Lorraine Williams did... what?

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I don't see anywhere in that post where it was suggested they were. All that was said was that a staff member proposed it and it was dismissed.
I'm saying that I think it's wrong that the designers had an idea for one, and that is what was implied.

How do you know?
Based largely on things Ryan Dancey and others have said about the products being moved through TSR in its last days. I can't name the specific products because what I didn't care for personally isn't necessarily what was not selling (I recall a mention of the Completes and Red Steel during the Fear the Boot interview, which I actually liked), but Ryan reported being very underwhelmed by their proposals for 3rd Edition and seeing the signs of a company that was not listening to its customers. This was coming from the design end, which by all accounts of Lorraine, she was not a game designer.

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