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5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Dispensables)


Terrus and Pyrus move into the room, away from the constant flow of enemies behind.

"It seems we have found the dragon's treasure," Terrus said. "Or at least, some of it."

"Touch nothing until we know there are no more threats," Pyrus answered. "This cannot be the vault. We have yet to use the statuettes. The treasure could be a decoy."

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When Lorenn touches the east door to check behind it, dark grey energy encircles him and he cries out in pain. The energy writhes around him and tendrils snake out, touching every living creature in the hall.

OOC: I guess I made that door too innocent-looking. I am afraid Loren takes [roll0] necrotic damage (dc14 Con Save for Half). I know! Brutal! Everyone else (including poor Eko) takes [roll1] necrotic. (same save for half). This might knock a few people out. Probably kills Eko. Sorry! (Can you tell I'm Canadian?)


Pain wracks the genasi brothers.

Pyrus: [roll0]
Terrus: [roll1]

Terrus' eyes roll back in his head and he drops his sword. He falls to the ground in a lump.

"Stop touching things, dammit!" Pyrus screams out as he is able to resist much of the damage. He moves to his brother. "We need healing here!"

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Zander knows that through that door (he didn't know it was warded, but it makes sense) is the Alchemist's workshop. That guy and his assistants are totally insane.

The eye-doors are to the Dracolich's Inner Vault. It's where he lives. This is where he talks to people. Sometimes people go in there with him, but no one (except Silakul) has ever returned, or so they say. The cultists think it's a blessing to be welcomed in. The mercenaries think they are crazy.

The ledge to the left leads to the Hydra's Lair. Zander heard that invaders killed the hydra. That might be the best way to go.


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Zander looks around the room ignoring the gold as much as possible. "That kind of money will just get you in trouble," he thought to himself as his gaze touched the ledge off to his left.

"Hey, I think I foun....YOOWWWLL!" he sudden let out a howl that would do a banshee proud. A greyish tendril reached out at him and seemed to hesitate, as if waiting for him to turn and face it. When Zander did turn to address the group the necrotic energy shot at him like a dart coursing through his body with a numb chilling cold that made the poor human feel like he was on fire.

AC: 19
HP: 31/44
Speed: 30'
Saves: STR +5, DEX +2, CON +4, INT -1, WIS +0, CHA +1
Features: Second Wind (10+4)-unused, Action Surge-unused
-longsword +5 1d8+3, crit 19-20
-handaxe(m) +5 1d6+3, crit 19-20
-handaxe(r) +5 1d6+3, crit 19-20, rng 20/60

OOC: Finally wounded, now I feel like one of the party members. (haha)
1d20+4 = 10
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Prickly Pear

Sesto rushes through the door and pushes the door shut once everyone is through. Except that Bob is no longer with them. I really liked that big oaf, Sesto thinks and sends Bob a small prayer.
Next, Sesto brings out the sending stone to inform Imani about what happened since the last time they spoke... merely a minute ago. Imani? Are you there? We just managed to escape... but Sesto could not finish his sentence before a jolt of pain curses through his body. Argh, there are traps and wards everywhere, Sesto screams into the sending stone. And EVERYONE just HAVE to open every door they see!!! By Lathander, leave the doors closed for just a second! Sesto tries to compose himself and speak with a calm voice. Imani, we have lost Bobranthus. He went down like a true hero, saving us all. And now, it looks like both Drako and Terrus has fallen to the warded door. I am not sure about Loreen. Sesto, takes a breath and looks around. We are in a room or vault, just passed Silakul's chamber. There is a pile of coins high up on a ledge, there is a table near a door and and empty alcove near another door. Maybe the last idol is hidden in the treasure?
While Sesto is waiting for Imani to respond, he turns to the group and and starts a long prayer that will bring life back into the injured bodies.

OOC: Con save vs warded door: 1D20+2 = [12]+2 = 14 Pass, damage 6.
Prayer of Healing (3rd level): 3D8+4+5 = [4, 5, 5]+4+5 = 23
AC 18
HP 14/38 +23= 37/38
Spell slot used: 1st 4/4, 2nd 2/3, 3rd 2/2
Channel Divinity used: 1/1
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"Argh! Who did this? What don't you understand in: 'Don't touch anything?' "

The adrenaline was kicking when the dark energy wave hit him hard. It helped him to keep high profile but when he looked down to see the profound burned hole in the middle of his chest, he smiled a last time before falling down.

" I knew plan B was a better idea. "

HP: 0
Con: 8
Deception: 12
I failed my bluff miserably.
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As the necrotic energy subsided, the Dispensables had more than one member lying on the floor.ha Everyone who was up worked to keep the others alive while Sesto cast a long but powerful healing spell. Much to everyone's relief (and surprise) no group of murderous mercenaries or crazed cultists invaded the chamber while everyone recovered.

Instead, Imani rattled on through the sending stone: "You have done very well my friends! You are at the Inner Vault! If you place the correct Idol in it's proper place, you will unlock the vault and be very close to retrieving the Diamond Staff! Proceed with all haste, if you please! There is not a moment to be lost! When you have the staff, contact me again and I will prepare a teleportation to retrieve you!"

His excitement is genuine, if premature.

GM: It occurred to me that it didn't matter if Drako made the save or not, he's down. So's Lorenn and Terrus! Good thing Sesto is around to save you all, even if it takes 10 minutes (and only works on six people. I guess he leaves Zander out). I'm going to assume that you can get everyone stable before they die. Though, maybe we should check on that...

Damage Taken
Drako 34+13(6)=38 (Dying) then 15,
Lorenn 7+39=35 (Dying) then 12,
Pyrus 22+13(6)=28 then 5,
Sesto 18+6=24 then 1,
Terrus 37=13=48 (Dying) then 25,
Torbin 8+13(6)=14 then 0,
Zander 0+13=13


Opening an eye, Lorenn concludes: "We were going to take some rest anyway... About that, be careful guys, my suspicions were correct. This door looks trapped. And trust me, I'm a wizard. "
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Mord's voice follows Imami's sounding perplexed yet hopeful.

"We have captured a mage by the name of Zelena who claims we might be able to 'negotiate' with Silakul. But it seems you have succeeded. Did you find that last statue then?"

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"Move with all haste he says," Zander mumbles as he helps with revive the others. "Easy for him to say," *mumble* mumble*

"Some of us can barely stand,"
he says to no one in particular.

<10 minutes later>

"Wow that was truly impressive. I thought for sure most of your crew were gonna be out for at least a couple of hours."

Imani's voice comes through the sending stone, calm and calculating, now that he knows tgat victory is within sight, but many obstacles are still in your path. "We must proceed both boldly and cautiously. If you have defeated Silakul, you have scored a great victory today. The cult will be forced to reorganize, which may result in some in-fighting. You may have time for some well-deserved rest. Perhaps, if you know of a good place, you can gather together and compare notes. Share a meal, and work out how best to proceed."


Drako smiles at Zandar as he got to his feet, “We are tougher than we look.”

Rubbing his head as he looked around the room he got to his feet, “Did I miss anything?” he said before Imani’s voice came through the sending stone.

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