[OOC] Baptism by Fire_FULL

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So a brief background for my elf rogue. I'm guessing we can write me into the Fort Silan. Maybe she's been there about a month or a little more. (Not really familiar with the geography to name the city below.)

Lorella Me'le'dadryll

Lorella can't remember how she ended up in a frontier fort. She fled of the last city she lived in to outrun the law sniffing at her heels. She hid in a supply boat and stayed in the fort. She has been working odd jobs at the inn and the bakery in order fit in. But, she needs to find something better. There's no point in burgling here as there are no snobbish rich folks who wouldn't even notice a few missing trifles.


how about ending up in Firetrees?? same background just ended up in a village along the river. And most of the town is still being rebuilt after the spellplague.

I don't know how that differs from the Fort. Nor do I understand how the party is going to end up in Firetrees. But, if that's what you think will work, tell me what is special about Firetrees. Where is it in relationship to everything? Is there a map?


Firetrees is where everyone but the dragonborn is about to dock. I was thinking you could work at the mill and inn there and meet up with them. Still need to know if its ok for Captain Scrinner to be one of your criminal contacts.

Give me any info I need about Captain Scrinner. I assume you picked him for a good reason.

Saying she "works" at the mill is generous. I see her as a floating temp. She hears someone is sick and she stops by their place of work and fills in since she's new in town.


That works out excellently. I'll introduce her as with the group post entering the tavern/inn. and soon as I make up some stuff I'll message you the info on Scrinner. He'll have a package for you that will hopfully get your character into the game.


Hmm... given your background I'd say that you've come across this as Street Double Speak. Something used in front of young kids because they are so nosy.

@Helmsman01 In one of the posts, you mentioned fire creatures and volcanoes in the mountains. Are we likely to need cold weather gear or is it going to be hot? I'm just curious about buying equipment and how much water we might need to bring with us.

Also, is it possible to buy Studded Leather in this town?


I'm inclined to say "we buy what we need" and move on. As far as "studded" leather goes, I guess the question for the DM is: Do you want us to be able to spend money to give Fern a +1 AC? The way I see it (when it comes to armor) is he'll just be adding some hardened leather vambraces & spaulders and probably a silly-looking leather skullcap to shore up his AC. He probably doesn't need to actually buy a suit of "studded leather" and sell his "leather" armour.

It's probably available, if not here, then certainly at the fort.

BUT, otoh, we've just started. Do we need to raise AC from how the character was built before we even have an encounter? YMMV.
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I was just thinking that after his first encounter Fern may be looking into "armoring" up. But yeah shopping post can be written by the shopper themselves. I think I'll make notes of anything you really can't find in a town, but normally anything being possible I won't beriff a player having the gear they think they need.

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