D&D (2024) Playtest 6: Feats


Because it's a bad choice. You are not given many ways of customizing your character after creation beyond choices you make within your class. And two major ways of customizing your character (ASIs and Feats) are put in direct competition with one another, so instead of getting more options to fill out your character you instead can only use half of them. Combined that with their relative scarcity and it's just a very bad option.

I think going forward, I am going to offer two +1's at every feat level, and removing the asi buffs from feats.

This slows down progression, but doesn't feel punishing, and it allows the freedom to explore other options. That second +1 can go in a lot of places, after all.

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For those that have played with players that some took feats and some took ASI. Was there any huge discrepancies between the two? Just curious, cause I've never played with feats.
It's much better than 2014 because now it's a choice between +1 & something cool vrs +2. I've run a couple past playtest packets games that started in the level 6-7 range & it was nice that there was a lot more variety in what players chose at level 4 than in 2014 rules where almost everyone almost always takes a +2 at 4 & often again at 8.

edit: no I doubt I'm willing to bother doing so for packt6.


comparing to 3,5e and 4e, 20 is low. 8th level in 3.5e, on most characters, your primary was 22, maybe 24 if you had money for items.

If people accepted hard cap of 20(most of the time) they will not have problem with 18.

in 3.5 i had 16th level wizard with 28 Int, comparing to him, my 11th level wizard in 5e with 20 Int is a dumbass.
It’s just not in the cards and I think you must know it. 2024’s thing is backwards compatibility and they aren’t going to tell people to drop their characters prime attributes down. They just aren’t; in fact, they’ve already gone the opposite direction.

Whether you think it is a good idea or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that if they even floated capping stats at 18 in the playtest (they won’t) it would get annihilated.

The tension between taking feats and raising attributes varies. For some players, I have observed that maxing key attributes as quickly as possible is super important, but I have many who are more interested in customizing through feats.
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One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
maybe you could just remove the choice between ASI and feat and add a +1 to all feats as they currently are, half feats now come with a +2 and full feats become the old halfs with a +1.
balancing the fact everyone still wants ASI but some feats are genuinely more powerful than others.

As written I'll still be choosing to ignore the existence of these feats, and instead continue to use my homebrew feat that our table has been using without any real issues:

You gain your choice of two of the following options. This feat can be taken multiple times, though you must select a different set of options each time.
  • Increase either your Strength or Dexterity Score by 1.
  • You gain proficiency with all armors and shields
  • You gain proficiency with simple and martial weapons.
  • You gain your choice of one fighting style.

I'm likely to add the option in the future to select Two weapon masteries as an option if they don't release a feat that grants weapon mastery.

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