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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
I say this completely seriously- outside of this website, I have never seen any Birthright love.

That's not to belittle it- but the setting only existed during one of the strangest periods of D&D- late period, near-death 2e.* And never had any products that I know of outside of that brief period (so nothing during the WoTC period). Birthright is somewhat obscure IMO (not "Pelinore" obscure!) and doesn't seem to have the same web community as 2e settings like Dark Sun or Planescape.

That said, it appears to have inspired some fierce devotion, and I always hope that fans get what they want!

*ETA- I would also stipulate that late period 2e, specifically '95-'03, was my period of absolute least involvement with any TTRPGs, so it could be that as well.
I was latecomer to Birthright. Introduced by an older gamer who was a big fan. I loved the domain play it reminded me of a mashup of Diplomacy and Game of Thrones. That might send a lot of folks running lol!

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I put Dark Sun, Greyhawk and Homebrew. If I hand't chosen Homebrew, I'd probably have chosen Ravenloft - though I only use that as a "weekend in hell" and haven't tried to use it as a home-base campaign world.

But there are soooo many good ol' ones (and one or two bad ones; Hordes being the stand-out).


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
What settings did people pick for their favorites?

I did Dark Sun, Planescape, and Greyhawk, hoping that would push their eventual release. Picked Dark Sun as my favorite.
Eberron, Dark Sun, and Homebrew (from scratch) as my three favorite settings, with Homebrew as the top of them.

Every campaign I've run since 3.0 came out has been in it's own homebrew setting, love making them. So I can't really ignore it even though I know it was a chance to push for a classic setting that I wouldn't mind running in.

And please, realize that every vote that doesn't include FR is likely a vote against FR with how ubiquitous they have made it.


Morkus from Orkus
Filled it out as well. Standard questions and responses, nothing new that hasn't really already been asked of me before in various surveys of the past.

I'm always curious when they get responses from people like me who started back in Original D&D, have played every edition, and are still currently playing 5E whether my indicators of what I've spent money on in the last year actually have some sort of meaning. Do adults who started D&D in more recent years buy different products then us long-timers who have been buying products all along? Probably doesn't mean much, but curious nonetheless.
I'd bet that to some degree we buy fewer setting products, because when you get down to it, you can use the 1e, 2e, 3e and 4e FR setting products to run a 5e game if you want to,

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