D&D 5E [OOC] Uller's Out of the Abyss

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I am thinking that with the 100 ft drop, if we can find some rope to reduce the fall it would help. I just would rather avoid the spiders if at all possible... *cringe* :p I am thinking that if we can secure our gear, and find the rope, maybe we can fast rappel down and drop the rest into the water, then out quick before whatever is eating the garbage eats us... XD

I don't know, but I think that Drum's telepathy might have a range limit. Otherwise once we bonded he would be able to talk to us even while we were out of the pens...

Question, would a small shield with the symbol of Lathander be kept with the arcane and divine foci, or with the supplies?


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The rope is a thought. Might be something we could find in the armory? Guess we'll see what Bertram digs up in there.

OTOH, there are a LOT of us. Climbing down the rope is a considerable slow-down vs. jumping for it. Guess the better option will depend on the nature of what's going down when we escape. If whatever's happening doesn't have the drow terribly busy, I fear for the party standing at the top waiting for their turn to climb. :(

Kinda feelin' the run-it-and-gun-it, straight-for-the-water option for the barbarian, in any case. Got 15 hp & +3 to dex. COME AT ME, POOL.


Ok, looking at the map, if we can get into the guard tower, we can get our stuff. Then for Orsik's holy symbol, and Klep's dulcimer, we can venture into the second stalactite. Our escape should probably be aimed at near the waterfall, since it will likely be where the spiders spend less of their time, and the webs may be a little easier to get free from... (hoping)

What do you guys think?


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This place is terrible. :(

So help me, if they come for Drum before we run for it, I'm prison-shanking a guard with the flint dagger. Dumbest possible way to die, but I don't even care.


Perception on Sarith (1d20+2)[9]
Insight on the other prisoners (to see who is willing to back us up in this escape attempt) (1d20+2)[18]

Read more: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?469472-IC-Uller-s-Out-of-the-Abyss/page4#ixzz3paUPEc20

DMAesh asked this earlier and I don't think I answered it...(sidenote: If you ask a question and I don't answer within a few days, remind me...I don't want anyone to think I am ignoring them.)

Pretty much all the slaves are willing or even eager to go with you or help. Everyone is coming to believe that the Drow relief patrol is not coming anytime soon and with the portents of doom pressing down on everyone, conditions will only get worse. For almost everyone death is preferable to going on. Even those who might be inclined to help the drow for favorable treatment realize by now that that won't get them anywhere. It's escape or die trying and hope for a quick death.

If you read Bertram's and Surana's explorations I think you will see that gaining much of your equipment is doable. Riskiest is getting spell components (probably in Ilvana's chest) and things like Orsik's holy symbol and Klep's Dulcimer but that will have the biggest payoff if you can get it.

Now you might want to consider where you will go. Sarith tells you that he knows of no way to get to the surface without a drow spell caster. Ilvana and Asha are able to get many people through tiny cracks in rock and into passages that lead to the surface (and Nildus was able to do this too). You all vaguely recall the feelings of space bending and magic compressing your bodies.

He tells you that if you are to make it to the surface your best chance is to make for one of the large underdark settlements that engages in trade with the surface: Gracklstugh or Blingdenstone.

Drum really wants to return to his home (other slaves that originate from the underdark tell you that the visions of home he gives you are likely a place called Neverlight Grove.

There are three passages leading from Velkenvelve:

- Northeast leads toward Menzoberranzan
- Northwest leads toward Sloobludoop
- Southweast leads toward Gracklstugh in a very round about way.

But the underdark is a network of twisting and interconnected passages and caverns...like the cracks in shattered glass. There are many ways one can go.

Sloobludop and Gracklstugh both border a region called the Darklake which is a kind of interconnected watery highway...but also very confusing and very dangerous. It is a very large area and even the path to Menzoberrazan is intersected by the Darklake. Sloobludop is closest to Velkenvelve (only 8-10 days away). Gracklstugh is a good hike to the west (at least 3 times as far). Neverlight Grove and Blingdenstone are on the other side of the Darklake with Neverlight Grove being closer to Gracklstugh at the western end of Darklake. Blingdenstone is closer to Menzoberranzan at the north and northeastern ends respectively.

Sarith is familiar with the paths to Sloobudop, Gracklstugh (it is easier to get to Gracklstugh via Sloobludop really) and Menzoberranzan. Jimjar and Topsy and Turvy are familiar with the area around Blingdenstone, Drum has very vivid memories of the paths around Neverlight Grove. Shuushar is familiar with the paths around Sloobludop and very familiar with Darklake.

Derendil, Eldeth and Ront are as lost as any of you but capable combatants. There are several other slaves (perhaps a half dozen) that at this time don't seem particularly useful (we'll call them the "red-shirts" or "new PC pool") but would likely want to follow you if you escape, most are from the surface as well.

Orsik is currently at 0 hp, stable and unconscious. In [roll0] he will awaken at 1 hp and can spend his HD.


Thumbnail sketch of the general vicinity of Velkenvelve to help you visualize where you might want to go:

Underdark Thumbnail sketch.png

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