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D&D 5E New D&D Player Survey!

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if you told me that if I took 8 hours a day for the next 3 weeks doing a survey (on top of my normal job) and I could get 4e updated and some numbers fixed with a bit of 5e and a bit of 2e thrown in (the right bits for me that is) and it would be published at the rate 5e was for the next ten years... I would do it with a smile. I would whistle well I survayed.
I would do that survey too


Filled it out as well. Standard questions and responses, nothing new that hasn't really already been asked of me before in various surveys of the past.

I'm always curious when they get responses from people like me who started back in Original D&D, have played every edition, and are still currently playing 5E whether my indicators of what I've spent money on in the last year actually have some sort of meaning. Do adults who started D&D in more recent years buy different products then us long-timers who have been buying products all along? Probably doesn't mean much, but curious nonetheless.

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