DDAL Jasper DMs Call of the Netherdeep


Rotten DM
Well the only official guidance which has been posted is see the uiiiiiiiiii (Mr Grey says hello) Critical Role AL guidance. That is similar to the realms but use the Hero Chronicle and ONLY Wildemount gawds. My players have stepped up and created a Private Facebook page. One item I have already declared a story item. I do like the rivals.
Since this is a different campaign, the pcs will not be able to travel to non CR modules. Should start gaming Saturday April 4. Hopefully my new printer will be in by then.
If you have any links which will help me run it Adventure League style please post.

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B/X Known World
If you have any links which will help me run it Adventure League style please post.
I don’t know what that is, but there are a few early choke points to watch out for. Mostly in the Emerald Grotto. It’s your typical “either the PC’s do X or the module derails” stuff.


Rotten DM
Netherdeep Session 1

Pray for Pie


Fessuran 3

Take 1 level, 100 GP, and 10 downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 3 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 0

Start Time 2:14 End Time 6:04

Story Item Jewel of the Three Prayers Dormant State.

I had an average group of five. Poppy Fighter 3. Gaisma Druid 2 Cleric 1. Toz Twilight Cleric1 Monk 2. Jundis Cleric Sorcerer Warlock (good interesting build). Tarsim Cordinger Clockwork 2 Order 1. Sir Olive Untgat barbarian 3.

The morning of Festival has arrived. You up to have seven contests to play in. You could visit the temple of Luxon. But avoid the Helter-Skelter which is Aurora Watch barracks and headquarters and brig. At evening any contest winner and their mates may enter the final contest the Emerald Grotto. Hope you like the taste of gills weed. Those thoughts awoken each adventurer who only vaguely know each other due having to sleep in the 7 to 1 bed room and there wasn’t a bed in the room they rented. They scatter and some decide to go to.

Best Pies in the Jumble. The Unbroken Tusk inn boasts the best meat pies east of the Ashkeeper Peaks. Its owner has offered a prize to the person who can eat the most pies. After fending off a barber name Sweeny they arrived. The contestants are Poppy, Tarsim, Irvan Wasterwalker, Male Drow Extra, Female Halfling Extra. Toz trash talks Irvan lack of beard.

Irvan Wasterwalker is a nineteen-year-old human who just started shaving regularly six months ago. He is rail thin. He could be spell caster or a rogue.

The contest begins. The drow loses on his second pie. The other extra lose it on the third pie which smell nearly causes Irvan to lose in but he chokes it down. On the fourth pie both Irvan and Tarsim nearly blow chucks but continue. On the fifth pie they both blow chucks.

Poppy, “Can I have sixth pie.” She gets the medal of the meat pie. It was sponsored by Ms. Lovett.

While this is happening, Jundis wanders over to the One-Shot Solution. It is maze with 7-foot-high walls. Maggie is slightly mad because she is over the six foot six inches maximum height limit but is teaching Dermont the maze path by fingering on his head.

Maggie, “Stay come and remember the path I am drawing on you head. Relax we got this.”

Jundis, “Brains and Brawn in reverse order and size. I got this.” Maggie and Dermont both glare at him. Jundis quickly glances at the maze and enters. Both Dermont and Jundis successfully run the maze.

Maggie Keeneyes is 12-foot-tall Ogre. Her blues eyes are always tracking like she is on a battle field.

Dermont Wurder is sad Goblin priest who worships the Luxon.

Most of the group gets back together for Ifolon Plunge a simple contest of speed swimming upstream to rusty spear seventy feet away. Ayo Jaber, Poopy, Toz, Male Orc extra, Female human extra, and male goblin extra line up. Omo a goblin blows the whistle and they off. Most of them get maybe half way. But Toz with his monk abilities gets to spear in the first round.

Omo, “Did I say simple contest. Oops. Let us get Chummy with eat other. And let see if the contestants get chummy with the sharks. Oops I forgot to tell that detail. Hope everyone survives.” Two cannons blow chum over the water, the players and the extras. Sharks versus everyone. Well except the halfling who was only ten feet from the docks due to current and turns around. The combat is mainly between Poppy, (bad rolls Jundis. I had Jundis rolling a d6 to see which shark attacked who), Toz, Ayo, and the human extra who became food. Toz chickens out and leaves the echo knight Poopy to sharks. As he is handing over the spear to Omo to claim the prize, Ayo grabs flings in upstream killing the reef shark which was nearly eating his second breakfast of Poopy. Ayo glares at Toz but give Poopy a good hard handshake.

Ayo Jabe is water Genasi native to Jigow.

Poopy, Toz, and Gaisma head quickly to the church of Luxon where Belana Zolaed heals Poopy. Belana is upset about the lost of life of the unnamed extra and mentions she is still trying to get the contest shut down these pass twelve years. Dermot is seen off in a corner reciting prayer but the adventurers don’t engage him.

All the group gather back together at Call to Arms, this where most of the group and DM find out it is actually Private Poopy of the Aurora Watch who has a two-day pass. With Private Poopy losing to her boss Captain Maryl Bronzefang but Sir Oliver winning the group starts bonding especially over their winnings.

The group breaks down in teams of two at Wetwalks Paddywhack contest. Toz and Tarsim come in third. Poopy and Gaisma come in second. Sir Oliver and Jundis come in first. And we won’t mention the drow team who kept throwing sickle at the party by accident.

Most of group head out for a late lunch but Tarsim and Poppy enter and win the riddle contest.

After lunch Gaisma, Tarsim, and Jundis enter the herding Horizonback contest. Gaisma wins hands down due to sneaky druid tricks. She helps out Tarsim. But all of crowd laughs at Jundis who spends ten minutes with his tortoise running around in circles.

The elders say the minimum team of four for the Emerald Grotto. The BAND is Together. Somewhere in the grotto is mean icky nasty land shark, loan shark, with a glowing green orb. How it tied the orb to its body with only flippers is unknown. Could Team no named yet and Team Ayo please fetch it back. Eat your gill weed and dive in.

Team Band loses a few seconds on what to name themselves so Team Ayo takes the lead. Team Who still have name themselves follow. At the fork in the Grotto, Maggie station in the south passage motioning the group to take the east passage. Only Poppy and Jundis do. The rest flip off the DM and Maggie. But being wise the authors of the section have this covered.

The party splits at the fork and splits again due to a riptide. Poopy and Jundis have to fight landslides and Quippers. The others just have speed pass the octopus and not get lost. And due to MATH and careful notes by Poppy they all arrive at the big fight in the same round. But Team Ayo gets advantage on initiative due being in the lead.

Big shark. Huge shark with a roped tied around it three or four times. Everyone attacks the shark but Gaisma who is going toward the golden light. Suddenly the DMs says forget the movement penalty, I will just let the shark swim double. We will not mention he forgot the movement penalty in the top of the round for Team Ayo. The teams mostly kill the shark. But as Poopy cut the rope and Toz catches the orb, the shark was playing possum. The shark swims south for the winter, eats Gaisma mostly, and crashes into the gold light wall.

Gaisma is burped out the dead shark. She is in an underground but above ground dry chamber with pretty golden light. Pretty trees and flowers. She sees a beautiful crystal orb glowing goldenly. She touches the orb.

CUT SCENE. Team who still have not registered their name have a vision. It for them only so push off readers and Team Ayo. The party wakes up and has to decide who are they going to talk about the vision and green glowing MHI swag necklace. The DM takes a break and walks out the store.

The group tells no one of the vision or necklace. They send Toz ahead to claim the reward. They drag then wake Team Ayo. Ayo salutes the group for good game. (The players toss dollars at the DM feet for good game. Hey this is dream vision.)

Elder Ushru pops the orb back in his staff and rewards the team their winnings.

Ushru, “Come speak with me in the morning.”

The End.

Jewel of the Three Prayers Dormant State. In this state, the Jewel of Three Prayers is a glittering golden disk attached to a fine golden chain. The chain magically resizes to function as a necklace for the creature that wears it.

  • You gain a +1 bonus to AC while wearing the jewel.
  • While wearing or holding the jewel, you can use an action to cause it to shed bright light in a 15-foot radius and dim light for an additional 15 feet. The light lasts until you extinguish it (no action required).
  • The jewel has 3 charges and regains all its expended charges daily at dawn. While holding the jewel, you can expend 1 charge from it to cast the invisibility spell.
I will take each person’s rivals and allies and put in a pile. Occasionally I will pull from the pile and that person will show up. If you background will give your information of a location etc. Roll with advantage if we are in that place. I still learning about Wildemount so you people can help me by studying it too.

Galsariad Ardyth, a drow in his two-hundredth year of life. He’s recently taken up the study of arcane magic, and he’s pursuing the life of an adventurer in hopes of improving his reputation within the Kryn Dynasty.


I've prepped it, but I'm starting it at 1st level with the Wildemont adventure in the marsh. It's actually too difficult for 1st and 2nd level PCs, so I will have to make it easier. It seems like the adventure wants the PCs to infiltrate a fort full of hostile soldiers, which is nearly impossible given their abilities.

And there is a demon possessed goblin potentially at the end, but as written, this monster has killed everyone in the fort if they arrive too late, but looking at the stat block, that is impossible for a CR 3 demon to wipe out 20+ soldiers and a captain. The adventure is written such that the PCs arrive in time to save the possessed person (by fighting a whole fort at 2nd level?) or the demon has somehow slaughtered every single last person, and either the PCs have to deal with this monster, or it goes back to town and slaughters people there. But again, it is CR 3 and not the huge threat the adventure makes it out to be.

Netherdeep looks fun. The challenge will be making in NOT seem like a railroad though. The illusion of free choice!

I am looking at running the Sunless Citadel as a prelude.

Alternatively, I might start them at level 2 and level up during the 1st session, they don't need to be level 3 until the grotto.
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Rotten DM
The group surprised me by blowing through the first chapter in under four hours. The writers are saying six to eight hours each. I have created a chart with the rivals vertical and party across. I am using + and - to show how the rivals will react to the pcs.
We have private facebook page for the write ups and mostly official information. The group is using a messenger chat to drop pc info and plan against the dm. It also keeps the minor bs in one location.

I'll keep my eyes on this thread because I'm planning to run this eventually (and hopefully by then official minis for it will be out).


Rotten DM
Netherdeep Session 2

Rising Pots Floats PC Plans

Fessuran 4 Sunrise to Fessuran 20 0900

Pc Killed 0 Monsters Killed 10 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Take a Level. 10 Downtime days. And 100 GP.

Magic Item +1 Battle Ax which duplicates

I had a strong group. Poopy Echo Knight 4. Gaisma Moon Druid 3 Cleric 1. Toz Twilight Cleric Monk 3. Jundis Cleric 1, Sorcerer 1, Warlock 2. Sir Oliver Untgat Barbarian 4.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK the door flies open

Elder Ushru cheerfully and loud, “GOOD MORNING. Come have breakfast with me. We must talk.” He claps his hands three times and various kitchen crew starts setting up a four-course breakfast. “Yes. Yes, sleepy heads you had a good adventure yesterday but the festival is over. Thank you, crew. I will call if we need anything else.” Team Mayhew is still trying to wake up as the smell of freshly roasted coffee, bunches of bacon, orange juice and waffles with maple syrup hit their noses.

Elder Ushru, “I had a vision last night. Which woke me up and had me talking with Priest Belana Zolaed. Let me talk about MY vision.” He describes his visions and askes if means anything to the group. Looking at each other they come clean and describe their vision. “Good. You have been chosen by the Gawds for a mission….”

A rapid three knocks sound on the closed door. “Corporal Radar coming in.” Corporal Radar of the Aurora Watch has a new and full issued back pack on his back. Two bags in one hand. He shoves a clipboard into Poppy’s face.

“Sign here for your orders” Flip. “Sign here for your supplies.” Flip. “Sign here for you three weeks advance pay of 21 SP. Best I can do.” Corporal Radar looks over Poopy and asks, “Noble or Commoner clothing?”

Poopy confused, “Noble?” Corporal Radar opens one bag of clothing and presents her with low ranking noble clothing which is an exact fit. “You may want to change and put your uniform in the empty bag. And then put the bag in your footlocker before you leave. I don’t know what is in your orders. Read those after I leave.” He picks up the other bag, checks the signatures on the paperwork and exits.

Poopy orders release her from her post at Jigow for temporary duty. It could last a month or a year. (Orders posted later as they are on another machine.) The Elder has arranged things and mentions they should visit Bazzoxan soon. Bazzoxan is a small city to the south east which deals with demonic raids regularly but his vision points in that direction. He blesses the group and leaves reminding them the wastes have little to no water.

The group tries to buy equipment, horses, and waterskins. But Captain Bronzefang took all the free horse on patrol. Team Ayo bought the rest of the waterskins. So, they will be entering the wastes with no horses and limited water supplies.

Druid Gaisma, “Wait a minute. What about mules? And I need a ten-gallon pot.”

DM, “What.”

Poopy Pie Eater approaches Agathe Silverspoon about more pies and the loan of a ten-gallon pot. (This and other smart out of the box thinking murders the DMs plans of them being in the wastes. Grumble Grumble Whimper Whimper.)

Team Mayhem enters the wastes with three goats, one pack mule, and a ten-gallon pot. The trip to Emerald Loop Caravan Stop should only take them eight days is the monsters and wildlife don’t eat them. Which they don’t. However, they do occasionally get into fights or find the results of fights. At one battle field they find a ring belonging to Irvan Wastewalker. At another battle field they find an engrave dagger with the name of Kierchaly Wastewalker. The ILL Omen moon curses them for a few days but they get over it.

They rescue an Aurora Watch Patrol which was fighting a Hezrou. But due a Moonbeam spell landing on Toz secrets come out. And the patrol freaks out as Toz morphs into a weretiger. After the battle and camp is made some serious discussions which last to pass midnight happen. So, no long rest for the group just a short rest. (Hate when the players give me a logical rest not to mess them over. Always next game.) Some of the secrets war Toz is a weretiger naturally born. So, the group needs to slow down so he can get tied up during the full moon. Jundis also confesses to hearing snake voices in his dreams. Jundis also tells the group the night of vision, he prayed with Dermot and told him about the vision.

Arriving around midday on the fifteen they meet Team Ayo. And words are exchange. Insults are exchange and suddenly a fight does not break out. Team Mayhem returns the ring and breaks bread with their rivals. Irvan and Toz are not going to get along but the rest of each group do have a good feeling about each other. Jundis finds the daughter of Kierchaly return the dagger. She surprises him with a magical battle axe her dad won in a poker game.

Tales are told around the camp fire. The Aurora Watch outpost is updated by Poppy. The team tells no one why they are carrying a ten-gallon pot, it is a close guarded Jigow secret. In the morning Ayo speaks with Den Mother Gaisma about travelling together. She agrees.

Team Mayhem and Team Ayo arrive at Bazzoxan on Fessuran 20 at 0900. “Halt who are you,” yells a guard.

In the distance an alarm rings.

NOTES. Due to feedback, passives go away except in combat. You are experience gamers. So, if you don’t tell me what your doing, I not going to do an automatic call for a die roll. Thanks for tracking hit points for the monsters Sir Oliver. If you think I am pushing the chapter and it is interfering with role play, say something. Thanks for the use of the minis, they have their own special coffin.

The laptop worked okayed. The data usage was maybe 100 MB. Battery usage on both phone and laptop was under 20%. See an old fart Cobol can do modern electronics. But suggestions for a good shoulder bag, laptop bag, body bag, carrying bag are welcome. When I get more comfortable with the laptop, the big red suitcase will get a lot emptier. Name for laptop is needed.


Rotten DM
I got a 15.6 inch laptop this week and some teeth problems are happening but that is normal. Worse is my wife forgot her Admin password. So what I was hoping for direct sharing between PC and Laptop. As it now, upload my docs to One Drive. Download from One Drive to laptop. I did have three D&D beyonds open, facebook, and Enworld. So good functionally so far.


Rotten DM
To Private Poppy of Aurora Watch Assigned to Jigow Dynasty Outpost

From Durth Mirimm Taskhand of Jigow

You are assigned TDY (Temporary Duty) to Elder Ushru for duty in Luxon Allies Friends and Foes task force. For a period of not less than thirty days and not more than one year.

You are authorized to draw travel rations.

You are authorized to use Aurora Watch locations for lodging. You are authorized lodging for four others.

You are authorized to secure Luxon Beacons while TDY.

You are authorized to be out of uniform.

You are not authorized a per diem.

You are not authorized travel pay.

You are not authorized to draw pay elsewhere.

Allocations. 7 days travel rations. 7 water skins. 1 two warrior tent kit. 1 mess kit. 20 arrows. 1 bar hand soap. 1 roll toilet paper. 1 toothbrush. 1 tooth pick metal. 1 sunscreen lotion tube. 1 bug repellent lotion bottle.

Signed Colonel Durth Mirimm Taskhand of Aurora Watch Jigow Dynasty Outpost Commanding

Authorized by Elder Ushru Jigow, Luxon Priest Jigow Belana Zolaed


Rotten DM
To Sir Oliver Untgaf

From Baron Sir John Untgaf

Dearest Son

I write you on this fifth of Brussendar to remind you of the Annual Family Picnic. It will take place on Quen’pillar the Eleventh 835 PD. The family requires your presence. Remember to bring treats.


Your loving father. John

the messenger did not deliever this but the body was found.


Rotten DM
Netherdeep Session 3

Rising Pots Floats PC Plans

Fessuran 20 0900 to Fessuran 22 0630

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 16 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

GP 157 and that is it.

Start 6 PM. End 10 PM. Feat unlocked an exact 4-hour session.

Magic Item Eyes of Eagle which duplicates. All other random rolled one don’t.

I had a strong group of six. Tarsim Cordinger Clockwork wizard 3 Order Cleric 1. Sir Oliver Untgat Barbarian 5. Toz twilight cleric 1 shadow monk 4. Jundis Jonstar Knowledge Cleric 1, Draconic sorcerer 2, Fiend warlock 2. Gaisma “Guys Ma” moon druid 4 life cleric 1. Poppy Echo knight 5.

The alert sirens are alerting. Verin Thelyss orders the gate open and drafts the pcs into a ready reaction force. Team Ayo runs to cover the infirmary (how they know where it is is not explained.) About three blocks down they see five monsters. Demons more full of hungry mouths and evil intentions than my family reunion. As the pcs charge trying to catch up with Verin, from out one the side streets an older teen pops out. A commoner.

Peter Knight, “Go Bread Hood. Go Bread Hood. Go. Yea Team Bread Hood. Kick in the knee.” He has a loud screeching piercing spine melding high pitch voice. With is Kryn Dynasty pom-poms he starts cheering the group up. Poppy’s eyes pop out. Sir Oliver’s eye pop out. Gaisma’s eyes pop out. And they all look strangely at the DM who is doing cheers and getting strange looks for the rest of FLGS.

Poppy, “Oh my rival. But I didn’t put anything about bread in his backstory. I.”

DM, “I improved on it. And everyone gets disadvantage while he cheering.”

Jundis, “Just kill him and let the demons eat him.” Sir Oliver face palms.

Sir Oliver laughing, “Um. Hello. Laws against assault. Murder. And head cop Vinnie what ever half a block ahead of us. It is another Waterdeep law Catch-22.”

The rest of the battle is a combination of the group fighting Gibbering Mouthers and trying to silence the kid. A Silence spell, five swings from multiple pcs, and a total of ONLY 10 hp of damage puts the kid down. And the monsters had fun chewing on the monk. Verin is impress with the pcs combat abilities and not killing the kid.

Verin, “Hm. He a 123 pound weakly. High pitch voice. But he has heart. If it wasn’t for the voice, he could make a good drill sergeant. And he be out my and our hair.”

30 seconds later. Tarsim produces forged papers of Peter Knight signing up for six years duty to the Aurora Watch.

The group gathers some walking wounded and head toward the infirmary. The dead are being taken to the crematorium. Team Ayo is helping with the wounded. Ayo flirts back with Poppy and both teams made it out with little damage. Toz, Gaisma, and Jundis help with some spell casting. Toz does meet Esily a noble who hates Sir Oliver about something to do with a racing pig during his grand father’s time. Jundis is stopped by a drow called Naevyn Tasitha who asks him to place a trinket at the Wall of the Unforgotten.

Jundis, “Do yourself kid. CURE LIGHT WOUNDS.”

DM, “WELL THERE GOES THAT PLOT POINT.” Tosses the page into the 55 Gallon Trash can.

As they are leaving, they get a one-night ticket for basic food and lodging for The Ready Room from Bautha Dyrr a drow priestess in her first hundred.

The group hangs outside the Aurora Watch Garrison as Poppy report in. She does get the mess hall to spend out baloney and cheese sandwiches. The sandwich is composed of one slice of white bread, one thin not Oscar Meyer slice of baloney, one slice of American Cheese Non-Cheese Food product, one slice of rye bread. Having skipped breakfast and lunch, they choke it down.

(DM is not going to do the info dump here. If you want posted ask.)

As they enter The Ready Room dining area Poppy sees Ayo and says she is a long nice drink of water who…

Ayo, “Oh it is on girl. Still cover in demon spawn slime. Still alive. Our teams need to get to know each other. A drinking contest it is. Loser team pays the tab.

Group, “Huh. What. What is happening? We did say nothing.”

Ayo, “Team up. Well, Irvan vs Toz is a given. And you have a one-member bonus.” Maggie bows out of contest to talk with Gaisma and to keep it honest. Sir Oliver pretends he is a tea totaller. Drinks up. And Drinks down.”

The results Team Mayhem not LAFF wins two to one. Irvan does drink Toz under the table first. And then drinks Jundis under. Tarsim finishes off Irvan before taking a brief nap. While this happening Maggie and the sober members of Team Mayhem talk with a Tiefling name Question who is a sketch artist and has an expedition going up to Betrayal’s Rise on Fessuran 23. Question does have a rough sketch of the necklace of three prayers but no solid information. Sir Oliver is approached by Aloysia Telfan, a lawful evil, elf wants to hire the group for her expedition leaving on Fessuran 24. As she gives off evil vibes.

BOOK, “Because you read out loud the lawful evil alignment part you nitwit.”

As Aloysia gives off evil vibes, he punts and says he will mention to his party the next morning when they are sober. Maggie and Team Mayhem put Team Ayo to bed and got to their room to sleep.

The group awakens with only slight hangovers. During Fessuran 21 they visit other locations of the city. The Unforgotten Wall is a combination of the Wailing Wall and Vietnam War memorial. Kalym (priest in charge) mentions the drow Aurora Watch member and Jundis. He explains that it’s part of a recent practice taken up by younger members of the Aurora Watch: when a soldier is not sure of living long enough to make friends that will hold a memorial for them, they arrange to have a keepsake of theirs placed by the wall in their honor.

At the crematory Reynard Allerton is glad for help as the two furnaces can only burn four regular bodies or one large body at time and it takes about three hours, they are slightly behind. He will give them a token for a free night and basic food at The Ready Room if they help shift the last bodies.

A tiefling yells, “Halt you morons!” The tiefling is Prolix Yusaf, scholarly agent from the Allegiance of Allsight. His badge displays the symbol of his faction: a scroll bearing a single, watchful eye. Prolix introduces himself as an archaeologist from Ank’Harel, a city on the distant continent of Marquet. He nervously explains that because vrocks often swallow jewelry and other ornamental objects, he has reason to believe that the vrock might have a few valuable items from the Betrayers’ Rise in its stomach—and he’d like to try to cut them out before the Allertons burn the corpse. Prolix starts butchering the corpse badly. Between the smell and blood part of party turns green. As a joke Jundis nibbles on a leg of Vrock before throwing into the furnace. The names of the people who lose their stomachs shall remain nameless because the DM did not take it down.

Some coins, rings, a pair of glasses and a puzzle box falls out the Vrock’s stomach. As Prolix dives for it he is given a wedgie by Poppy, tripped by Tarsim, and elbowed by Sir Oliver.

Prolix, “only really smart people can figure out how to open that box. None of you are smart enough.” Sir Oliver rips open the box with 24 athletics. “Brawn wins versus brains.” Inside the remains of the puzzle box is a of bestow curse and eyes of the eagle. Prolix leaves in a huff, “I swear the alliance of Allsight will dig up your graves a hundred years after your death and write bad things about you and your family.”

On the way to the temple an Vrock attacks the party. Its major achievement is peeing on the monk who charge it while it was still flying. The evil druid grounded with an unfair spell. And the DM had a 1E moment of randomly rolling for treasure during the game.

Just before sunset they visit the old temple of Avandra the Change Bringer. Where the Firbolg Foghome is trying to grow a vegetable garden to supple the watch with fresh veggies. Sir Oliver, Gaisma, and Jundis all have a small vision which they don’t share. Foghome did feel a holy presence last night. The group returns to their lodgings.

During the night Gaisma dreams about Foghome. In the morning she mentions this. The group breaks out in an argument on what it means and what they should do.

The End.

The group needs to tell me before hand on what they going to do on Fessuran the 22nd. Be prepared to level up in the session.


Rotten DM
Forgot to thank the guys who help me get the laptop back up and connected to the net. Just because it died just before I started rolling random treasure had nothing to do with it.


Rotten DM
Netherdeep Session 4

Bloody Map

Fessuran 22 0630 to Fessuran 23 1300

GP 13 SP 6 CP 6

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 39 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start time 6:34 PM to 10:28 PM

Do not heal. Do not move. Shopping is allowed between session due to AL rules. The Living are in R9 listening to Heavy Metal Rap Filk Songs This is Poppy, Tarsim, and Toz. The Dead are Question, Gaisma, Jundis, and Sir Oliver.

I had a strong group of six. They leveled during the game. Poppy Echo Knight 6. Gaisma Life Cleric 1, Dream Druid 5. Tarsim Cordinger Clockwork Sorcerer 4 Order Domain Cleric 1. Jundis Jonstar Cleric 1 Warlock 2 Sorcerer 3. Sir Oliver Untgat bear totem barbarian.

The group gets their cart and salvage sheet. The watch is paying people to loot from empty houses. And they need to be empty before hand Toz. The first house is nearly done when Poppy on the third floor with some others encounter an acid elemental. During the fight she stands toe to toe with the acid elemental which is leaking acid on the wooden floor. Three rounds later the floor disappears and Poppy and Mr. Acid are on the other side with group throwing range spells and weapons.

As they are rounding a corner, they see a sign “No Adults allowed. This means you Mom Hassey.” A gathering of kids has taken over the block. If Team Mayhem want to get by, the must be on Peter’s team. Peter is in the center of dodge ball. The game of dodge demon ball begins. Yes, the men folk play with their balls in public. The Demon Kids (how is this different from real life?). The kids are demons too. After putting the kids and their demon balls into permanent time out, they loot the kids toy boxes and fill their big red wagon to three fourths full.

In the basement of the third block they explore, they meet a guardian naga. Which Geis Poppy to find “Fluffly’s bowl in Betrayer’s Rise.” Since it really isn’t dead the Geis stays on. Returning the full cart, they get their reward. As everyone is getting ready for dinner, Sir Oliver disappears for a half hour and returns with a smile on his face. (Where did he go?)

The dawn breaks with the party outside waiting on Question and her guards to go up to Betrayer’s Rise. Her guards have gotten a better deal. So, a lone mule, Question and Team Mayhem go down in the valley and up on meatball mountain. Um Up to Betrayer’s Rise where an outpost of twenty guards are camped out. A huge bridge covers a 40d6 fall into chasm with a nice lovely, fluffy, soft, warm bed of lava. The guards trash talks Question about bad food and upset tummies. They sound the door alarm and start pulling on huge ropes which are attached to door.

Suddenly two Gloomstalkers burst out the front door of the dungeon with three minions behind them inside. The gloom has learned. One yells which paralyzes their victim and the other snatches. Poor Poppy.

Skully, “Poor Poppy. She rolled a 3 on a d20. By your own rules, she should have done the long fall.” Sir Oliver flicks his BIC. “Shutting up.”

Poppy was able to trade places with her echo knight. One on the bridge. One taking the long fall. We will not tell of the various languages the echo knight shadow said to Poppy but it was rated R. The minions turned out to be some guards from another adventuring party. They were the only survivors but they help kill the Gloomstalkers. Entering the dungeon, the Necklace of Three prayers start beating in time with the second door. An evil door designed by Change Bringer. All the art work has been designed by evil gawds. Please drop your $20 in the cash box and enjoy the unguided tour. After the tanks try to kick in the doors, Gaisma opens the door with a touch.

The team enters a zig-zag elbow jointed corridor. The murals are scene of battles between gawds, demons, angels, mortals, and plant life. Except for one small icon. A huge red elephant is fighting an orange rock. A small bear with a houndstooth fedora is riding the elephant. The team is confused about this icon. So much that the monsters try to eat them but the group kill the mouth demons.

Entering the next room, they see three important things. The far-right alcove has a sign which only Sir Oliver can read. The far-left alcove is blocked with rubble. The far center alcove has a half circle with skull flower vase. Sir Oliver translates and everyone touches the wall signage.

The sign eats Gaisma, Question, Sir Oliver, and Jundis. These are the dead. The living are Poppy, Toz, and Tarsim who keep putting their dirty finger prints all over the signage.

The dead follow the hallway which opens into a huge room with lots of statues. The statues have lots of arms. The arms are holding lots of rusty blades. Sir Oliver translates but the sign makes no sense. Gaisma enter the room as a giant gecko. The room starts to shake, shimmer, tilt, and lots of more blades appear out blank walls. Gaisma screams as a she reverts back into her human form. Sir Oliver tosses Question twenty feet in. More blades appear. Question pauses to make a note that she really really hates Sir Oliver.

(Thanks, Tarsim for suggesting everyone rolls initiative. This is the DM can move back and forth between the groups.)

The living give up on placing their fingerprints on the sign. Poopy goes back to the front door and finds truly lock. Toz fills the vase with water. Tarsim estimates how long it would take to move the rubble.

The rest of dead enter the blade room. More and more blades appear. Magical blades which don’t care if you are were critter.

The Living stroke their beards. Toz and Poppy start moving rubble. Tarsim looks into the empty vase.

The dead are only mostly dead. As the blood is flying into a container with a red cross at the end of room. The room stops moving and blades disappear as the container gets full. Blades draw back revealing a long corridor. At the end of corridor are two helping hands palms up. High fives, wash the palms, and slapping the hands does nothing. In the blade room is an alcove, with a don’t disturb sign. Sir Oliver opens the door.

Tarsim cuts his hand and bleeds into the vase. After six pints um six points of damage the table and vase flip down into the floor. A hallway is revealed.

Oliver ducks as flameskulls fly out the room. The dead make dead the undead skulls. Then loot the dead body inside the room.

The living move down the hallway into a huge room with two rows of black pillars with white veins pulsing to the Heavy Metal Rap Filk Songs. A Stained-Glass window is at the far end of the room.

The end with the party split.

Question Do you want me to treat the group as very strong due to the two pcs who can’t be damage? Or start the +5 to hit is magical damage? Or leave it be? Because most of the time the tanks are stomping the monsters.

Official Guidance on the book with now be release on May 5.

Note this chapter does have suggestions on expanding encounters.

End of session 343.


Rotten DM
My group told me expand on the chapter and book, so I did. I did create and reskin the salvage encounters. I was doing a three part skill challenge for each house. Pass the skill challenge no monsters. Well I did throw in the dodge ball encounter to use a new monster which dropped this week.


Rotten DM
Netherdeep Session 5

Gaisma Map

Fessuran 23 1300 To Fessuran 24 1000

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 52 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 1

Start time 6:00 PM to 9:48 PM

Do not heal. Do not move. Shopping is allowed between session due to AL rules.

Gp 258 SP 2 CP 7

I had a strong group of six. Poppy Echo Knight 6. Gaisma Life Cleric 1, Dream Druid 5. Tarsim Cordinger Clockwork Sorcerer 4 Order Domain Cleric 1. Jundis Jonstar Cleric 1 Warlock 2 Sorcerer 3. Sir Oliver Untgat bear totem barbarian 6.

Team Living is the hall of flaming cauldrons. Toz approaches the brazier and his prom partner from monk academy appears and she is a flaming red hair. Ok. It is a living flame which takes the form of his former date. She bows to him and motions him to dance. He accepts. Tarsim becomes a wall flower and dashes toward the entrance. Poppy finds a corner and hides. Team Living will not admit who started the first brawl. But Toz is scoring he is dancing with two and then three flaming hot chicks who don’t care he is stomping on their toes. (Performance check never broke a ten.) Poppy and Tarsim are losing the fight with one flaming red hair when Tarsim tosses sweet tea on two of Toz’s date. Just as Tarsim is about to get a super wedgie and swirly from hell he breaks the stained-glass window at the end of hall. The music stops. The dancers disappear and the exit ladder is revealed.

Meanwhile team dead figures out what to do with the blood cross donation and are slowly walking down the stairs. Both stop on the new Gaisma level and enter. (Group wanted me to expand the dungeon and a little bit more combat. So, using the suggestions from the book this became a heavy combat level. I should have included some role play rooms. Well live and learn.)

The group meets in a zipper formation while they beat up some shadow demons. During the night they murder Pebbles and Bam Bam and other demons and monsters and gets lots of loot. They take a long rest and take the tunnel less travelled. Sir Oliver suddenly remembers to summon his quasit during breakfast so they have an advance scout.

Quasit, “One dead dwarf killed by a demon. Second dead dwarf. Third dead dwarf. Fourth dead dwarf. Fifth dead dwarf. Sixth dead dwarf. Seventh dead dwarf. Eighth dead dwarf. Ninth dead dwarf. Tenth dead dwarf. Eleventh dead dwarf. Twelfth dead dwarf. Thirteenth dead dwarf. One dead halfling also kill by demon. Some about a fly on the wall.”

Gaisma screams and jumps halfway out the hallway. “Run away. Bad dreams. Bad Dreams. I mean I had a bad dream that we should not open that door.” With that Team Mayhem flees toward the landing and starts down to the basement.

End of session 345.

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