D&D 5E Planescape shows up in the wild. Tease from Chris Perkins.

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I wonder if we should talking about what is the true canon, or about homebred ideas, for example new echo planes: pl. of mirrors, the spirit realm, the infinite staircase (do you remember the videogame Control?)..

Maybe WotC would rather to await and after "gather" the best ideas published n DMGuild.


If you have difficulty understanding the point that WotC's approach to settings post-Eberron has been souless nostalgia baiting I don't know how to help you comprehend any further.
So the real issue has nothing to do with Tony being the artist, but your assumption that the reason for him being the artist is "souless nostalgia."

OK, that clarifies your opinion - thanks.

I don't agree and think it was a good idea to bring him back, if only because he made some awesome covers.
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