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D&D 5E (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)


(RG) Rise of the Dracolich: Imani's Tower
(IC) Rise of the Dracolich

I may be a sucker for punishment, but I'm gonna do it.

This is a thread to discuss the possibilities of a sequel to my Vault of the Dracolich game.

It's probably full, as I will give dibs to the players of that game, but if enough of them are tapped for games I will open up a spot or two. (Let me know if you're new to it and want dibs on any spot that opens up.)

This will be a mashup of stuff pulled mostly from Rise of Tiamat, mixed with some other stuff.

@Ancalagon @EarlyBird @Fradak @gargoyleking @Prickly Pear @tglassy

You are all, of course, invited to play, but you are under no obligation to. If you've got enough on your plate already, and (like me) were looking forward to the break when Vault ended, feel free to drop out. We can always work you in again at another time, too, if you like.

We will be starting at level 8. In most cases, I assume that will mean levelling up your current Vault character, but feel free to make a new character. 500gp budget and 1 uncommon item. Array stats, but feel free to move a point or two here and there with point-buy.

I will make a new RG, but for now, let's just talk about who's in, and who you want to play.

(I would like a bit of a break, so I don't think we will actually start until August, but you never know. I'm obviously already thinking about it more than I should.)
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I'm definitely interested and Mord could be fun to play. Assuming nobody minds playing with an obviously moral fluid and semi-deranged warlock who carries around a murder dagger of undead creation.


Dusty Dragon
Well, Udit can join in of course - just a strange sailor rogue thief with a few oddities.

Level 8 would finally allow him to bump up his dex to 18 so that would be good

budget/equipment: is this in addition or replacing what we have already from the old campaign?

I was thinking of starting my own campaign, but unsure if I was going to have the time to do it - playing in one probably is more reasonable :)


Good point. The gold/magic item I was thinking of was for new characters, but you're right, that could mean they come in better off than an old character who didn't do much looting. I'll say that characters who were involved in Vault will have been awarded 200gp and an Uncommon Magic Item from Imani on TOP of whatever they looted from the Vault. Remind me here what your characters have (along with double-checking for approval on the Uncommon Item).


Mord collected the necromantic dagger. I think he was handed one of the potions, but can't remember which one and it was likely used in the great escape.


Does anyone know where I might find a map of the Village of Hap? I seem to recall it was in some old video games, but I can't seem to google anything that looks like it.


I like playing the always cautious, ridiculously accident prone Zander. I have been looking into the higher levels of my current games and Think I need some examples of play. Which is why I start the Keep on the Borderlands. So I am in for both reasons.

Equipment-wise Zander spent all his gold on a breastplate, and "bought" some javelins. So I will just buy some potions of healing (200gp worth), and look into an item.

August sounds great to me btw. Maybe here we can tak about our adventures leading up to this game.

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