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[LPF] Buyer's Remorse

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Another astounding tale of adventure for the intrepid heroes of Living Pathfinder!

Judge: To be determined.
DM: Aldern Foxglove

Brân Duedd: Tengu 1st Level Bard
Borric Hawkins: Human 1st Level Fighter
Iosef Tellus: Aasimar 1st Level Paladin
Sylvain Marana: Human 1st level Witch
Thaddeus "Blackhawk" Marro

This post will keep track of treasure and XP earned, the next will start the adventure.

Encounter 1: Hired Thugs = 201 xp each
Encounter 2: Bound Soul Hounds = 241 xp each
Encounter 3: Bareen's Boys = 281 xp each

Brân's Time: (18th Dec. 2010 - 3rd Jan. 2011) = 119 xp
Encounter 4: The Golden Hound = 300 xp each.
Borric's Time: (18th Dec. 2010 - 9th Jan. 2011) = 161 xp
Iosef's Time: (17th Dec. 2010 - 9th Jan. 2011) = 168 xp
Sylvain's Time: (17th Dec. 2010 - 9th Jan. 2011) = 168 xp
Thaddeus's Time:(18th Dec. 2010 - 9th Jan. 2011) = 161 xp
                [s]Brân Duedd: 842[/s] [COLOR=Lime]Deceased during Bareen's Boys encounter.[/COLOR]
            Borric Hawkins: 1184
              Iosef Tellus: 1191
            Sylvain Marana: 1191
Thaddeus "Blackhawk" Marro: 1184

Encounter 1: Hired Thugs
Total Value: 609gp  
Share: 121gp 8sp each

Narsh Skullsplitter:Orc Double Axe 60gp, Chainshirt 100gp, Dagger x 2 4gp, 
Potion of Cure light Wounds x 2 100gp, Ivory Dice 10gp, 3gp

Rolando Souza: Shortsword 10gp, Cold Iron Shortsword 20gp, Dagger x 5 10gp, 
Chainshirt 100gp, Acid x 2 20gp, Tanglefoot Bag 50gp, Silver Longsword 30gp, 10gp

Thugs: Shortswords x 2 20gp, Studded Leather Armor x 2 50gp, Dagger x 4 8gp, 4gp

Encounter 2: Bound Soul Hounds


Encounter 3: Bareen's Boys

Total Value = 3955gp
Individual Share = 988.75gp

[SIZE=2][COLOR=Lime][B][COLOR=White]Davalan Bareen[/COLOR][/B]
[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][COLOR=White][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Pearl   of Power 1st level Spell 1000gp, Cloak of Resistance +1 1000gp, Hand  of  the Mage 900gp, 
Cure Light Wounds Potion x 4 200gp, Scroll of Mage   Armor x 2 50gp, Locket with Portrait x 3 50gp, 
Exquisite Wig 200gp,   Silver Flask of Stelachi Griffin Brandy 75gp, 5pp, 57gp

[B]Jonsey Skinner[/B]
[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=White][SIZE=2]Shortsword   10gp, Cold Iron Shortsword 20gp, Dagger x 5 10gp, Chainshirt 100gp,   Acid x 2 20gp, 
Tanglefoot Bag 50gp, Silver Longsword 30gp, 10gp

[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=White][SIZE=2]Shortsword x 3 30gp, Studded Leather Armor x 3 75gp, Dagger x 6 12gp, 6gp[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Encounter 4: The Golden Hound
The remains of the Golden Hound 2276* gp.
Individual Share 569*gp.

*Note that this amount includes your Time Based Gold for the adventure.
[sblock=Adventure Rules]

  • In combat you must post your action within 24 hours of your turn coming up. If 24 hours pass then you are considered to be delaying and will be moved down the initiative order, this may happen multiple times. However, it will be relaxed slightly over the holiday period.

  • You may post actions out of initiative order if you are reasonably sure nothing up before your turn will effect your actions, your actions will still take place on your initiative count. If your actions are invalidated you will be expected to post a new set.

  • If you do not post for a week or more without having informed the DM he reserves the right to remove you from the adventure giving you your share of the XP and treasure earned as well as time XP and gp to the date of your last post.
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Aldern Foxglove

First Post
In the Dunn Wright Inn

Felian Secalli, a well dressed middle aged man whose red sunken eyes and slumped defeated posture indicate recent hardships, has put out the call for mercenaries - which you and your fellows have chosen to answer.

The nervous Secalli sits before you his hands hovering close to a statue of a golden hound - some ten inches tall and obviously worth a fortune - which he has placed on the table before you. Now you are close you can make out writing upon the hounds belly in a language of spiky jagged letters.


Once all of the chairs before him are filled Secalli takes a deep breath and speaks,

"Thank you for hearing me out, I am Florian Secalli, a Goldsmith here in Venza - at least I was. But I am accursed and I need your aide desperately. It is this statue which is my undoing, it has cost me," he pauses for a moment eyes bright with moisture and continues in a desperately miserable whisper, "my only son, and two servants and who were practically family, it has destroyed my livelihood and robbed me of peace. If you can help me break the curse I offer you the statue, it is solid gold and worth well in excess of 1,000 gold pieces."

"I received it from a friend some three months ago from my friend Zachary, he was a broken man having just lost his wife and daughter. I offered him a fair price, but he insisted I pay only a pittance, and refused to take more no matter how I pressed. I found out later when he left the shop he purchased rope and brandy with the coin I gave him and hung himself.... I... I, excuse me." Secalli pulls a red silk handkerchief from his breast pocket and buries his face in it for a moment.

"My apologies, these last months have been trying. Since I bought this damned hound... Well, something has stalked me at night letting loose a terrifying howl, I swear it is the hound itself. It broke into my home and killed my boy on the first night of the full moon I owned it. Then I made fast the shop barred the doors and purchased guards, but it came again and killed my manservant Harvin, and again killing the cook Erma. Each time on the first night of the full moon, and each time it turned and left once it had taken a single life of one dear to me."

"I discovered the inscription is in infernal and had it translated a few weeks ago, it reads..."

"Yours I am as you agreed,
bound to me by lust and greed.
Jealous am I of those too near,
for owning me the cost is dear.

I shall bind you unto death,
until you join me with your last breath.
To be rid of me you must betray,
get your nearest love to pay.

Rejoice that you are so bound,
to the stolen wish the Golden Hound.
In full moons light the price is paid,
another shall die should one evade."

"I have been warned against trying to destroy it since it is now linked to me, and my own life would likely be forfeit, not to mention that the hound might be released from the restrictions currently imposed upon it."

"What I want is for you to come with me to my country house where I have my family protect us and slay the golden hound before it can take another of my loved ones. The only other way I can free myself of the curse is to sell it to the one dearest to me, and that I cannot do. Will you help me? The full moon comes either tonight or tomorrow and I am desperate..."
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First Post
Sylvain human male witch

(I think I am cleared to post here as the 4th, but if not let me know)

"We would be more than happy to help you and in turn, earn a little coin for ourselves. Scorpion vittles aren't free you know," Sylvain laughs nudging the little scorpion that was eagerly perched on his right arm, listening to the proposition of the stranger.

Edit: And wanting to appear not unconcerned with teh stranger's plight, Syl also added, "And I would be happy to help you and your family get back on the right path by removing any curse that you tink might be upon you."
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Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Hmmm. Just the sort of good deed that might help folks look on me as other than Tengu. And a fair bit of gold for it as well.

Brân sits thoughtfully as two of the others readily pledge themselves to the cause of the broken man, then turns to the walking arsenal. "What d' you say, Cyclops? Shall we help the man undo his curse? I'm inclined to go along."


Borric Hawkins, Human Male Fighter

Brân's expression grows distant and somewhat dreamy. "Not yet . . . one day, maybe." He snaps back to the present, eyes scanning the room and pausing appreciatively on Borric's impressive pile of weaponry. "Well heeled, I see. A shame the wench who got your eye didn't let that intimidate her."

Borric tests his eye again, barely able to see out of it, but it is slowly improving. He places the towel back over it again. He scoffs at the Tengu's jest, "Intimidated!? Heck, the harpy was looking right at my sword, if ya know what I mean?... Well maybe you don't, covered with feathers and all." He pauses to get a better look at Brân, Erg, I know nothing of this one's anatomy. Can his kind even frequent a brothel to begin with?

He resumes, "Anyway, the tosser in the room above me was a constable or sergeant in the town militia of something. From the sound of things, he was entertaining some young boy... Aahhemm... excuse me."

As he mentions about some young boy participating in something unholy, Borric looks askance at the virginal Aasimar and decides to pause the story with a partially feigned cough.

Then almost absentmindedly he changes topic and speaks to their would be employer, "You got problems with curses and stuff, the bug lover here be your man I am sure. If the hound bleeds, well then, we can take care of it too. Just hope it is not a werewolf, I cannot afford any silver weaponry."

"Your missus isn't fond of taking rolling pins to strangers that sneak a bit of pie is she?"

<<OOC: Changed color of my speech to be different from Brân.>>

Borric Hawkins


First Post
"Very well, I think we four are sufficient. Let us away to your shop and we shall free you from this curse before more innocent lives are lost," says Iosef, steadfastly ignoring Boric's lurid stories with only a slight blush.

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
[sblock=rb780nm]There is going to be one more member if he posts entry by Monday so hold your horses! lol[/sblock]

Secalli shakes his head, "You misunderstand me, my shop is a ruin. My family are holed up in my country house along with the few servants who have yet to flee. I have a coach waiting to take us there."


Borric doesn't make any moves to get going, still waiting on his drink. In fact, he frowns and looks in the direction of the bar to see if it is coming yet.

"I think I introduced myself and you boys heard me. But I was a bit distracted and I am not sure I caught your names earlier." He looks to Syl and Iosef, since he just exchanged names with the Tengu and he hasn't forgotten yet.

"If I am going to take a trip to the afterlife fighting some werewolf, at least I should be sure to know the names of those rowing along beside me. Besides, we should share a drink to good fortune before we go. I could use some of that right now anyway."


Borric Hawkins

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
"Whatever it is I can assure you it is not a Werewolf, the one glimpse of it I have had the misfortune to catch showed me a great golden hound. Not gold like blond, metallic, a demon hound. None of my guards even struck a blow against it, one howl from the beast and they fled in terror." The goldsmith replies shuddering at the memory.


First Post
"Of course, Borric, I believe I overheard. I am Sylvain, but most people call me 'Syl.' And I believe you have already had the pleasure of meeting my traveling compatriot, Waltor," upon uttering the final phrase, he raises his arm, showing the skittering scorpion pacing back and forth, quite possibly excited about the possibility of having a task to complete.

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
[SBLOCK=Map Avatars]
I need each of you to find an image for use as your Map Avatar - I've gone ahead and assumed with Borric's. You do have the option of just letting me find something or requesting a simple letter, etc., though I shall quietly fume to myself if you take the later option. :p[/sblock]

Ace Cipher Zero

First Post
The Black Hawk, after listening to the others, judged them of pure enough spirit to adventure with. "Well sirs... if you do think that you can take it on just merely by yourself, that is your own business, and I will not harass you. However, this man has noble cause enough to recruit my services to his side, and I would be most pleased to join you in your adventure, as a sword to strike alongside yours. Formally I have been named Thaddeus Marro, but in the tradition of my clan, I call myself Blackhawk. Use either name, and you will recieve my attention."

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First Post
OOC: DM, my computer abilities are pretty wack. If you would be awesome enough to procure a photo for Syl, that would be greatly appreciated.


First Post
"Nice to meet you, Blackhawk. Name's Sylvain Marana but my friends call me Syl. Don't be spooked by my scorpion, Waltor. He wouldn't hurt a fly...well he might eat one if he was hungry, but you get my drift. We just started meeting with Mr. Secalli, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind more help."

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
"Indeed I would not. Five should be sufficient for my purposes I should think. If you are ready time is of the essence gentlemen. As I said I have a carriage waiting to speed us to my family. Please follow me, I shall attempt to answer any further questions as we travel."

So saying Florian Secalli rises, placing the golden hound back in his satchel, and making his way to the door and out into the pleasantly cool Venza afternoon.


First Post
Syl stands to follow Mr. Secalli, making sure to allow Waltor to slip into a comfortable pocket of his outfit. "Watch it, Waltor. Remember, your claws are sharp."

He gathers his few belongings and follows him out the door, turning to bid goodbye to Marla, then ma,king his way to the carriage.


Borric isn't reassured by Florian's words, as he would rather face a werewolf that a demon hound by the sound of it, but the job is what it is. Seeing the last member of their crew show up, he is wondering if this one can fly as well, but before he can ask, It appears time is important, the longed for drinks will just have to be foregone. Ah well, time to get to work Borric. Hopefully this crap in my eye will work itself out before we get there.

The fighter gathers up his weapons once again, tucking them into their places. He is still holding the towel over his eye and the tasks take longer one-handed. But he is able to move along with the others and make it to the coach before Mr. Secalli decides he must leave.

Stepping into the coach he comments to their new employer, "I did ask you about your missus's cooking and her prowess with a rolling pin."

[sblock=OOC]Can I just use the letter "B" in a circle? j/k Borric's picture will do just fine.

I have some portraits that I can suggest for Sylvain, but I need to access them from a different computer tomorrow.

Also, for Blackhawk's colored text, can you use this lighter shade of blue? This blue is too hard for me to read as I have a color problem with my eyes. Thanks.[/sblock]___________________________

Borric Hawkins

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Secalli leads you away from the docks heading for the livery stables where his coach is waiting - coaches are not permitted to stop upon the dock front. He turns into an alley and stops short as a broad pig faced half orc wearing a chainshirt and casually twirling an orc double axe steps out blocking the exit flanked by two more surely looking half orc thugs.

"Souza, this 'im?" The half orc rasps starring at the Goldsmith.

"Aye that's him Narsh, looks like he's bought 'imself a few friends." Replies a rodent faced man suddenly revealed in the shadows to your left dressed in a dull grey cloak with a pair of blackened shortswords in hand. Another man with a hair lip lurks behind him clutching a rusty shortsword.

"Hur hur, listen 'ere lads, we ain't got no quarrels with youse." Narsh says reasonably. still twirling his axe, "We wuz 'ired to get some statue from yer bud here, what say you head back te the Dunn Wright Inn. We'll even throw in a bit of drinkin' money fer ya. No point in honest mercenaries cuttin' each other to ribbons now is there?"

"You! You were the watchman guarding my shop..." Secalli stutters pointing an accusing finger at Souza, who snorts.

"Catches on fast this one." Souza chuckles.


[sblock=Speech]While we are on the subject Borric would you consider switching to red perhaps? Pink is fine, but just feels very un-Borricy, lol.[/sblock]

[sblock=Perception]Since there was not going to be a surprise round I've skipped the Perception checks here as they would be rather redundant. Rest assured I'll always give them if I they offer you a potential advantage.[/sblock]
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