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OOC - Fiend's Embrace - D&D One-Shot Adventure

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First Post
I wanted to announce that I have downloaded and saved a copy of the thread to this point, so I will retain access to all of you who have expressed interest in this game so far today.

I point this out in light of the announcement on the main page that the admins might be able to revert the site to its form on May 8th.

In any case, please rest assured that I will keep working to get this game off the ground.


Amazing Triangle

First Post
I was thinking a Human Fighter.

Zekk Akai grew up on a small farm with his parents. While he was in town selling his families wheat his parents were murdered. Zekk then with nothing left joined the military, but the sword never quite felt right in his hands. He then spent the next 3 years moving from town to town being hired muscle. What was better he had found his weapon; the scythe. Dexter is a drifter usually wearing his father's black cloak. Zekk is a calm, calculating, and quite accepting of others. Zekk's only other heirloom is a twisting blade dagger that was found in his father's chest.

Character progression:
[sblock] 1: Power Attack, W. Focus(Scythe), Cleave
2: Dodge
3: Mobility
4: Spec(Scythe)
6: Spring attack, Combat reflexes
8: Imp Crit(Scythe)
9: Grt. Focus(Scythe)
10: Power Critical
12: Grt. Spec(Scythe), Combat Expertise
14: Whirlwind Attack
15: Great Cleave
16: Blind-Fight
18: Imp. Toughness, Quick Draw
20: TBA[/sblock]

I can go deeper if you need me to! :p
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Land Outcast

your character would be a 3rd level sorcerer, right? As opposed to the warlock character class from Complete Arcane?

*nod*, but *shakes head* I changed the background and the concept, see post #27
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Malvoisin: I am still interested in the Necro/Utility Mage with the clockwork familiar and can resend you the info on that if you would like me to. After I get back in tonight, I can rework up either of the concepts you feel is best and move from there.

He would be Human Nec/Wiz 4, in his early thirties and be far more interested in the scholar side of magic than anything. While this makes him seem distant from the world around him, it is just his way of keeping himself from admitting that he is just as human as those he travels with. His familiar would be the mechanical hawk, a replacement to the flesh and blood one that was killed in an earlier adventure when he was little more than an apprentice.


First Post
Galen Zandross IV, Aasimar Warlock 3

Below is my character concept for this game, basically Galen is interested by two things, tracking down the history of all of his ancestors to try to determine which one consorted with dark powers, and to destroy evil where ever he find's it, also if this game carries on, I would like to take the 'Winged Outsider' feat at 6th level from the Forgotten Realms setting.

Galen Zandross IV[sblock]
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 165 lbs

Galen is a tall thin man who is extraordinarly handsome, Galen has shoulder length golden blond hair, silver eyes and a friendly face that always seems to be smiling.

Galen is a dichotomy in nature, blessed with the blood of his celestial ancestor Galen innately has a desire to do good and root out evil, at the same time Galen is also haunted by his strange powers which seem to come from an infernal source.

This dichotomy in his nature leaves Galen perpetually feeling soiled and worthless as if he isn't doing enough to rid himself of this dark stain upon his soul.

As a result Galen is a profoundly humble kind man who goes out of his way to help others, seeking to prove to himself that he is worthy of his celestial ancestor, Galen has determined to find out as much about his strange abilities and their origins as possible and put them to a good use helping others.

Due to his unusual background Galen is always willing to see the best in those he meets, and prefers to resort to violence only as a last resort or against those who leave him no choice.

Descendant of a mighty celestial and Paladin named Esmeralda, Galen is but the latest in his family to be blessed by this unique heritage, from the moment he was born it was apparent that the blood of his celestial ancestors flowed strongly within his veins, following generations of family tradition Galen was named after the male offspring of the celestial union.

Since the blood of the celestials flowed in Galen's veins it was expected that Galen would follow in the footsteps of this great ancestor and dedicate himself to the cause of good by either pursuing the course of a Paladin or Cleric dedicated to fighting evil.

However fate was to have other plans for the young child, when Galen reached puberty he started to manifest strange and unusual powers, thinking that perhaps some curse at befallen their son, Galen was taken to the high priestess of [insert name of good god] to see if she could determine the cause of this malady, using powerful divinations it was determined that an ancestor of Galen had trafficked with dark powers, which had left their mark on Galen's soul.

With this revelation the 13 year old Aasimar finally felt a sense of relief, finally here was an explanation as to why his soul felt torn in too, Galen secretly pledged that he would embrace these powers and use them only for good, after years of bitter conflict with his family over this decision, Galen left his home and kin to seek out the source of his powers, determined that he would prove to his family that he could put them to good use.[/sblock]

Land Outcast

Improved background, but changed it to Tiefling Shadowalker (Rogue 3 or Ninja 3 or Rogue/Ninja)

... familiar or not, the damned raven previously belonging to the fat dastard fencer is staying.

[sblock=Background]At the age of two he was given in "tutelage" to a mage without the prejudice his noble parents had. Yet they didn't want to lose total contact, so every now and then he received missives along with gold to pay for his "safekeeping".

The intent was just to keep him away from the family, but said mage had other plans in store for him, an ongoing observation of the awakening of magic in someone with The Art latent within. Success showed up soon enough; at the age of ten he could already bring forth his will to shape magic to his service... to his tutor this hadn't been possible until the age of seventeen, at least not with such control. The *only* flaw would be that he would not progress further than clouding out the light from a room... which soon made any real interest from his tutor to fall to nothingness.

But he didn't lose time, gradually he started learning about what was that that had brough him here, what was that which allowed his though to sculpt reality. He learned about the reason for his sharp teeth being unusually black and the back of his hands being covered with hard black scales. He wasn't surprised, nor scared, nor bothered by it... but was bored.

At the age of fifteen, when he only worked as a cadet for the old grey-bearded man, he departed without warning but not without forethought. Not to his household, serious doubts about how he would be received were present, he went to the city. Cloth wrappings around his hands, and smiling as little as possible should do the trick.

There I adapted fast enough, and learnt to adapt others to work towards my ends. I learnt to make friends and to get myself out of whatever trouble I got because of *uncustomary* works, I quickly found my way into hiring my talents... to people such as you master... your previous fat damned master.

But that kind of work sometimes gets one into serious trouble in a city, especially if you murder someone...

Hey! don't look at me that way, I was only doing justice, the fat dastard was going to give me in to the city guard; he seemed offended because I changed my ideas about what my share should be... and I started selling the stuff on my own.

Justice or not, it still meant that before morning being outta there would be good for my health. But you! Damned dead fencer's bird kept following me, even spat one or two insults, fine... as long as you don't peck out my eyes...

So here we are, just entered the *grandiose* carreer of adventuring, or at least I intend us to... But for the last week all we achieved has been waiting in this damned damp hole the innkeeper calls a room. Throwing daggers at the wall, waiting for the guy to call us out when Arakk comes searching for... how did the paper say? Need of some qualified folk? that's it.

He should pay better than the fat dastard... I mean, your master sold stuff to him, surely he made some profit out of it.

[sblock=Description [unfinished]]Normal height if a bit taller than most humans and of wiry complexion. Whenever he removes his cloak's hood, his untamable grey hair comes into view along with a pair of eyes of the same steely colour. Pale skin and sharp factions hint at some non-human heritage, maybe elven.

Dressed in normal travel clothes under his cloak, the only curious facts about his clothing are the loose cloth "scarf" he has wrapped around the lower half of his face, and the bandages covering the back of his hands, made of the same material.
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First Post
Just in from work, and I'm giving a hard look at all the interest so far....

Here's a running list for those keeping score:

Land Outcast - Tiefling Rogue OR Ninja OR Both
wmasters - Human Bard
Voadam - Elven Hexblade OR Orc Ape Totem Barbarian
Rayex - Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Favored Soul
Whizbang Dustyboots - Dwarf Barbarian OR Gnome Illusionist/Bard
Steve Gorak - Elven Wizard (Enchantress)
Paper Bard - Halfling Rogue/Wizard
DEFCON 1 - Wild Elf Druidic Avenger
Amazing Triangle - Human Fighter
Phyrrus - Human Necromancer
Lord Raven88 - Aasimar Warlock

Wow, that's quite an outpouring for less than a day's time! Thanks to all!


First Post
With so many good submissions already, I think I'd like to bring this process to a close relatively quickly, and make my choices. So, I am imposing a deadline of Thursday night at 10PM my time. That leaves a window of opportunity of approximately 22 hours from the time of this post to express your interest, and/or flesh out some more detail for an existing concept.



First Post
Terrin Parker, Human Bard

I've expanded the concept for my Bard as promised, which is detailed below. As far as the numbers etc go, as well as the feats and spells outlined above, I'll be looking at some skill in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge: local, geography, history.

Of course, if any of this doesn't fit well with the campaign it can be adjusted.


The youngest of three, Terrin and his brother and sister were fortunate to have a privaledged upbringing. His family could afford him some level of education, and from a young age he was taught to read was often found with his nose in a book. His father was an advisor to a local noble, tasked with meeting many of the dignatories from other lands, and Terrin used to be fascinated by the stories he used to tell of strange lands and people.

He is his brother and sister used to play in the market, harassing both merchants and customers alike, asking where they were from and what it was like. His interest continued through into his education, learning of the history, geography and lore of local places.

From a young age, Terrin knew that he wanted to travel and see the world for himself, wanting it to be more than just stories. Tales of bandits and troubles on the road were not uncommon, and Terrin learnt skills to help allies in times of trouble, as well as to defend himself. His father's stories had taught him of the importance of politics and relations, and he was quick to learn to skills of diplomacy and to use his talents to influence people's reaction to him.

He set out from home with a merchant travelling the lands, intending to see the world, working as one of the caravan's guards. In this role he saw several cities, and people unlike those he had ever come across before. The merchants route was relatively small though, and Terrin's drive for adventure and exploration has lead him to look to go to new lands and meet different people with different customs.


Terrin is a vibrant young man with cropped blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes which gleam with life. At 6ft he is reasonably tall and quite slender, lanky almost. Friends and strangers alike are greeted with a disarming smile, and firm handshake. Terrin wears a chain shirt over his travelling clothes, and carries a longsword at his waist.
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Amazing Triangle

First Post
Zekk's life in adventuring started simply enough working at a bodyguard to Countess De Farthan. That was until he found out that she was killing commers to raise zombie minions. Zekk took out his employer and helped the city clean up the zombies. Then as soon as they would have raised him a hero he split. The next city he wandered into he joined the local malita and helped clear a cave of goblins. Here he found a dagger similar to the one he already carries. Zekk has found multiple little items throughout his time as a wanderer that key to his family's murder. He takes all the odd jobs he can in hopes that something will lead him to his parents killer.

Zekk stands tall and muscular. He carries his scythe on his back and wears a hooded black cloak over his armor. He likes the looks on peoples faces when they think of him as some kind of Reaper figure. His hair is jet black and has very sharp features. His tan is deep due to his many years of travel and hard work on the farm. His arm bears a scythe and skull tattoo


First Post
A little more flesh on my lovely little lizard;

Gnro grew up in a fairly small tribe. Her parents always insisted she was a blesses child, as she was the first child who grew beyond infancy in a long time. As she gre up, it became apparent that they were right. She was able to heal injuries that would have been fatal, and soon was given the privilege to learn from the tribes shaman.
The tutelage was short though. When the shaman came to realize that Grno was surpassing even him in the skills of the divine, he sent her on a "quest", to locate a sacred shrine of Semuanya. Dutyfully she left the tribe, and started her search. Soon she came in contact with other races. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnolls, ogres... the world is full of strange, ugly creatures, but she tries her best to befriend them, and help them in their need. Perhaps they might help her in return.

She is about 3 feet tall, usually emerald green (changes with her mood though), and wears leathers and a crude greatclub.

I want to keep her backstory fairly short, as she is still quite young. Also, her personality is as described earlier; A caring and loving little thing, but quite new in the outside world, and all the "big folk" is still kind of frightening. She tries her best though, and will do anything for her friends, even if it might putting herself on the line, if needed.


First Post
Well, my friends, the time has come, and I'd like to welcome the following five players into the game......

Land Outcast - Tiefling Rogue/Ninja
Voadam - Elven Hexblade
Rayex - Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Favored Soul
Whizbang Dustyboots - Dwarf Barbarian
Phyrrus - Human Wizard

Thanks very much to all who expressed interest! This was a difficult decision, and a lot of the process just came down to personal preference issues. Best of luck to all those who were not selected. Stay tuned, just in case alternates are needed.

As to those who were selected, welcome! I think this should be a good group, and a party well-suited for the adventure at hand.

Up next, character creation guidelines.

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Land Outcast

*caw*... tapping, rapping noise

"Yes, I foresee we'll get something out of this" -throws a dagger which lands with a "tuck!" at the door... ten centimeters from the center of the carved target-

the crow emits noises that are suspiciously similar to laugther

"Even if it is just come crow pie"


Ahoy, hello my friends, such an etherogeneous group we are


First Post
Here are the basic character creation guidelines for this game.....

*4th level characters.
*Initial stats generated by 28 point buy. Don't forget racial modifiers and +1 level-up bonus.
*I will assign hit points.
*Please run by me for approval all feats, spells, and equipment, if non-core rules.
*Starting xp is 7000.
*Starting gp is 5500 for all equipment purchases, magical and mundane. No single item valued more than 1500 gp.

In addition to a complete character sheet, please include a well-detailed physical and personality description of your character.

Also, please include a background of some sort. The game is set in the world of Greyhawk, and backgrounds may reflect this if you wish. If are not familiar with Greyhawk, feel free to make up the background details as you see fit. The background need not (and should not) be a novel, but it should give some idea as to your character's motivation for the adventuring life. It should also reflect some of the adventuring experience that has led the character to advance to 4th level.

The background should also finish with your character arriving in the northern border town of Eru Tovar. Characters have come to this large frontier town at the behest of an aristocratic collector of antiquities named Arakk. Through employment postings, local contacts, or word of mouth, the characters have learned that Arakk seeks to sponsor an adventuring expedition into the Cold Marshes. While none of the PCs know Arakk personally, he has a reputation for paying very well for the retrieval of rare and obscure items. Interested persons are to meet with Arakk personally at the Wyvern's Sting Inn in Eru Tovar on Starday the 10th of Readying.

Let's have those character sheets, my friends. I'm eager to start! :D

I have undoubtedly left something out, so please give a holler with all your questions.



First Post
Just thought I'd jump in here to ask Whizbang a quick question that, I'm sorry to say, has little to do with Fiend's Embrace itself...when the boards and db came back up the other day, I saved a copy of Baeril at 10th arcane caster level just in case you might have lost him. He was such a neat character that I'd been heartbroken to see him gone for posterity. Do you need and/or would you like Baeril's stats from what you posted in my CotSQ thread? If so, I will happily e-mail him to you.

Thanks and sorry to momentarily derail this thread from its normal course.