(OOC) Planescape: Intrigue


The other characters are now leading the conversation pretty well, nothing to add from Grim just at this very moment...

Great point.

My style is to allow everyone to post - dialogue or not - before moving the story along.

Perhaps in future if Grim has nothing to say, maybe a short post equating to "Grim watches everyone suspiciously and seems to be waiting" or maybe just an OOC post like above could let me know that you're ready. Reasonable?

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Hi everyone, I can feel that we've stalled.

Had a great session of back and forth 5 days ago, but now it's quite stale.

I want to reaffirm whether all the players are willing/able to post at least once every 48 hours under normal circumstances (we all have life happen from time to time, of course). It's no trouble if not, and there will be no hard feelings if you decide that posting rate is not for you.

Aiming for faster paced posting from the group as a whole, PbP games are only as engaging as the least frequent poster, and that is why they often fizzle out.

I am also open to suggestions about what I can do to continue to foster this.


I think having more ideas of what skill checks can be done would be helpful since players can plan posts around them.

Maybe also some OOC planning of what our characters will do individually so we can get a better flow going.

I'm fine with the posting schedule.


Sounds good, I'll do that - and try to do that much more frequently.

Let's all have a perception check for the Voice of Reason

I joined this game because it was explicitly stated in the OP of the recruiting thread that you wanted daily posts. (which I thought was pretty optimistic). I'm fine with a post every couple of days. I actually enjoy pbp a lot so am often checking the thread to see if it's moving. If I'm not going to be around for a few days, I usually post it OOC. (like this weekend I'm camping again!)

So far, I think things are good on the DMing side. I'm not sure what else you could do since you're responding IC as soon as people post. One thing I've done in a PBP I've run is, if there's an agreed-upon posting speed and people don't post, the DM just moves on regardless. In combat, that would be having people go on the defensive. Out of combat, that just means they just follow the group. I'm not sure it will work in this style of game, though.

To touch on @Necropolitan point of skills, I'm of two minds: I don't often like to roll a dice if my In-character action is good enough to succeed at the task at hand. On the other hand, in a pbp, it takes time to wait for the dm to call for a roll or whatever so, in other games I play, if I think a roll might get called, I just put rolls in for the dm to take or leave. In this game I haven't been rolling at all because, overall, things have been going smoothly (I think). I currently have a goal but I haven't had a chance to enact it yet.

I'm also finding that doing OOC planning is difficult in this game because:
1. We are supposed to have secrets (I haven't really been narrating 'inner-thoughts' very much)
2. OOC planning is slow. I'm not opposed to it but if people aren't posting IC, they're probably not posting OOC.

I don't mind doing it, though. Orris has been trying to recruit a 'guide' since the very first post. It's why he knocked on the door.

I think our goals (as a group) are:
1. Figure out where we are
2. Figure out what's going on
3. Go to the castle/mansion

I kind of feel we are investigating 1 and 2 on our way to 3.

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