Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

Ok! These are the questions I want to ask...please help me refine the last question. Was the Butcher working independently or with Phelix?

1. Where in Bluffside is the main hideout of the Loyalists?
2. Where in Bluffside is the main hideout of the Dusk?
3. How can you be killed permanently?
4. What was your end-goal(when working with Phelix? ) or Why were you murdering everyone?*

*I kind of want to find out his motivations so we can better predict his actions if he comes back.

Edit: working on a post now

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@TaranTheWanderer why not ask all questions at once? I realize you might want to change something depending on the answer you receive, but in PbP it might drag on for days.
I was waiting for people to finalize the final question and I wasn’t sure if the spell succeeded. I’ll included the next two.

It seems that killing the butcher is summoning him with Planar Binding before he gets a chance to make another clone of himself. Trapping him in a magic circle and then killing him. We don’t have a wizard powerful enough to cast it. We could try hiring one.

Or we could try to find his soul stone. He may hide it the new one and the same place or it may be a similar item when he comes back so we could ask him that.

We probably have some time before he comes back. He’s currently in another plane.

I feel this makes our question about how to kill him less useful.

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