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Yes I do. Account is "Fieari", just like here. It tells me "Sorry, but only users granted special access can reply to posts in this forum."

If I don't log in, I can't even see the forum. Logged in, I can't post.

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Phantom Llama

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Upper_Krust said:
I also have a new Omnific ability that I haven't added yet because I can't think of a good name yet.
Give us a description. I'm happy to help out with nomenclature.

Fieari said:
Yes I do. Account is "Fieari", just like here. It tells me "Sorry, but only users granted special access can reply to posts in this forum."

If I don't log in, I can't even see the forum. Logged in, I can't post.
It's the new anti-spambot measures. You'll need to join the "Dicefreaks Members" usergroup to be able to post. Some of the forums have a 'Read this first!' sticky, it's explained in there.


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Upper_Krust said:
Hey all! :)

Ascension update in about an hour I still have a few things to sort out.

Hey hey, UK.

The art looks nice, but the resolutions are really low; the results are blurry.

Also, how much errata do you expect to see for this? I'm noticing that the text prerequisites still don't match the tables.

Arg-ha Lardgoa

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Upper_Krust said:
Hey Arg-ha dude! :)

Correct...although I presume you meant gain 500 more power points not 50.

If an immortal had 1000 power points it would automatically have either 21 or 22 HD. It couldn't normally have 20 HD with that amount of Power Points.

Hope that helps. :)
so if the immortal in question is a pc with class levels and gained 1000 Power Points he would gain an additional 21-22 HD?


Are the 7th, 8th, and 9th Senses ever going to be given a concrete benefit?

Omneity: Why don't you specify that when gaining all the portfolios simultaneously, you don't gain the weaknesses. Because it would suck, otherwise.

Science Domain: Where can we find the full text of these spells?

Secrets Domain: The "Scion" ability is ANOTHER weakness? At Hero-Deity level? How is that balanced? The domain doesn't seem to give anything -that- good to compensate.
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Darkness Portfolio; describes Power Word, Kill as "as limited wish, but with fewer limits."

Death Portfolio; the... Greater Deity power is redundant. You're already healed by negative energy, by virtue of being undead. Or did you mean that they're healed by negative levels?

Disease Portfolio; is the Greater Deity power really supposed to be the same as Fear's?

Entropy Portfolio; the Cosmic Imperfection refers to Fertility, rather than Time.

Fire Portfolio; why do demigods treat fire as divine, rather than just ignoring immunity and resistance? This means that Cold creatures are no longer more damaged by it. Same question for every other Portfolio with similar effects.

Science Portfolio; specify that the weakness is for beneficial magic, and the Prophet ability is harmful magic. Also, why are they "incredibly frightening?" Oh yeah, and even though I hate psionics, I approve of making them natural, and thus constrained by physics, unlike magic.

Secrets Portfolio; yeah, the AC penalty in place of an ability makes no sense. I'm assuming it's a typo. Of course, it also makes no sense for them to take a hit to what you call their favored class.... just make them wizards instead of sorcerers.

Skill Portfolio; the demigod power for a single should be to ignore half of the Dex to AC. Dodge bonuses are too circumstantial.

Strength Portfolio; why a city?

First Ones of Thievery get no benefit.

Travel Portfolio; why Cold vulnerability?


PErsonally, I think the science portfolio should be split into disciplines rather than lumping all the psionics together as more spells.

You have Ensorcelled (SORCERY, which has nothing to do with psionics) and the term casting (psionic powers are manifested, not cast). I think you are still confusing the psionic literature and the magic literature. the hell can anyone have the science portfolio and another portfolio without losing the ability to use their magic based portfolio as a first one. That just doesnt make sense at all.
Especially so since Magic and Psionics are not opposites of one another. They are two sides of the same coin.


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How do these sound as extensions of the subtle body chain?

You can manifest on the Material Plane while ethereal as if you were a ghost at will.
Prerequisites: Balance 45 Ranks, Dex 40, Ether Goer, Sky Walker, Subtle Body,
Tenacious Body, Wis 40.
Benefit: You gain the manifestation power of ghost while on the Ethereal Plane. Activating/devactivating this ability requires a standard action.

You can turn yourself incorporeal at will. Activating this ability requires a standard action.
Prerequisites: Balance 50 Ranks, Dex 40, Ether Goer, Ghostwalk, Sky Walker, Subtle Body, Tenacious Body, Wis 40.
Benefit: You can become incorporeal at will. Activating/deactivating this ability requires a standard action.

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