D&D 1E Inquiry: How do fans of AD&D (aka 1E) feel about the Unearthed Arcana supplement?

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Golden Procrastinator
When I first got into AD&D in 1986, I got UA together with the PHB, MM and MM II and before the DMG which I couldn't find until a few months later. For me, it was just part of AD&D and I treated it as such. My opinion has oscillated a lot through the years. My current take is the following:

  • Comeliness: No
  • New sub-races: No
  • Cavaliers and barbarians: allowed with some changes. Paladins remain a fighter sub-class (with a faster progression) or they can became Holy Knights (paladin-cavaliers)
  • Hyerophant druids: Yes
  • Specialization: Yes, with some changes
  • Thief-acrobats: Yes
  • New weapons: Yes
  • Rules for spell books: Yes
  • New spells and new magic items: Yes
  • Social classes: No
  • Unarmed combat: No
  • New stat generation: No
  • New demi-human deities: Yes
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