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OOC: Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil


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I'm avoiding showing stuff you really should not know.

The lost Prince Thrommel is sort of like "Elvis" in our society. You can't avoid references to him in the Hommlet, Verbobonc, Veluna, Furyondy area. All kinds of prophesies and rumors about him.

The battle he won at Emridy Meadows is reckoned by some to be the greatest victory ever won on the battlefield in the Flanesses. He defeated overwhelming odds with a devestating flank cavalry charge that wiped out the TOEE's spellcasters while TOEE monsters and infantry were fighting the good guy's infantry in melee. In a few minutes, the good guy's army went from fearing being totally wiped out to wiping out the enemy force completely. In terms of military genius, Thrommel was supposed to be up there with Rommel, Hannibal, Alexander, etc. The evil army outnumbered the good army by more than 10 to 1.

With regards to the Star Wars comment, well, what can I say? I saw Revenge of the Sith twice recently. I like Revenge of the Sith much better than the other prequels, I thought Obi-Wan Kenobi was portrayed well during ROTS.
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I like them. They add a little bit of fun while we're slaughtering things in cold, dark crypts with Eeevil stuff around.


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Paxus Asclepius said:
Belaver Thornfoot

Illegitimate half-sister: Cassandra Stone, twelve years older, blackguard in service of Hextor, whereabouts unknown.

Needless to say, Jonas doesn't talk about Cassandra much.

What has Belaver heard/remember about his half-sister Cassandra? i.e. Does he really think she is a blackguard? Does he think she is an amoral bully that thinks Might makes Right? Did she join a human cult that worships the evil God Hextor? etc.

Paxus Asclepius

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Belaver vaguely remembers her, but when he was young he didn't realize that she was related to him. From his vague memories, she was always nice to him, if a little on the strict side; she left while he was still toddling, and since then he's mostly heard whispers that stop when the speakers realized he might be able to hear them. His relatives, especially his father, really don't like the subject. He has no idea that she's a blackguard.


Isida Kep'Tukari said:
Dalamar, just a quick point of information, you would want the word displeasure here. :)
I knew I had the wrong word, but I was too lazy to check the dictionary. Thanks for the correction (though I'm too lazy to go and actually edit the post :p)


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Total Defense requires a standard action so it can't be combined with Expertise.

OTOH, Fight Defensively (-4 Hit, +2 AC) does stack with Expertise (for a total of -7 Hit, +5 AC; eventually -9/+7 at fifth level) which works better than Total Defense anyway...


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This fight is beginning to look ghastly, although you still outnumber the ghasts considerably (7 pcs + 2 allies vs. 3 ghasts).
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