D&D (2024) Playtest 7 survey is now live.

Which will fall on deaf ears, just like every other mildly controversial change.
Actually, someone suggested that this version of twinned spell should be changed to heightened spell and increase spell slot level for any spell with a higher version by 1.

The old heightened spell should be renamed to something like penetrating spell or so.

This would leave twin spell vacant. I loved the last version that allowed repeating a spell for reduced costs, if it also allowed concentrating on the copy in addition to the original spell.
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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I'll be voicing support for Counterspell for sure. The idea of 'just let me do what I want' without counter play is so gross to me at a fundamental level.
Yeah I really dislike the mindset I see a lot in arguments against Counterspell. It's good for the game to have limited numbers of things that just shut down an action. it would be even better if martial had situational attack based equivalents, which could be at-will since they'd require a hit and a failed save to work.


I'm starting, and it asked me what sections of UA7 I wanted to provide feedback for. That's new, isn't it? At least, I don't immediately recall that being asked before. So I suppose this is to make it easier for people who only really feel strongly about one or two of the classes can skip to those.
No, they ask that every time.


I am 99% certain that is the problem. WotC doesn't want you concentrating on two spells ever.
I let all my casters concentrate on two spells at once starting at 5th level, but they lose both if concentration fails. Hasn't broken a single thing yet over 3 campaigns (up to about 12th level).


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else like they’re seeking less feedback? Like, they don’t seem to have asked for ratings on all of the features that received changes. I get the impression that they’re kind of rushing to get the surveys over with at this point, at the expense of getting detailed feedback.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Took it, just gave quantitive feedback for sorcerer other than “I hate wild magic in D&D but at least this version I’d allow when DMing”.

Most of my negatives were “don’t be so shy with this, go for it” and “this has been too high level or too high level since 2014 please let wizards have a real distinguishing feature before level 18.”


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