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(OOC) Scourge of Daggerford (Full)

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I meant racial elf bonus +2 dex

Oh, you mean you put an 8 in his Dex, so he's about as non-graceful as elves get.

(Or you mean his Dex should be 12, but then you'd be rolling at +1, so I assume you mean the above.)

I feel that he should have been pretty graceful in his youth, but the sum of his injuries has made him inflexible and probably has a slight limp.

Okay, let's get an encounter going. A few quick notes:

The land goes downward to the south-west (down on the map) and steeply upward to the north-east (up on the map). It's a steep climb up to the road from where most of you are. My intention is that you have to travel along under that grey cliff (moving toward the right on the map) and then switch-back above it behind the boulder that Dandin, Escella, and two of the guards are behind. Yes, that puts Vairar in the back (punishment for the lowest roll, I guess). Does that make sense?

I'm giving you Surprise, so none of the orcs will act this round. I suppose it's possible that everyone could conceivably take actions that still won't alert them, but as we're moving into combat-rounds, that would take actually taking the hide action on your turn (no free Stealth anymore, action-economy-wise - you still have +10 to the check, though.) So if you want to Hide, go ahead, but it follows the usual rules (by which I mean, you must move into a place that has cover and take the Hide Action on your turn). The good news is, most places anywhere near you can provide cover - the bad news is it's pretty much all Difficult Terrain as well.

All the orcs that are currently on the map can be easily spotted if it makes sense for you to be somewhere that can spot them (obviously you can't see anything at all from where Darfin is at the bottom of the little cliff, for example) and the ones in the top-right corner are both in shadows, and behind a lot of bushes, but they're talking (they're not saying anything interesting at the moment, if you understand orcish).

All this is to say, if you think your character has a reason to be aware of any orc on the map, then I agree - that character is aware of that orc. Use your judgement about it. I trust you. After I see what you all do, I'll decide if/when the orcs become aware of you. It all depends....

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
To the group: I think the only question for us is whether we spend one turn hiding and getting closer to the road, or if we begin attacks this round. I think I can get Tommi into position to attack Q18, but no one else will be within his reach in round 1. Thoughts, team?


First, a question: Vairar has to move east first and then can see/attack? Or he can go straight north? It looks like he is at the bottom of the cliff which means he doesn't see anything or anyone :)

Actions: everyone ready ranged attacks and let Vairar sneak up with the elflord and Angis. If we fail, you get your shots. If not, we're closer to the action. I can open with guiding bolt...or bless if I cannot attack.

Yeah sorry if this is a bit complicated. I originally had you up on the road but I figured that sneaking up made more sense if you were off it. They are watching the road.

Yes Vairar needs to go east around the cliff before going north. (That or climb 30 feet to go 10 feet north). I will waive the difficult terrain penalty while moving along the base of the cliff (relatively flat and sparse of vegetation) so you can catch up quicker. As can Angis and Delfin.

Tommi is just rounding the bend and can move any direction, but unless he follows Escella to behind the boulder, he's gotta push through the underbrush. Interestingly his spell boon causes the bushes to barely move as goes through. Without it, the orcs would probably notice. This goes for everyone else too, though Dandin is mostly slipping under (his high roll).

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Can someone please explain why we are giving away the opportunity of surprise?
What was the point of using stealth and Pass Without Trace to get here if it is just to be squandered like this, in a round where not everyone can act?

I think this is my fault - I felt like I was being super generous by putting you in a great sneaky-looking spot close to the enemy and not having been seen, but then I made the terrain too difficult for people to act. No one wants to move ONLY 15 feet and then hide, even if it would work, because they'd probably just have to do that same thing again next round because they still wouldn't be anywhere where they can act. So I'll tell you what:

Everyone can take two turns - just don't do anything that would obviously reveal yourself on your first turn.

I will post this story bit: "The Boon of the Elk was so amazingly useful that the orcs did not notice as the Daggerfordians and the Elves worked their way up the steep slope toward the road - they slipped through the thick underbrush, which only swayed slightly as if a mild breeze were passing through."

I'll move Angis up until @KahlessNestor returns.

To answer @jmucchiello - The Sun Elf Guards are armed with spears (like one-handed pikes) and shields. (I'll assume they have a brace of 3 javelins each as well). Sir Darfin carries a longsword and a free hand for casting spells (though he doesn't really need it, he can use his sword as an implement. Still, it's how he prefers it).

If you want to move forward with Escella and hide before readying the darkness spell, you can insert that in as your first action and we'll call the spell-readying your second turn's action.

Does that make sense to everyone? I hope I haven't made it confusing.


Escella has no reason to get closer to the action whatsoever. She is a ranged specialist normally. And I thought Dandin already started the commotion this round.

Escella has no reason to get closer to the action whatsoever. She is a ranged specialist normally. And I thought Dandin already started the commotion this round.

Well, what Dandin did doesn't really give anyone away. It's fine, though - I'll consider Escella's turn to be what gets things started for real. It's true that unlike some of the others, I put you somewhere where you could act. I don't want to make it seem like the Boon of the Elk was a waste.


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Lets assume everyone readied things to do and initiated things only when everyone was ready or someone was spotted?

Taking a look at what everyone's posted, and what poor Vairar has to go through to catch up, I think I will just roll the round. The way I do initiative, you're all probably going to get to go first anyway, so it'll still be a bit like surprise. Also, you're all hidden ATM, so if you do ranged attacks, you'll get advantage. That's a lot of benefits. The Pass without Trace allowed you to get up to the camp without warning, as well. Good Enough.

I will move Vairar and his guard forward two rounds of movement, and put Tommi in an advantageous spot. I'll agree with @gargoyleking about the use of Heat Metal on wrist-claws if he likes.

Let's just move forward.

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