sees Bob go down. He sees Barnaby hacking away at his companion, and a cold fury flows through his veins.

Pyrus walks up a little, looking through the cracked door, seeing the other men. "Don't worry, Bob. I'll make sure they can't hurt you anymore."

With that, he uses the last of his Psionic reserves to summons a rift to the Elemental Plane of Fire, centered in the middle of Barnaby and his friends.

OOC: Terrus can't do much useful at this point. Pyrus centers a Detonation on square Y11. It is a 20 ft radius explosion. Everyone in it makes a DC14 Constitution Saving Throw or takes [roll0] Fire damage and is knocked prone. Half damage on a successful save.

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Terrus looks back to the open door, the uses his Psychic Hammer ability to slam the door. As long as everyone is inside...

OOC: Not sure if that'll work since it's supposed to be used on a creature, but only Pyrus has the Mage Hand equivalent.

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Lorenn is pretty sure that there are no wards on or around the simple latch that secures the north door. In spite of hearing nothing through it, he has no reason to think that the guards that were posted there earlier have left their post. It's probable that anyone opening the door will get a facefull of quarrels.


First Post
Zander knows that these people have no reason to trust him, so he keeps quiet while the experienced team of adventurers figure out how to get out of this mess. Hand-axe and shield in hand he stands near Loreen ready to assist with their escape route.

OOC: Ready action to throw the hand axe at any guards on the other side of the door.


The ear against the door, Lorenn informs his companions of infortune. "Must be someone there. At least 2 guys, maybe more, if I remember well. Do you have any intel, Zander? You were with them a few minutes ago. "
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OOC: Good point. Zander know that they "doubled the guard" (so four guards) but everyone else who could be there, barring the possibility of cultists, who are not part of the guard structure, and he has no clear idea of their distribution, are down here chasing you. So four. Maybe a few cultists. Maybe a Dracolich. You know, no big deal on that last one.


He'd done his best to bring The Beast down. Coward that the man was he had a lot of minions, and Bob had used up everything he had. In the end he laughed as the great sword dug into his side one last time. He laughed in the face of the man who had killed him and then he fell expecting the next thing he saw to be the faces of his ancestors welcoming him into the afterlife. Instead his next sensation was one of intense heat washing over his every sense. With a wrenching scream he awoke. After the dullness of his battle euphoria he now felt everything and his entire body was horrendously burned. Opening his eyes he had trouble seeing much. Everything was a haze of soot and shadow. There was a shadow in front of him, stooped in pain and reaching for a large lump of something on the floor. He cared not, only that he finish his enemy and earn his final honor. A pair of javelins came to hand, charred but familiar. And then he struck in hopes of felling this enemy before it could accomplish whatever it hoped for.

[Sblock]Dual Javelins (Melee): 2D20.HIGH(1)+7 = [3, 18]+7 = 25
1D6+4 = [2]+4 = 6
2D20.HIGH(1)+7 = [14, 4]+7 = 21
1D6+4 = [4]+4 = 8

Squirrels are evil!
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Drako stumbled back from the door, blood running down his face. “Well I’ve had better days,” he says as he readies himself for what comes next. “At least we didn’t get all dressed up for nothing.”

Drako fails the save. He moves to H7 and readies EB
AC 16
HP 4/38
Spells Used 1 of 2
Drako Dex ST: 1D20+3 = [1]+3 = 4


Prickly Pear

Sesto is still a little disoriented and he need to check again with Loreen what's he want Sesto to do. And who is this guy Loreen speaks to...? Looks like one of the Beast Boys! What in Lathander's Good Will is going on???.
Sesto shakes his head to clear it. Sounds like this Beast Boy is an ally... strange.
Sesto calls upon Lathander for some healing power. He has been under the grinder. How stupid was that? Feeling for the door... Lathanders healing power make Sesto feel a little better.
Time for action again. Sesto holds tight to his shield and mace, and relies himself to send Lathander's flame on a any guard that might be behind the northern door. Just waiting for Loreen to open it... or will the Beast Boy try to fool the guards on the other side???

OOC: Bonus action: Healing words (with Disciple of Life): 1D4+4+3 = [2]+4+3 = 9
Action: Readied cantrip to blast potential guard on other side of door (if Zander can't fool the guard (if that is what Zander will do)) Sacred Flame damage (Radiant, Dex save DC15 for no damage): 2D8 = [7, 7] = 14
AC 18
HP 20/38 (11 from healing potion and 9 from Healing Words)
Spell slot used: 1st 4/4, 2nd 2/3, 3rd 1/2
Channel Divinity used: 1/1