[LPF] Ties that Bind


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Audra is still in a fighting stance as the last of the fire things goes out. It takes her a moment of standing there to realize the threat is past. Elenka's words and actions spur the Monk into action as she begins searching about the bodies scatted around to see if any are Alecks.

"I am praying he is okay. That he sheltered in one of the tents. Or got away."

She is again exerting quite an effort to keep from running around the camp at top speed looking for any signs of her brother.

[sblock=Action] Audra searches for Alecks or any signs of him.

Perception Roll: 1d20+11=22



Fulgrim watches as the last of the fire elementals falls. He stands for a moment before the realization of the flames still burning on his body strike him. He quickly drops to the ground and begins rolling in an attempt to put the flames out, still gripping his axe tightly.


Reflex Save -- 1d20+8=15



Audra finds Alecks bound and unconscious in the northern tent.

The center tent, smouldering in ruins of tatttered canvas, has a orb of fiery colors swirling in it. This was the location of the Fire Elementals appearing.
Audra cries out when she spies Alecks in the northern tent. She disappears inside, looking her brother over carefully as if afraid if she reaches out to touch him he'll disappear in a puff of smoke. She also uses this time to assess his injuries.


She whispers low while checking him.


She shrugs off the pack she carries. Despite her best efforts, tears begin to slowly roll down her ashen cheeks, leaving a trail of almost clear flesh beneath the soot and charred ash that is all that remains of the elementals.

[sblock=ooc]Rolling a heal check for Alecks wound(s), bumps bruises and the like before unbinding him or trying to wake him




Eanos Setirav, human inquisitor

Eanos shakes his head vigorously, looking about himself as if waking from a dream. He remembers fire and fighting, but while channeling Issolatha's ire, he seems to have lost himself. In the smoldering camp he tries to regain his bearings. He breathes deep with his still-enhanced senses: burnt flesh and ash roil in his nostrils, bringing him back awake. He sees Audra dart for the bound man, then sees the shimmering orb.

"Damn stones'll be the death of me yet," he mutters, then calls louder, "He alright, little one? Got my healing stick if you need it. If not, wanna make sure that shimmering trinket over there doesn't spit out more fire on us."

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[sblock=mini stats]Eanos Setirav

Initiative: +6
AC: 17 (19 w/ SoF)
HP: 41 Current: 41
CMB: +5 CMD: 18 Fort: +6 Reflex: +6 Will: +9

Conditions: Bloodhound (Scent, perception, & survival bonuses, 5 hours)

In Hand:Composite Longbow +1

Arrows: 31/33
Blunt Arrows: 20/20
Cold Iron Arrows: 19/19
Silver Blunt Arrows: 16/16
CLW Wand charges: 27/50 remaining (second wand full)
Silver Figurine (from Elenka): Activated

Used: Scroll of Resist Energy

Judgement: 1/2 Remaining Determination: 2/2 remaining
Silver Tongued Haggler: 6/6 remaining
Bane: 5/5 rounds remaining
Spells: Orisons (DC 13): Brand, Create Water, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Light
1st (5/5 remaining)(DC 14): Deadeye's Lore, Divine Favor, Lend Judgement, Litany of Sloth, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith, Wrath
2nd (2/4 remaining)(DC 15): Silence, Weapon of Awe, Bloodhound, Spiritual Weapon[/sblock]


Alecks is not severely injured, just beaten into unconsciousness. A light healing spell would be enough to wake him.

You are able to gather up the orb, for the moment it appears to have gone inert and is not spitting out fire elementals.

GM: I am ready to call this one completed. There is no follow on to this with Qik AFK, and a summary can deal with your final rewards.


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Elenka helps Eanos store the stone as safely as they can for returning to the gnome giving Audra time to tend to Alecks and her emotions in private. Drevezh'korol keeps watch as Elenka moves from dealing with the orb to searching the rest of the camp for clues to the men's identities and for valuables. Eventually she'll check to see if Audra is ok.
Audra nods to the offer of the healing wand, gently rolling her battered brother to his back after cutting his binds gently. She settles back on her haunches and waits for him to wake. As she does so, she turns to her pack, unties the strap on the small pocket and withdraws the strange card she has carried.

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GM: Okay. Let us officially mark the end as of 25 March. That will give you all a day to wrap up RPing and GE can post the final numbers on the handy spreadsheet. :)


Fulgrim manages to get the fire put out as his rage slips away. The burns still sting and he grumbles at some of the singed hair in his beard. He leans heavily on his axe as he catches his breath.


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"Alecks safe, the stone in our keeping..." Elenka nods her approval over a job satisfactorily completed. "Good work, my friends."

[sblock=Final XP]Thanks, PM, for finishing out the adventure for us. I appreciate it.



Alecks regains consciousness.

He was captured by the Ears of the Whisperer, along with an orb that opens into the Plane of Fire. He was surprised to find that Audra still lived, but after some convincing he is overjoyed. In addition to the orb, you find enough salvageable gear among the dead kidnappers to accumulate a significant haul for your troubles.

The journey back to turn in the orb to Phedilo Crea is uneventful by comparison and you collect your reward for its recovery as well.

All said and done, your pockets are full of plenty of gold and the siblings are reunited.

[sblock=Final Awards] With 3025gp Each for Encounters and the reward for orb.
Audra Final XP=19594xp & +14064gp total for the adventure
Eanos Final XP=19676xp & +14086gp total for the adventure
Fulgrim Final XP=19920xp & +14152gp total for the adventure
Elenka Final XP=27001xp & +16619gp total for the adventure[/sblock]


Eanos finds himself amazingly relieved when this newest stone seems to have finished with its activity. He gives a quiet smile to see Audra at last reunited with her brother, and keeps his own inner satisfaction hidden when he discovers the other bodies belong to the cult he's sworn his life to decimate. Perhaps these stones aren't quite the bane he thought they were.

Still, even the secret-keeper's skills couldn't conceal his elation when he finally fobbed the stone off on the group's gnome employer.

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