D&D 5E (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)


Thoughts? I’m assuming the Headband of Intellect is not allowed as an Uncommon Item?

Uh... what on earth is that thing doing as an Uncommon Item? Yeah, I'll go with "no" on that.

Terrus made friends with a Psychic Staff (though Imani will be keeping her) he could go a little more cerebral if you want to just push him in that direction, so you can keep playing him AND make for a more psychic mystic. S'up to you.

One request though: You gotta get better at keeping track of how many power points you use, please! (I know it can be hard to remember when we can go actual real-life months between in-game rests). You should try to put where you're AT in any post where you use some.

That goes for everyone (some of you are pretty good at it). Please post what you have left every time you use any depleting resources!

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Yeah, there at the end, the thought of goin back and figuring it all out was daunting. It’ll be easier once it’s just one character. .


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I still am wondering if I should stick with Udit or not.

We know he's useful clearly (again, what an eye opener this has been, for me at least, about the 5e rogue). But he'll be less useful now that we have another rogue character. So I guess the question is... is Udit fun for the other players? If people think "oh it wouldn't be the same without him" of course I'll gladly stick with him. If it's more of a meh feeling then... hexblade/college of sword it is...

Yeah, there at the end, the thought of goin back and figuring it all out was daunting. It’ll be easier once it’s just one character. .

I can certainly imagine. Running one PC is challenging enough, but 4 with psi points? Damn.


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It may be hard to read the IC thread, even if you wanted to. It jumps around with up to three groups over four threads, and it doesn't always tell you when to switch (I once tried to go back and read it).

We'll be passing a bit of time before the new game starts anyway. I'll probably write a bit of a recap. Feel free to get involved with the group and see what they think would make a good addition. Some players played multiple characters (there were multiple parties) and we are paring this down to one-per-person, so they've got to decide on who they're playing.

In other words, we may have some roles that need filling.

Sounds like a plan!

Are we building to optimize, or do we have room for more roleplaying?

I have a goliath paladin ready to go, if that fits!


I have little to no interest in optimisation. I would describe my preference as moderate. Please go for whatever roleplaying stuff suits your fancy, as long as it doesn't fall into farce!


Isn't he a rogue/wizard(bladesigner) multiclass?

Lorenn is a Wizard with some Arcane Trickster level. He is neither a good Wizard nor a good Rogue. Just a silly trouble maker. So Udit can keep the main rogue role in the group. Furthermore, 2 rogues are more effective collaborating together when it's time to sneak out.

It's true that we share some good stories with Udit but when it's time to choose, the only thing you should take in consideration is your amount of fun you can get from your character.
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The main problem with making Terrus the psychic is mechanically, he’d be pointless. I didn’t give him enough Int. He’s at a +1 now, and would be a +2 once I give him a stat boost. That makes his save DC at a messily 13, where if he were the psychic, he’d at least have a +4 right now, if not a +5, making his spell save DC be 15 or 16. Since much of what the psychic does depends on saves (Int saves, which is awesome, but still saves), I feel he’d not be as successful as he should have been. Headband of Intellect would help with that, but I understand if that’s banned, at least as a free item.

Currently, his skills don’t rely much on saves. He mostly enhances his own attributes, so a lower Int is ok, but if I wanted to experiment with mental skills, he’s not the best one to try it on.

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