In Defence of Chickens - DCC RPG (OOC)


Since you're shooting arrows and throwing things at these poor, innocent zombie things, I rolled initative for everyone. While you are still running multiple characters, initiatve will be by player, and you can act with all your characters at the same time.

@JustinCase you're up first. Granny, Billy, and Jack are up in the front about 20 feet from the monsters; Bill is further back and would take a full move to catch up.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Due to holidays, I don’t know how often (if at all) I can post in the next two weeks. I do intend to, but I have no idea if I can.

Feel free to NPC my characters if necessary for the story.


Wow, a natural 1 and a natural 20 in the first round of combat!
Well, what a perfect opportunity to introduce the critical hit and fumble rules!

A roll of natural 1 is a critical hit! When this happens, just roll a d4 to see the effect - higher is better. The dice you roll will change later depending on class.

A roll on natural 1 on an attack is a fumble. If this happens, roll a d4, and subtract your Luck modifier (so, if your Luck modifier is negative, add it). Lower is better. Wearing armour means you have to add a modifier to your fumble roll, but at the moment none of you need to worry about that.

Granny has a +1 luck modifier, so I rolled a 1 on a 1 d4. -1 Luck modifier equals zero, so luckily for her, no effect.

@thirdkingdom - Yolo can get within melee range this turn if he wants. The rest were a bit further back, so would need two turns (or you could use your action to double your speed, but then they cannot attack this turn).


Quick question: can we fire into melee? I'm just wondering if my one character with a bow can fire at the remaining vege-zombie.
Good point - this is a rule I should have clarified.

You can fire into melee, but if you miss there is a 50/50 chance you will strike one of your allies instead. Both plant-zombies are engaged - Granny and Bill with one; unlucky Jack with the other.


If you're checking the rolls, the vine attacks should have been d20+2 (my finger slipped). Thankfully, makes no difference to the outcome.

Please use CoyoteCode instead of Orokos. Orokos does not work for me.

@jmucchiello - you're up. All four of your characters can get to the vine monsters in one move if you want them to.


I remembered Justin said he would not be around much for the next week or so, so went ahead and rolled attacks for him. The attentive may note that Billy rolled 0 for damage because of his negative Strength modifier. Successful hits always do at least one point of damage, even if your strength modifier would make it zero or negative.

You made short work of those! All 20 still standing (Billy barely). Everyone gets 2 XP. What next?


Continuing my plan of clarifying the rules as we play; Garwen's struggling with the gate because elves hate the touch of cold iron.

Trying to open a gate like this has no mechanical impact, he just feels uncomfortable. But if an elf tries wearing or carrying metal items around with them all the time, they will feel an irritating burning sensation and lose one hit point a day.

Edit to clarify: His elven heritage is the reason he feels uncomfortable. His Strength of 9 is the reason he can't open the gate.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

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