D&D 5E IG's "It's a Brand New World" [IC]

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Looks like everyone. Excellent

OOC: If its not too much bother, since its been a while, could we get a recap of the story so far?

Sure. Not much has happened since this last summary except that the half-ogre Gronde has been killed. The only enemy left now is the insect swarm, which is currently feasting on your guide Redis. Your other guide, Andis, along with Gronde's partner Mortimer Montri, is currently petrified after a nibble from the since-defeated cockatrice.

Maighan is moments away from death, and your wagon has overturned. One of the horses is laying on the ground at a horribly twisted angle, while the other has kept his footing but struggles against the reigns attached to the fallen carriage.

I was hoping to get some drama out of [MENTION=48394]pathfinderq1[/MENTION] on this part since the carriage carrying the casket is overturned, but his connectivity issues say otherwise. Anyway, that's where we are now.



Moving on...

Garrison does a good enough job of keeping Redis alive while Justice does his best to keep the swarm off of him. J'hanna steps in front of Aedon, ready to defend him. Though how one fights an insect swarm with a sword if anyone's guess.

Aedon and Nissa can go. Garrison can also attack if he wants to take his concentration from keeping Redis alive.


Nissa looks around, desperately trying to find a flame or torch or anything that might help disperse the swarm. She had no desire to wade back in and...change, again.


Nissa is unable to immediately spot anything useful.
[sblock=Nissa]However, you notice that Mortimer Montri's wagon is filled with an eclectic assortment of goods and trinkets. Maybe he has something of use?[/sblock]

Redis is stable for the moment, and Garrison is able to help Maighan.

Aedon's fire magic seems to be doing the trick. The swarm has dispersed for the most part, but there are still enough of the bugs left to pose a threat, as Garrison quickly discovers when he moves to help the druid.

Garrison takes 7 damage from the swarm. He can move out of it to help Maighan, but it may or may not follow him on its turn.

OOC: 6 Maighan [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION] (dying) <~~ We are here.
3 Nissa [MENTION=6755061]Kiraya_TiDrekan[/MENTION] <~~ and here
1 J'hanna [MENTION=48394]pathfinderq1[/MENTION] (fighting defensively, NPC'd at the moment)
0 Redis (stable)
15 Aedon [MENTION=12183]sithramir[/MENTION]
12 Justice [MENTION=211]Phoenix8008[/MENTION]
9 Garrison [MENTION=23484]Kobold Stew[/MENTION]
7 Insect Swarm (Attacking Garrison)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Garrison's throat starts to swell, as he has a anaphylactic reaction to the insect bites. "These things will kill me," he realizes to himself, but finds itself unable to speak clearly, as he keeps his mouth open in an effort to breathe. Doing so, of course, invites some of the creatures into his mouth, where he continues to feel them. His eyes stream with tears, but others can see there's blood mixed with that from the bites on his face. But he remains conscious. He makes a wide circle towards Maighan (30' move) in hopes that by so doing he can lose the insects, and he makes an effort to help stabilize her.

Wisdom (med): [roll0]

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: Arrgh (and yay.) Well, if I can use OOC knowledge, then I'll avoid bringing the death fleas closer to Maighan and just have Garrison try to lure them away with him.


Nissa can't seem to find anything in flammable in the junk in Mortimer's wagon. Maybe if she keeps looking?

Maighan's breating seems to steady. Perhaps she'll make it after all.

Garrison bravely lures the insects away from Redis, sacrificing his own health in the process.
[MENTION=12183]sithramir[/MENTION] and [MENTION=211]Phoenix8008[/MENTION], you guys are up.


First Post
Aedon fires another shot of fire hoping to hit something remotely close to the swarm this time.

[roll0] 21 attack [roll1] 6 damage

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