D&D 5E Planescape shows up in the wild. Tease from Chris Perkins.

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His current style looks great and captures the weirdness of Planescape, and having the same guy, whose style has evolved, serves the same purpose as redoing Planescape in the first place.

And the Lady of Pain picture is far from cutesy.
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Yes, exactly.

If he hadn't done it the internet would have exploded with people complaining about his absence ruining the whole thing. Mediocre Diterlizzi art is on Diterlizzi. Not even asking him to do art is WotC "being out of touch with the real Planescape fans" and "not understanding why Planescape was great in the first place," etc.

Now we are arguing about if the art is good or not, rather that how WotC management botched another beloved setting (at least not yet...).
Imagine if you'd chosen a new artist who could capture the same sort of feeling that you get when you first saw that art on the Planescape box set, rather than just selecting the person who did it before.

Actually it is a wonderful link. You see how his art has evolved and this could/should/does give a graphic representation on how the setting has evolved. It is quite a subtle and meaningful link IMO.

See above
It doesn't really tell me how the settings evolved at all, since any design decisions will be entirely divorced from DiTerlizzi's art process. So, no, that doesn't really follow, I'm sorry.

Nodwick is Aaron Williams, not Tony DiTerlizzi. Completely different art styles.
My bad, my brain was thinking "Spiderwick" but I wrote "Nodwick", must've been the old Dragon magazine I read this morning.
What's the point? Please. Like his work or not, DiTerlizzi's artwork is iconic to the original Planescape release. DiTerlizzi is to Planescape what Brom is to Dark Sun.
Yes, mid 90s DiTerlizzi is iconic to Planescape. Modern DiTerlizzi is a much more accomplished artist, but his style has changed. People seem to think I think his art is crap. It isn't. He's a fantastic artist and better than he was 30 years ago. It would be like if Brom started painting like an impressionist but we still got him for Dark Sun.

Has his style evolved since then? Yes, as it does for all working artists who don't stagnate. But it's not so far from his original Planescape pieces that you should be asking, "Who dat?"
Where did I say, "I don't know who this is." I know who it is. Anyone who has read Spiderwick chronicles or looked at a Spiderwick movie poster knows who it is. Because that's what his art is now.

It's okay if you don't care for the art we've seen so far, or DiTerlizzi's newer work, or all of his work . . . but your opinion isn't controversial so much as odd, at least how you state it.
If you have difficulty understanding the point that WotC's approach to settings post-Eberron has been souless nostalgia baiting I don't know how to help you comprehend any further.

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