OSR Let's make Shadowdark classes!

What I was referring to is that the only initiative roll that matters is the highest one, since the order then just goes clockwise around the table. So it has (mostly) the same result as just giving the bonus to one player of your choice.

(Mostly, but not exactly. There are very gamist circumstances in which giving the bonus, if it's large enough, to a player of your choice is better than giving it to everybody.)
You are right. I'm thinking to handle this by giving the initiative to all party members. Shadowdark is so oldschool it doesn't think about virtual tabletops, so giving the initiative bonus to all party members means the party will benefit no matter who's sitting where. I think.)

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero

: Bastard sword, greataxe, longsword, shortsword
After the livestream, I went back and edited the gish's available weapons, restricting them to the most thematic ones (Russ Nicholson and Frazetta have the final word here) and explicitly excluding the greatsword, per Kelsey's argument that the greatsword is a class feature of the fighter class, which I found made a lot of sense.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
The official Ranger looks interesting. I like the herb thing as a utility but kind of weird it’s 💯 due to “Hey Aragorn”.
We've had three editions of the D&D ranger look the way they do because people want to play Drizzt. Giving Aragorn his shot seems OK to me, especially since this is a secondary class, with a narrower archetype.


I crit!

This also proves a point to me, that if one keeps classes lean and focused, one doesn’t have to worry so much about balancing the core four with more specialized classes.

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