D&D General Next million dollar kickstarter? Wyrmwood Game Master Screen.

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I think they actually did a limited run of these a few years ago, not sure it was a KS but I emailed them it was sold out. I thought the old ones had revolving panels too that you could flip to show the player's stuff, but I could be wrong. I've been hoping they would do another run, these look nice and I'm considering buying one but I bet after I pick all the accessories I'd want sure its going to be pretty expensive. US shipping is $25-$50, which is pretty steep in and of itself but considering its all wood sure most orders will be pretty heavy. Lets face it they made it pretty desirable to load up on the accessories, otherwise what's the point.


Yeah, even taking lower end wood choices, it comes out being a $300+ proposition very quickly.
Too much for me. I priced one out and it came to $425 USD without shipping. I'm sure there are other accessories that I didn't include that I would if I was serious about buying one. But for the amount I actually play these days it's too pricey of an investment for me to justify. Plus, if I'm understanding correctly with this many backers already mine wouldn't ship any time before April 2023. If I had an extra $600-$700 I would definitely get one, they look really well made, useful features and something that you have for the rest of your gaming career.


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Looks great but gets expensive quick. I wonder how many people pledging at $65 haven't read carefully and don't fully realize that is the cost for a single panel with no accessories.

I don't expect it is many. The vast majority of pledges will be from people who know Wyrmood, and know their products aren't cheap.


A 4-panel hardwood screen held together with magnets, and featuring various acrylic panels, accessories, and a dice tower costs more than $65?


I think I’m in for one of these.


Yowza, that's expensive. I saw a more basic (wood) version a few days at my local bookstore, for about $35. Just looking around, I see a really nice one that's only about $50 and some up to $100.

Sadly, I rarely use DMs screens anymore and the last one was a vinyl 3-panel screen with inserts for my own materials.

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