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Need tv recommendations!


Well, that was fun
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I tend to watch TV over breakfast. Usually I’ll work my way through a show one episode per day to start my day. In recent weeks/months I’ve been through Veep,The Good Place, Parks & Recreation, Upstart Crow, and Cobra Kai. Now I’m out!

Requirements —half hour or less; light drama or comedy (nothing heavy or requiring thought over breakfast). Nothing animated; for some reason I can’t watch cartoons. Dunno why!

Any ideas? What have you seen recently?

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The EN World kitten
I can't remember if the episode are a half-hour or not (I think they are), but Ash vs. Evil Dead is a lot of fun (a tad gory, but I didn't think it was anything that'd ruin a viewer's appetite).
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Blackish is a good show- essentially a modern take on The Cosby Show. Mixed-ish is a show from the same creative staff, set in the childhood of the mother in Blackish.

The Mayor is the new Ted Danson vehicle, only 2 episodes old. I’m liking it.


Final space is a great show. I'm working my way through Brooklyn 99 again. Disenchantment was okay as a series. Swedish dicks (short for detectives) was entertaining, ended up bingewatching that after my friend told me about it.

I watched these on Netflix NZ so not 100% which ones will be available in the UK.


Better Off Ted - superscience and wacky corporate overlords!

The Good Place - okay, this one will make you think, but probably after the fact. In the meantime, it is wonderfully fun.
Better off Ted is still one of my favourite shows. Wish it lasted longer.


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I’ve been watching british comedy quiz shows lately. 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown is my fave. QI another good one.


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I don’t know if they’re available out there, but Third Rock from the Sun was brilliant, and Parker Lewis Can’t lose was an amazing take on teenagers in an American high school- essentially a live-action cartoon with a Ferris Beuler vibe.
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Oh, I didn't see anyone mention Community. The first seasons are good, at least. The latter ones suffer a bit from having lost some key actors.

The Expanse is fantastic scifi, if you need your Babylon 5 fix. Is is tense, but not overly gloomy.

The Queens Gambit on netflix is worth a watch. You've probably already heard all the hype.

Better Call Saul is sort of a spiritual successor to Breaking Bad, but focusing on the character of Saul Goodman the shady lawyer, instead. More humor and light drama, less heavy on crime.

The toys that made us, is a fun light hearted documentary about the history of 80s and 90s toys. Very easy to binge watch.

The BBC has The Goes Wrong Show. Great slapstick about a theater group whose plays always go hilariously wrong. A second season is on its way.

Scrubs is fun, if it is your style of humor. It took me a while to get into it. But it is alright. Mostly light hearted medical comedy.
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I'm sure you've watched the IT Crowd already.

I've been enjoying Schitt's Creek, despite the name, for just the reasons you named. Short, light, funny. I was struggling with the first season so I skipped to the second and it was great (like Parks and Rec).

If you watch 1/3 of a Columbo episode a day it's essentially a light 30 minute show. That was my cooking show this year. Columbo reddit is the sweetest, least harmful subreddit out there.


Third vote for Community if you hadn't for some reason already seen it. Second vote for What We Do In Shadows (it also has Matt Berry in it, so you a touch of home for you ;) .

I'd also vote for Always Sunny In Philadelphia.