Obi-Wan Kenobi (spoilers)

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It wasn't bad in a vacuum, but Anakin looked like Ep III Anakin with his EP II haircut. It was odd.
Maybe that scene took place some time between the two episodes.

I guess between then and episode IV-VI, Vader lost a whole lot of power.
Well, I guess he got prematurely old too, just like Obi-Wan, who goes from looking like 51 yo Ewan to 63 yo Alec in a span of 9 years.


It is nice to see Vader be the reason he was terrifying though.

In the original series, he’s supposed to be this terrifying figure and he never really does anything.

Here we see why people are actually mind buggereringly scared when Vader comes.

Otherwise, why didn’t Yoda just kick his ass in the couple of decades between the end of Ep 3 and the beginning of RotJ?

We know that Yoda could move space ships. And defeat armies on his own.

So why not just ambush Vader some time and bump him off?

Well because Vader is as powerful as Yoda.


Yoda said that size matters not. You can see that with Vader's force vs spaceship.

I honestly don't understand many complaints. This is about as good as Star Wars gets. (You can take that either way, but in this case I really like it!)
Oh, I'm not complaining. I enjoy the show. Taking it for what it is and not too seriously. Just making an observation is all.

This episode did the astonishing double trick of making me finally enjoy Reva a little, while at the same time pleasing the part of me that found her annoying by having Vader utterly wipe the floor with her.

I'm glad that Hayden Christiansen finally got something real to do in the series. I liked the duel flashback. Character development and exposition through swordplay is rarely perfect, but compared to the "I have the high ground" incident this did the job very well indeed. In fact, more generally this feels like the prequels I wish we had gotten.

My only real complaint was that little Leia was shuttered off dealing with a tech problem the whole episode. This meant not only plot reliance on the mystical Skywalker tech-prodigy gene but also mostly side-lining one of the best characters. Maybe it was just that they didn't really come up with much material for her tech-repair subplot.

Yoda said that size matters not. You can see that with Vader's force vs spaceship.

I honestly don't understand many complaints. This is about as good as Star Wars gets. (You can take that either way, but in this case I really like it!)
I honestly think some people just like to complain …

Ultimately with Star Wars there are always things that don't really make sense. When you're completely enjoying ride you don't care that, say, an AT-AT is about the worst design you could devise for something to fulfill it's function (can only fire straight ahead, slow to turn, big weakness to tripping, presumably requires huge amounts of level terrain to function at all). When you're not particularly enjoying it there's always plenty to complain about, to be pointed at to prove that whatever Star Wars you just watched is the worst episode ever. When you're partially enjoying the ride there is always something that irritates you a little that you wish had not been there or been more consistent, or whatever and you temper your enjoyment with complaints.

Personally I usually fall in between the enjoying the ride and partially enjoying the ride camps with Star Wars these days. This particular series I really enjoy, but I can certainly see plenty to complain about if I was enjoying it less.

Vader playing the long game with Reva really makes no sense (why not just employ people who don't want to kill you?), but the "did you really think I didn't know what you were" was such a perfect James Earl Jones delivery of such a perfect Vader line that I just didn't care. The double freighter fake-out made no sense (rather than spend time planning for the eventuality that Darth Vader arrives right as you take-off, just get out of there 5 seconds quicker!) and involved Vader having hitherto undemonstrated rip-a-ship-out-of-the-sky force ability, but damned if it wasn't cool, and a delightful subversion of my expectations given the visual homage to the times in the original series when the Millennium Falcon gets away right as he arrives. The nit-picking part of my brain was able to just enjoy the ride. Other people's mileage will vary.

Star Wars just seems to vary a lot with the eye of the beholder.

As, incidentally, do de-aging effects and the like. I don't even know what people are complaining about here, but at the same time I seem to constantly be directed to supposedly impressive "deep-fake" pictures that just look like the most slap-shod digital editing to me.

I guess between then and episode IV-VI, Vader lost a whole lot of power.

Move Object

He's roughly 17th level there, so a +16 to Use the Force (+the best result of 3 x d8's spending a force point). He likely rolls a 33 or so on average.

If he was prepared to spend a Destiny Point (and let's face it, he was) its only a DC 20 Use the Force check to grapple a (Colossal) space transport, but because its moving, he's looking at an opposed roll vs its Grapple bonus (roughly +40, going by other ships of that size and type) so that's a little more problematic for the Dark Lord.

If he succeeds (with the Destiny Point usage) its 16d6 damage as well.

He rolled well and the DM rolled poorly.


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I recognized it was Hayden straight away. They just didn’t do a good job scrubbing his wrinkles away. (As an aside, Hayden is less than a month younger than me.)
I don't think it was the wrinkles, but more the wider/more filled-out shape of his face and head. In the prequel movies he still had that adolescent "lightness" a person has before their body fills out at maturity.


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The Inquisitor lightsabre compensates for inferior skill.
That may be true, but it's also an objectively superior tool. A master swordsman might be more effective with a wooden sword than an apprentice would be with a metal sword, but that doesn't mean that the swordsman would reach for the wooden sword when the metal one is readily available. The Jedi I can 100% believe using an objectively inferior tool because of tradition reasons, but the "grab any advantage possible" Sith? Eh, not so much.
But, ultimately, Star Wars runs on rule of cool, and it's by far not my biggest nitpick with the series.

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