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[LPF] Borric, Nathan, Sylvain, & Zelena

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First Post
PM, I bought 2 5th level scrolls to copy into my spellbook with my remaining funds. I only had two, and didn't have Teleport, so I figured that was probably a wise investment.

FYI, with my Spellcraft bonus of +19, I can roll a one and get the 20 I need to teach the 5th level spells to Waltor, so I don't plan on rolling unless you need me to.


First Post
Howdy! Just checking in to confirm my interest in PMs one-shot. GlassEye, Bren is officially a member of Irthos' diplomatic corps, stationed at the embassy in Venza. What if he heard a rumor about whatever it is that PM's got in mind for Unwanted Farmhands and believed it fell under his purview to investigate. He could've then recruited Fury to help, as the two have adventured together before and Fury's a known quantity for him.

That works for me presuming it works for PM.


Rumors are only rumors, so even if the reason is not matching, it is okay. :p

I got a sanity check on my encounter, so hopefully I won't kill anyone.