No Prebuff - Round 1 - Damage Rankings


As long as i get to be the frog
Wanted to add a new Level 6 entry.

Druid: any subclass

Use conjure animals to summon 8 Giant Poisonous Snakes

[.55*(6.5+(.4*10.5+.6*10.5/2)]+.05*2.5]*8 = 61.94 DPR

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As long as i get to be the frog
I've got a new level 6 setup that seems to outperform everything so far. Still computing the final Damage numbers with everything accounted for but it's likely going to break 100. I've already got it to 99 turn 1 DPR and just have to figure out the potential impact of superiority dice on the GWM bonus action attack - should be enough to push it over 100. Computation is very complicated. I'm listing at 99 on front page for now.

Variant Human (GWM), GWF, -5/+10, Lucky, 18 Str, Trip Attack, Precision Attack


As long as i get to be the frog
Except you can't choose the creature and the creature's CR.
It can be 8 chicken.
Read rules of competition.

1. Use point buy for character creation
2. +3 in your attack stat mod will be 55% chance to hit. +4 will be 60% chacne to hit. +5 will be 65% chance to hit.
3. Crits are recommended to be accounted for but not required.
4. Use whatever features, source material, rules or interpretations you would like. Just try to summarize anything you think might not be universal.
5. Saving throws will be calculated the same way as attacks 55% chance for enemy to fail at +3 mod etc.
6. No Prebuffs
7. Damage should be calculated for the first round of combat.
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