If short rest abilities become Prof # tiimes per day?

Micah Sweet

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Absolutely. I also hope they will reflavor the monk, but I’m not optimistic about. Especially since so many people seem to want it to lean harder into “martial artist”, and thus be less distinct from the fighter, rather than leaning into the mystical nature of the monk, encompassing all sorts of highly trained warriors who incorporate their culture’s mystic traditions into thier martial practice.

That’s a very different case from Fighter and Updated Fighter.

That’s fair, but don’t you think that would upset the fan base, especially if they appear in a new PHB? Especially since they haven’t indicated at all that it’s a new phb rather than a special edition reprint with errata.
Level Up's Adept is in many ways a reflavored monk.

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I did a survey awhile back regarding the average number of combats per day and the those who said that their table averaged 3 or fewer combats per day were more than double those who said they averaged more than 3. Every other online discussion I've read regarding the number of combats that tables see lined up pretty well with those results. I'd say that across all of the tables I've played at, we average 2 fights per day and often none at all (while still blowing spells and resources). 2 refreshes per day would exactly meet the 3-combat-per-day average, so you're spot on.

When I first picked up 3.5, one thing that a realized early was that resources like the barbarian's rage that became more plentiful as levels progressed were awkwardly designed for actual games because of one emergent play reality: I saw that high level parties didn't actually engage in a greater number of combats per day than lower level ones, only higher scale ones. In theory, I like the idea of using PB to determine a recovery mechanic, but I feel that classes like the fighter, monk, and warlock are going to need a hard retune so that recovering twice per day when facing level-appropriate threats is balanced against recovering 6 times per day while likely facing the same number of challenges. It could be doable and is worth experimenting with but it's going to take some playtesting.
Then again, if they don't get into more combat per day it doesn't really change anything if they get extra recharges then, because they're not gonna be able to use them mid-fights. It would just mean that they can push themselves more than normal if the situation calls for it.


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I am honestly surprised myself. I think that what I have realized, from the Setting variants and this Dragonlance test, the issue for me and the people I've gamed with is pretty much presentation. I know there are some neat Feats in the book, but I've seen very clever people glaze over looking at the list as presented and move on with just upping their abilities. Now, if Criminal comes with the powers of Dungeon Delver (for example), it has narrative context that grounds it in character story, and if that leads to a small selection of story relevant options that makes a very different case.
Ah, okay. It's like a lot of people experienced with 4e powers. For those of us that didn't have our eyes glaze over, it was very clear just how different and impactful on gameplay different powers were. For others, it was a thousand iterations of small bits of text in the same formatting that they were expected to read and understand well enough to choose between, and they basically noped out of the whole affair.
Level Up's Adept is in many ways a reflavored monk.
Kinda, but with all the mysticism taken out IIRC, which to me completely eradicates any point in having the class.
Spelled out as such, no. Probably? Yes.
I completely disagree.
For me, it's less the Races and more the Monster stats being entirely rewritten. Suggest they will want to do the same for Core Monsters.
Of course, why wouldn't they if they think its a better design. But "redo the core books with stuff refitted to use the improved designs they've come up with over a decade" is not a new edition. It's just a "best-of" reprint of the core books.
I'm sure they'll redesign the core races too, don't worry.
Sure they will. Without making a new edition.

Or we could give up on the legacy attrition-based design and go per-encounter.
No, thanks anyway.

That said, one thing I mentioned in some "If I governed D&D's next edition" thread is to look at how classes would work with short and long rests. That is, how would they balance if they only had short rests, and only long rests? That would at least be a step towards satisfying people who want all their abilities per encounter and those who desire more strategic planning.

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