D&D General One Piece of Art IX (Wildcard)- What NON-D&D Art Inspired You to Love D&D?


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
Michael Whelan comes up a lot, at least for some of us for a certain age range. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his Yes album covers inspired some gamers.

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Every time I play this game, I am in awe of the opening page. I know it's very cheesy, but there is something about the atmosphere of this image that I love.

There is no real focus for the picture. It's not a picture of anyone, other than an assortment of monsters and treasures in a dungeon. The focus of the picture is you- It puts you in the place of the adventurer, seeing things through their eyes.

If you were in the gauntlet, what would you do? Would you go for the potion first? The ghost is right there, but maybe if you were fast...

Or maybe go for the treasure? You might be able to get a good scoop of jewels before that goblin bears down on you. And there's a key above...

Or you look off into the distance and see the monsters coming from you, and you can almost feel the weight of the ceiling above. And then you think, how deep are we in the gauntlet? Can you imagine all those layers of stone bearing down on you from above? And what's below?

As for the game itself, well... truth be told it's pretty meh. Doesn't quite live up to the the glory of it's title screen.


I could have gone with a couple things but I'm gonna go with this, which i saw in a biker/rocker-type clothes shop (where they sold leather and jean jackets and studs and badges to sew on etc, late-80s i'd say). It didn't make me love D&D as much as cemented my interest of medieval-fantasy at an early age before I knew D&D was a thing.


Yep, love that dragon! The movie is dark and gritty and in-your-face real to me. Younger players don't seem to know the movie, which is a pity IMO of course, but understandable. If I was playing and you used the name, I would just sit back with a big grin on my face and enjoy the moment. :)
This dragon, alongside the one Maleficent turns into in the old Disney's Sleeping Beauty, is why I love 4-limb dragons best.


This probably had as much impact on my D&D as anything, although, to be fair, Lloyd Alexander would easily take this spot as well:

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Source: Swords of the Horse Clans
Artist: Ken Kelly (1981)

The combination of SF and fantasy has always been strongly ingrained into my brain about how D&D should work. The series has been a huge impact and is probably one of the bigger influences in the post-apocalyptic fantasy genre. Hmm.... I should hunt these down and reread them, but, I'm afraid I'd probably not like them as much as I did at ten or twelve years old.
Wow, somebody else still exists that read the Horseclan books?


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