Malvoisin's Savage Tide, Act 1 - There Is No Honor


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Frustrated by not being able to see into the far room, Bael checks behind him, not wanting any 'surprises' at this late stage.... particularly with the warriors on the other side of the pool.

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Anar gives his eyes a few minutes to adjust to the dim light before entering the chamber, sickle held in hand. He slowly searches the room looking for any signs of danger before approaching the corpse.

He prods at the thing with the sickle before moving on to make a seach of the body.

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Rhun said:
Anar...prods at the thing with the sickle before moving on to make a seach of the body.
(Anar, Search Check)
Anar's prodding prompts no reaction from the diseased, bloated corpse, much to the relief of everyone present.

Anar proceeds to make a careful search of the body, a process made quite loathsome by the horrid condition of the man. Still, the rogue's efforts yield some loot. A gold ring pulled from a bloated finger appears to be of some value, and a high-quality dagger is located, hidden in the deceased's boot. The dead man is also wearing a suit of studded leather armor, which looks as though it may be of very high quality as well, although a good cleaning is in order first.

Keoni creeps forward cautiously, following Anar's search. "What's this in his hand?" The dragon shaman pries forth the crumpled paper from the dead man's black, swollen fingers, taking care that it does not rip. Once he extracts it, he holds it forth for Anar and himself to read (presumably aloud, for Chongo's benefit.)


Now what, gentlemen?


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After reading the message, a mischievious smile crosses Anar's face. "Nine hells, I was going to kill Vanthus anyway," he says with a wink. Turning his attention back to the rotting corpse, Anar begins to remove the man's armor. It looked to be of better quality than his own, though it would certainly need a good scrubbing.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Hearing some sort of words from down the hall, Col impatiently calls, "What in the Hells have you been find'n? You better a'not been leav'n!"


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Anar chuckles as Col's words flow to him down the hall. He shouts back to the old man. "No, no exit. But we did find Pinkus! Or what's left of him, rather..."

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