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[LPF] Ties that Bind


First Post
Eanos Setirav, human inquisitor

Eanos, generally a bit more unflappable, blushes slightly, looking to the others.

"Sounds fair, sure, but ... well, sort of spent my part of our bonus already on scrolls and antitoxin and the like. Be happy to pay you all back my share soon's I have it, though, yes?" he says, a bit sheepish.

[sblock=ooc]I can sell some scrolls back to the Pearl if need be, but as it stands, Eanos is kind of broke at the moment. Guess I didn't think through the whole 'will have to secure horses' bit. :blush: [/sblock]

[sblock=mini stats]Eanos Setirav
Initiative: +6
AC: 17 (19 w/ SoF)
HP: 29 Current: 29
CMB: +4 CMD: 17 Fort: +5 Reflex: +5 Will: +8

Conditions: None

In Hand: None

Arrows: 33/33
Blunt Arrows: 20/20
Cold Iron Arrows: 19/19
Silver Blunt Arrows: 16/16
CLW Wand charges: 31/50 remaining (second wand full)

Judgement: 2/2 Remaining Determination: 2/2 remaining
Silver Tongued Haggler: 4/6 remaining
Spells: Orisons (DC 13): Brand, Create Water, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Light
1st (4/4 remaining)(DC 14): Divine Favor, Expeditious Retreat, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith, Wrath
2nd (2/2 remaining)(DC 15): Silence, Weapon of Awe[/sblock]

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First Post
[sblock=OOC]Striking a balance between allowing the others a chance to chime in and spurring things along. I want to give IW and AH some more time, but no worries if RL keeps them from throwing a post up. I assume covering Eanos won't be a problem, so I'll move you along to your journey to Burrowtown if nothing changes in a day or two.[/sblock]


First Post
After a bit of discussion, the group determines that they can more than cover Eanos' portion of the horse rentals. Given the length of their journey and the already-waning afternoon sun, they opt instead to spend the rest of the day enjoying Warden's Watch, with the idea of departing early the next morning.

A walk around the city only further supports their initial impressions: a bustling, quirky place befitting a gnomish port. Signs of gnomish ingenuity are everywhere. None of these equal the grand scale of the cliff-spanning lift they spotted on their way in, but they're no less impressive: complex riggings to route water on-demand, odd forms of transportation (including what appears to be a steam-powered cart of some sort), and minor instances of magic serving a practical function. For instance, the public lavatories sport an arcanic mark signaling the presence or absence of a user. While not always strictly necessary, the gnomish inclination for invention sets Warden's Watch apart from the other locales the group has seen.

Their meandering eventually brings the group back to The Anvil, where Ferick greets them with a crooked grin. The group enjoy a simple but tasty roast, supplemented, of course, by dwarven ale, and then turn in early. In the morning, they grab some oat cakes for the road and head over to Gohred's stable to gather their horses for departure. The rotund dwarf adopts a somewhat motherly tone as he turns over his charges, saying, "Now ye take care of these beasts, ya hear? They'll listen to yer as long as yah treat 'em like the intell'gent an'mals they are." His caution doesn't slow their departure, however, and the group is soon on the road, venturing out into the wilds of Tal Hallow.

[sblock=OOC]If you could, please, give me a riding/marching order, as well as any plans for watch, etc.[/sblock]


Elenka is not quite the horseman that her previous comments may have led one to believe. In fact she is an unskilled rider, obvious to anyone who knows anything about riding, and only her natural agility keeps her from being totally inept in the saddle.

She is also not fond of the idea of not traveling with Drevezh'korol at her side. She did that once and nearly ended up dead in an evil temple and she doesn't plan on taking that chance again. She'll pay extra for an extra mount (as well as helping to cover Eanos' share) despite a rapidly dwindling purse.

Drevezh'korol seems even less comfortable in the saddle than Elenka but doesn't complain. And strangely enough, neither does the horse.

[sblock=OOC]Traveling Elenka will continue with her previously established mode of operation: first thing in the morning she'll summon Drev & use the rod to extend mage armor and cast it upon him.

Elenka & Drev will take either the first or the last watch for ease of recovering spells (but Elenka will still need her eight hours of sleep). I suggest four three hour watches so spellcasters can regain spells and everyone gets enough sleep.

Marching order unless someone prefers something different: Eanos and Fulgrim in the lead, Audra and Elenka in the middle, Drev in the back.[/sblock]

• • • Elenka Danyllova • • •

[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Elenka[/size] Human Summoner 5
Initiative: +2 Perception: +7

AC: 16 (12 touch; 14 flat-footed) [20 w/Shield]
HP: 37 Current: 37
CMB: +4 CMD: 16 Fort: +1 Ref: +3 Will: +6

In Hand:
1st level: 4/5 remaining.
2nd level: 3/3 remaining.
Rod of Extend: 2/3 remaining (3rd lv. or lower)
Special: Summon Monster 3 6/6

[size=+1]Drevezh'Korol[/size] Eidolon
Initiative: +2 Perception: +5; Darkvision 60 ft.

AC: 20 (12 touch; 18 flat-footed) [24 w/Mage Armor]
HP: 38 Current: 38
CMB: +9 CMD: 20 Fort: +5 Ref: +3 Will: +4

In Hand: --
Conditions: [/sblock]

Artur Hawkwing

First Post
Audra seems only a little more comfortable on horseback than the Summoner and her companion, though she manages to keep herself occupied by watching the scenery, such as it is, pass by. She is content to ride in the middle of the formation, trying to temper her urge to find Alecks with common sense and caution. As the break for the night arrives, she volunteers to pick up on the 2nd watch and continue through as far as needed.

[sblock=OOC] Audra will ride in the 2nd or 3rd spot in the riding order and will be flexible on the watches, though she will need time to meditate now and then. Also, what is the final cost on the horses per person, and Audra can pick up the slack for Eanos if that's okay. I think Audra is the only one who didn't spend a lot in preparation for the trip so she should be okay. If I can get a final tally to deduct from the ol' Char Sheet I'd appreciate it. :)[/sblock]


First Post
Between the perpetual oddity of Drev and the group's less-than-stellar riding abilities, they make for something of a sight among the landscape. Or at least, they would, were there an observer to see them. As they ride west of Warden's Watch, the cliffside city quickly gives way to the rugged hill terrain to the east, north, and west, and the valley to the south.

The group makes good progress, and on the morning of their third day traveling, they descend into Tal Hallow's Midlands. Two more days brings them to the edge of Coppertree Wood. After a bit of debate, they decide to skirt around the woods - the tranquility of the midland plains suggests that there's no reason to leave their apparent safety. One more day's traveling brings them to Coppertree, where the southward road to Burrowtown commences.

[sblock=OOC]Would you like to ask around in town about Alecks, or continue southward to Burrowtown?[/sblock]


Fulgrim lets the light breeze ruffle his beard as he sits atop his pony. "P'haps we should stop in an fill our bellies. Can ask some questions while we in de town." Fulgrim notes.


Sorry - still going back and forth between home, hospital and work a lot. I will try to keep up a bit better!



First Post
[sblock=OOC]Thanks for checking in, IW. It's not a problem in the least. You take care of your wife. We've still got quite a game to go. :)[/sblock]

Artur Hawkwing

First Post
Audra nods in agreement with Fulgrim.

I don't know about the rest of you, but my back and butt could use a bit of a break. This seems like a good spot to do just that. If Alecks did, too, then maybe we could pick up his trail. At least then we'd know we're not going the wrong way or something.

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